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   Chapter 76 A Sensation

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9424

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Because Ben still had work to do today, he asked them to look for him in the company. When he was over, they went to see Susie.

They decided to visit Susie together since she had work to do. Then they went to the Chinese restaurant that Louisa had visited last time and killed Ben mercilessly.

"Hello, I'm looking for your CEO. May I go up now?"

Louisa stood at the front desk of JC Group and asked. Even though Louisa seldom went out to deal with business, she knew that she had to get the receptionist's approval before entering the company.

Hearing the voice, the receptionist of JC Group raised her head and saw Louisa and Bran standing there. Louisa was famous recently, so she knew her.

"Miss Louisa, I'm sorry. Do you have an appointment?"

The receptionist asked. She knew that the relationship between Louisa and their CEO was not simple, but she still asked her as usual.

"I have talked to your CEO on the phone just now. Could you please call him and ask him?"

Upon hearing the receptionist's words, Louisa knew it was her job, so she didn't make things difficult for her. She had already talked to Ben on the phone. She believed that she could get the answer as long as she called him.

"Okay, wait a moment, please."

Hearing that, the receptionist raised a smile. Then she called the Secretary of Ben to confirm it.

But on second thought, this Louisa was really outstanding. She was not only young but also engaged to Bruce. She was really kind and easygoing.

After hearing what the front desk said, Louisa smiled at Bran and they stood there waiting.

In less than five minutes, a person walked out of the special elevator for the CEO hastily towards them.

"Hello, Miss Louisa! The president is having a meeting now. He told me to wait for you here. Miss Louisa, please follow me. "

It was Ben's secretary. Ben sent him to pick up Louisa. Seeing that there was someone else here, Mond finally understood why their CEO, who had always been cold, acted so abnormally. How could any man fall in love with such an excellent woman.

"Thank you." After listening to Mond's words, Louisa smiled shyly. If she had known it earlier, she would have come to see Susie first, which might have postponed Mond's work.

"Not at all! Not at all!"

Hearing that, Mond felt flattered. He had been working for Ben for several months. It was the first time that she had been so courteous to him, and it was hard for him to accept the fact.

After listening to Mond's words, Louisa smiled at him and then followed him upstairs.

When they came upstairs, Mond escorted them to the office of Ben and then went to work.

Bran observed the office around and sighed in awe. "I didn't expect this office to be so magnificent. How didn't I find that uncle Ben is quite ric

urs. Everyone in the company could not help guessing who was so charming. Was that child their CEO's illegitimate child? Otherwise how could their CEO be so good to him.

However, someone who had seen Louisa could not help but sigh. In view of the intimate relationship between their CEO and Louisa, there was really something between them.

But the complex triangle of the relationship between Bruce and Louisa really made people feel headache.

But this was none of their business. They just wanted to add a bit of gossip to their leisure.

On the other side, Louisa was sitting in the car and imagined how Susie would be scared by what would happen later.

"Well. This is not the way to the place where Susie and his partners took their photos. Ben, did you take the wrong way? "

Twenty minutes later, Louisa found that they were not in the way to the site.

Hearing that, Bran and Ben looked at each other, and saw deep helplessness in each other's eyes.

"Since we are going to visit Susie, of course we need to bring something with us. Otherwise, some of Susie's colleagues will think we are narrow-minded."

At last, Ben explained to her helplessly. He knew that she would not have such awareness. He had seen her giggle since she got into the car, so he made up his mind.

'It's not bad. Anyway, Louisa finally finds it, ' he thought. She didn't realize that until they got there.

"Yes, I haven't thought of it yet. Thank you for your help, otherwise I would be embarrassed. "

Not until hearing his explanation did Louisa realize that was the case. She had brought it with her when she visited Susie before. But today, Susie seemed to be totally shocked by them.

Fortunately, Ben was there. Otherwise, it would be too humiliating when they went there. Thinking of that, Louisa looked at Ben gratefully. Looking at Louisa now, Ben sighed.

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