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   Chapter 75 Get A Break

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9336

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By the time Louisa woke up in the next day, Bruce had already gone. If it weren't for the warmth she felt, she would think that those pictures were real.

But thinking of what happened last night, Louisa's face couldn't help but blush. If she remembered correctly, this should be the most stable night she had slept after she moved out.

Although she felt that Bruce was a dangerous man before and she still felt uneasy when she was with him alone like this now, she didn't know why she felt at ease.

At the thought of this, Louisa couldn't help wondering if she really fell in love with Bruce. Otherwise, how could she have such a feeling? But soon, Louisa denied it. She would never fall in love with Bruce. She must have been exhausted these days, so she was woolgathering.

She would surely take Bran out for fun when she had time. Suddenly, it occurred to her that she had promised Ben to take Bran to visit him. But too many things had happened these days, so she even forgot it.

Thinking of this, she sat up on the bed and hurriedly packed her things. She left her room in a hurry. When she went downstairs, she saw Bran and Bruce playing happily in the hall.

Bran was lying on Bruce, who was wearing a smile instead of getting angry. Seeing this, Louisa could not help but feel a little surprised.

Because in her impression, Bruce was not a kind person. Even at the beginning, she was very afraid of him. How could she not be surprised.

"You are up. How do you sleep? "

After noticing the look on Louisa's face, Bruce stopped smiling and asked her who was standing there like a fool.

Just now, he found that Louisa was gone, but he didn't say anything to disturb her. He didn't expect her to be in a daze for such a long time. Bruce really doubted that if he didn't make a sound, would Louisa keep looking at them like that.

"Not bad. Why didn't you go to work?"

Louisa looked at Bruce, confused. Wasn't he supposed to go to work now? Had she slept over? Did Bruce also sleep over?

Bruce glanced at Louisa who looked sleepy. So he said calmly, "I'll be there soon. You can have a rest at home today. You have been very tired recently. Today is your holiday. "

She had been working very hard these days and was not in a hurry to deal with her work. That's why Bruce wanted Louisa to take a rest at home and accompany Bran.

She didn't accompany Bran well since she left for work. Although Bran was precocious and didn't cry, they should still treat him as a child.

"You mean I don't need to go to the company today?"

After listening to Bruce's words, Louisa asked in disbelief. She had been thinking about whether she should ask for a leave. But now she had a holiday, so she thought it was not necessary to be so dramatic. Did Bruce

ime to play with them.

Maybe she needed to call Ben to see if he had time to meet them. At the thought of this, she said to Bran, "how about I take you to see Uncle Ben?"

Bran hadn't seen Ben since Ben came back from abroad. Bran said he wanted to see Ben last time, but he was too busy recently and she forgot it.

"Really?" Hearing that, Bran asked back happily. He hadn't seen uncle Ben for a long time and wondered what novel things he had.

When they were in America, Ben would bring something to him out of curiosity from time to time. Bran was interested in it very much.

That was one of the reasons why Bran liked Ben so much. Of course, he thought it was a good choice to let Ben be his father.

But that was his former thought. Now that he knew his biological father, he certainly would not think so.

"Of course it's true. But I don't know whether uncle Ben is free or not. I'll call him first."

Seeing the happy expression on Bran's face, Louisa was also in a good mood. Although she didn't know why Bran liked Ben so much, she was still very happy. Bran was too precocious and indifferent. It was rare to see him like a person so much.

Now that Bran liked a person so much, how could she not be happy.

Upon hearing the answer, Bran cheerfully said to her, "Yeah. You can go now."

Now Bran could almost see a lot of interesting things floating in front of him. Besides, Ben loved and spoiled him so much, and Bran was not a fool, so he did miss him a little.

Looking at the expression on Bran's face, Louisa cursed ungrateful in her heart. Then she took out her phone and called Susie and Ben. They all said they had time.

Then they went out together. Even though Bruce told them that the driver could send them home before he left, she still felt a little embarrassed. So she called a taxi and left with Bran.

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