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   Chapter 73 Status Quo

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9081

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As expected, Sky burst into tears the moment he saw Louisa leaving. He cried so loudly that all Mu family members were astonished.

"What's wrong? What's up? What's wrong with you? Are you feeling sick? "

Landon rushed out of the room anxiously, even forgetting to change her pajamas. The more he looked at Sky, the more nervous she became. She asked as she examined Sky's health, who had always been in poor health.

So as long as there was any news happening to him, she would become extremely nervous, like a frightened bird.

But no matter what Landon said, Sky just kept crying and never talked about it anymore. Landon looked anxious, but she could do nothing.

"What the hell is going on?"

Standing at the kitchen door, Alina looked at the two women and asked one of the servants.

Landon just realized something. She was so anxious that she had forgotten about it.

"Tell us quickly. If anything happens to master Sky, you can't take the responsibility for it."

The servants didn't say a word after they heard what Alina said. Landon shouted angrily at the servants at present. She wanted to know what happened, so she was a little too far.

After hearing Landon's words, the servant who tried to talk Sky into giving up her persuasion now stepped forward again and told them what had happened.

"I really don't understand why brother Bruce treated Sky in this way."

After hearing the maid's words, Alina knew that the matter had something to do with Louisa, so she said angrily. She really didn't understand why this Louisa was so charming to Bruce.

"You are really running wild. How could you let Sky do that. Alright, Sky does not cry. Louisa is your sister-in-law. You can't do this to her. Your brother Bruce didn't punish you hard at all, but I think it's not enough. "

Landon scolded the servants in the kitchen at first, and then scolded Sky as if she didn't hear what Alina said.

Others didn't know why Bruce did this. Didn't she know? Sky was the same type of blood type as Bruce, and Bruce just let Sky do something wrong.

"Mom, how could you take their side? You don't like me anymore."

After finishing his words, Sky pushed Landon and ran back to his room alone. Looking at the back of Sky, Landon sighed helplessly. They had doted on Sky's health. It seemed that they had really spoiled him.

"Mom, why are you also like this?"

With the incredulous look on Alina's face, Alina also couldn't believe what she just heard. She couldn't believe that even her mother had been seduced by Louisa?

"Alina, there are a lot of things you don't understand yet. You will know why mom did it later."

Landon looked at the incredulous look on Alina's

"We are going to have breakfast. When did Rod come?"

Bruce cast a cold glance at Alina, but he didn't debunk her lie. Instead, he played along. When Alina spoke, she gave Louisa a meaningful look.

The reason why he didn't tell Louisa the truth before was that he had been waiting for Rod in the name of Alina's fiancee to make Louisa give up on Rod.

He saw that Louisa with a surprised face that she didn't thought that Rod would have anything to do with Alina.

"To tell you the truth, Rod is Alina's fiance. You have seen him before, but I haven't officially introduced him to you. "

Looking at Louisa's face, Bruce sneered and relentlessly introduced the identity of Rod.

As expected, Louisa was even more surprised after hearing what Bruce said. It never occurred to her that Rod was actually Alina's fiance. In her eyes, he was not the kind like Bruce.

But unexpectedly, they were engaged, which was beyond Louisa's expectation. But after that, there was no other expression on Louisa's face other than surprise. So Bruce didn't say anything else.

After Alina heard what Bruce said, Alina rudely said, "that's right, sister-in-law. Now that you know our relationship, you won't get so close to Rod, will you?"

Now Louisa did know their relationship. If she got so close to Rod, she would not spare Louisa.

"No, I didn't..."

Even if she didn't know their relationship before, she had thought that she wasn't that close to Rod. But when she opened her mouth, she didn't know what to say except this sentence.

"Let's go."

After hearing what has been said, Alina ignored them and left with the arms of Rod. Now that she had got what she wanted, she was not in the mood to continue to watch the show here.

Moreover, she didn't want to waste their time on Louisa.

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