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   Chapter 72 A Fight

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10161

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When they got home, Bran had already been asleep. Maybe it was because that Louisa had cried and she was tired, she fell asleep soon. Looking at the upset look on Louisa's face, Bruce felt very distressed.

But he couldn't help having a kidney ache every time he thought of that Louisa might not let him sleep with her these days. How he wished he could hold her in his arms and fall asleep. But he knew that if he held her in his arms, she would definitely fall out with him.

So for the sake of his long-term happiness, he turned around and left Louisa's room reluctantly. After he left, Louisa, who was supposed to be sleeping, opened her eyes.

She was really worried what Bruce would do just now, so she pretended to be asleep. It was lucky for her that Bruce left after looking at her for a while.

Louisa let out a sigh of relief. Maybe she was really tired. A few moments later, Louisa fell asleep.

Early next morning, she was woken up by a sharp stare. She opened her eyes and saw Sky standing beside her bed.

Sitting up from the bed, she held the quilt and asked, "Why are you here?"

Sky didn't like her either. Why did he appear in her room and look at her like that this morning.

"Well, it's so late, but you are still sleeping. Are you a pig? As a wife, shouldn't you get up and prepare the breakfast now? "

Looking at Louisa's face, Sky also snorted coldly. 'what does she mean? Am I a horrible man?

"You want me to prepare breakfast?"

After hearing what he said, Louisa pointed at herself in disbelief. Mu family had its own chef and housekeeper. Why did Sky ask her to prepare breakfast.

Although she knew that Sky did not like her all the time, she had been trying to avoid him. He did not have to be so difficult to her.

The most important thing was that she couldn't eat the breakfast she cooked. Bran hadn't let her into the kitchen for a long time.

"Is there anyone else in this room?"

After listening to the words of Louisa, Sky also looked at Louisa with a dark face and asked in reply. He really don't know why his brother Bruce likes such a stupid woman.

"But we have servants? Why do you ask me to prepare breakfast for you? "

There were cooks and nannies in the house. Why should she prepare breakfast.

Moreover, it was not her first day to live here. She had never heard of such a rule in Mu family before. Why did Sky suddenly let her do it.

"Is this the reason why you don't cook? Can't you be polite? Now that you live here for nothing, shouldn't you do something? "

Sky looked at Louisa with disapproval. He didn't expect that Louisa was so annoying. Why there were so many problems.

"Forget it. I don't want to argue with you."

Then Louisa got off the bed and went to the bathroom to change her clothes. Now she was living in the guest room of Mu family. She had intended to sleep in the same room with Bran before. But Bran's room was just too small for her, so she came and checked in.

At the beginning, Bruce didn't agree with her,

hought, 'I've had enough of this Bran.'.

After hearing Bran's words, Bruce's face darkened. He asked with a cold face, "really?"

He could understand that Sky didn't like them. He didn't expect that Sky would be nice to her, but at least he couldn't let them do such things.

"So what? Shouldn't they do something for us since they live here for nothing? "

After hearing what Bran said, even though Sky cursed Bran in his heart. Frightened as Bruce was, Sky still answered stubbornly.

"In that case, you also eat for free every day. I'll leave today's breakfast to you."

Bruce gave a cold look to Sky, then he bent down to hold Bran in his arms and went upstairs, leaving no chance for others to speak.

Leaning on Bruce's shoulder, Bran made a face at Sky. Looking at Bran's smug face, Sky couldn't help slapping him. But he didn't do so. He was a little afraid of Bruce.

Although he was usually bold and lawless, he was still scared if Bruce was really angry.

"Daddy, what are we going to do now?"

Bran asked loudly on purpose so that Sky could hear what he had said.

"Let's get changed and go out for breakfast."

After hearing Bran's words, Bruce replied, not knowing whether he had noticed Bran's intention or not.

Hearing their conversation, everyone was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. Did they do it on purpose to annoy Sky?

Louisa looked at Bruce's back in astonishment. She didn't expect him to ask Sky to prepare breakfast. She wanted to intercede with Bruce, but he didn't even give her a chance.

"You guys can continue. Bruce was just joking. Don't take it seriously, Sky may go back too. "

Then she hurried out of the kitchen. Even though she didn't know much about Sky, but he was not that easy to be bullied.

The reason why he didn't throw a tantrum was that he was afraid of Bruce. Once Bruce went to the bedroom, Sky would do the same.

So she'd better take this opportunity to leave this terrible place. Otherwise, he would blame all this on her.

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