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   Chapter 71 The Host Cried To Death

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As long as she connected with Bruce, she would become much richer. Besides, it was the only way for her to get close to Bruce.

After listening to Justina's words, the people who had been quiet down because of Bruce's words stirred up again. Bruce, who had always been cold, even gave a dress to Justina. What did that mean.

Noticing the envious eyes of others, a smug smile flashed across on Justina's face. She even expected to know how Bruce would answer her question.

As expected, after listening to Justina, Bruce stopped. After pausing for a second, he walked away without looking back and said, "Miss Justina, not only is your brain not working well, but also your ears not working well. If my memory serves me right, I was talking about the gift I gave you as I am your brother-in-law. But I regret it now. Miss Justina, you'd better talk to the store about the money yourself. "

Then, under Justina's stunned gaze, Bruce left happily with Louisa in his arms. Bruce said in a low voice, but everyone present could hear him. They all looked at Justina with disdain. It turned out that the truth was like this.

Justina was so shameless. She wanted to make people misunderstand the relationship between her and Bruce. Besides, Bruce specially stressed the word "brother-in-law", in order to let the people present realize the relationship between him and Justina.

That was why they despised her even more. Now, Justina was totally pissed off, but she felt more distressed.

After all, the dress she was wearing now was very expensive. She wouldn't have worn it if Bruce had asked her to pay the bill.

But now, Bruce told her that he hadn't paid the bill.

Of course, Justina cared about this dress very much. Even if all her pocket money was spent on this dress, it was still not enough to pay for it.

Seeing the excitement on Justina's face, Susie also felt happy.

But since Louisa was not here, Susie felt that there was no fun staying here. What's more, she really didn't want to see the bitch at all.

So she turned around without any hesitation to drag Ben. When she was about to leave, Claude stopped her.

Now, Claude wanted to cry to death. He thought he could hold his head high this time. But he didn't expect that Bruce and Ben would leave so soon.

The auction had not yet started yet, so he was really unwilling to let go of them. But Bruce was so aggressive just now, so Claude didn't dare to stop them.

Now that Ben also wanted to leave, Claude had no choice but to go out to take care of them.

"Miss Susie, Mr. Ben, the party has not really begun yet. Why don't you just stay a little longer?"

Claude knew he didn't have the right to talk to Ben like that. But under the current situation, he co


On the other side, Louisa didn't say anything all the time after he left with Bruce. She just sat there with a tired look. She leaned against the chair and looked out at the scenery.

At last, Bruce couldn't stand it any more. He said to Louisa, "if you feel sad, just cry out. Now there is no outsider here. If you go home like this, Bran must be worried. "

Actually, Bruce didn't mention that he was very worried about Louisa now. He just used Bran as an excuse to say that.

"I'm fine. I have gotten used to it for so many years. It's just I haven't been here for seven years and I'm not used to it. "

After hearing what Bruce said, Louisa smiled with self-mockery. Such things happened a lot in the past, didn't they? Now it was just a show. How could it be possible that she had just experienced a great grievance.

Was she really spoiled by Bruce these days? She can't stand any grievances, it's not a good thing.

After all, she and Bruce were not real fianc é and he would leave her one day.

But what Louisa didn't know was that the way she looked now was more distressing. Bruce pulled over the car and took Louisa in his arms.

He patted gently on the back of Louisa, silently comforting her. In fact, Louisa didn't feel that wronged. But after being treated by Bruce, she couldn't help crying.

She burst into tears in his arms.

Patting her back gently, he consoled her, "don't be silly. This is the last time you cry for them. They don't deserve you to cry for them. I won't let you cry for them in the future. "

He was comforting Louisa, but also making a promise. If a man couldn't even protect his woman, then how could he be a man?

Now that Louisa was her woman, he would not let her cry.

After hearing Bruce's words, Louisa raised her head in astonishment with tears in her eyes.

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