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   Chapter 70 The Defense Of The Banquet

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"What's wrong with you? How could you do this to me? I know you didn't like me before. But so many years have passed, how could you still treat me like this? "

After hearing what Susie said, Justina looked at her with grievance. She looked like that she had suffered a lot. People who didn't know her would think that Susie bullied her.

Everyone was impressed by her performance. If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they would have thought that Susie had really bullied Justina.

What happened here drew the attention of people present. It was supposed to be the most unnoticeable place, but now it became the focus of everyone's attention.

"Susie, just shut up," said Louisa nervously

Now all others were looking at them. If they made a scene, they would be disgraced.

In Louisa's mind, even if she knew that Bran's father was Bruce, she still thought that she was pregnant before marriage.

After hearing what Louisa said, she didn't stop but shouted even louder, "Louisa, if we are really kind to them, he or she will think that we are easy to be bullied. Besides, even if someone saw us, so what? We didn't do anything wrong. There is nothing to be afraid of. "

At first, Susie was very angry with Justina for what she had done. She had always wanted to make it clear to Justina by taking a chance. But she did not expect that Justina actually came here by herself.

How could Susie miss such a good chance? So even before Louisa said something, she did not stop talking.

"Louisa, mom and I were in another city and we didn't know that you were pregnant. Please don't be angry. It's our fault. Don't be angry. We know we are wrong. "

After hearing what Susie said, Justina knew that she was no match for Susie. Whether it was now or later, Justina knew that Louisa was still not hard hearted, and she was not as eloquent as Susie.

However, Justina was really smart. Because of her words, all the people present looked at Louisa.

These people didn't expect to see such a wonderful scene today, so they were watching the play and watched Justina and Louisa standing there.

"No, I didn't..."

Louisa didn't know how to explain it to the public and simply denied it.

A contemptuous smile appeared on Justina's face after she heard what Louisa said and saw Louisa's expression. This fool, Louisa, still looked the same as it was seven years ago. She had been slightly driven out of Xia family seven years ago.

Now if she have a little thought about it, Louisa didn't know how to explain it. It's been seven years and this idiot hasn't changed at all.

Now that Justina had been able to get Louisa rid of Xia family seven years ago, she could get rid of her from Bruce now.

"Unexpectedly, they are sisters. Ah, it turns out that Louisa has a fiancee, the elder daugh

, since Bruce sent her this gift, he was quite interested in her. And she thought she was not inferior to Louisa.

Therefore, she believed that Bruce would be hers sooner or later as long as she had a chance. Therefore, as long as she behaved well in front of Bruce, she would be fine.

"Miss Louisa, a busy person always forgets. If my memory serves me right, Miss Justina told me about Louisa's past first. Now Miss Justina told me to let the past be the past. Are you kidding me? "

Bruce knew what Justina was thinking about. If it was not for Louisa, he would feel sick to see such a woman.

After listening to Bruce's words, Justina's face became very gloomy. She didn't expect that Bruce would refuse her.

After hearing what Bruce said, everyone present pointed at Justina. Disdain was shown on their faces. All the people present were in this circle. They had been used to the intrigue in rich families. If they still couldn't see through it, they would live in vain.

In addition, even if Justina was really innocent, they wouldn't stand on the side of Justina now, since Bruce had said so.

It was just because they couldn't afford to offend Bruce, so they changed so fast.

"I'm not feeling well. Let's go home."

Louisa really didn't want to stay here any longer, so she said wearily, in his arms.

Though Louisa said in a low voice and noisy environment, Bruce still heard her.

He gave a hard look at Justina and then walked out carefully holding Louisa.

Looking at the backs of Bruce and Louisa, Justina was not reconciled.

Justina caught a glimpse of her dress from the corner of her eyes, and a sly smile appeared on her face. She shouted at the back of Bruce, "Mr. Bruce, thank you for your dress. I really like it. "

Justina thought that even if she couldn't get Bruce now, she had to make others misunderstand their relationship.

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