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   Chapter 69 Scheme At The Banquet

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While on the other side, Alina, who had been watching Rod, was keeping glancing at Rod. She thought Rod was still looking at Louisa. She was so anxious to see Louisa get out of here right now.

"Rod? Why didn't you wait for me? Didn't we say that you would come with me? "

But what made her even angrier was that Rod left her alone and he went to a party. Such things had happened before.

But now, there were still some misunderstandings between Louisa and Rod. Therefore, in her eyes, it was all because of Louisa.

So she was even more resentful of Louisa, wanting her to disappear right away.

"When did I promise you?"

There was a smirk on Rod's face. 'This woman, Alina, has been around me all day long. Does she really think that I'll fall in love with her if she's around me all the time?'

Besides, he hated arrogant women the most, and he just couldn't stand her.

"I thought I was the only one your partner for the relationship between us. Besides, shouldn't you come with me on such an occasion? "

After hearing Rod's words, she looked at him with a sad face. When she was a member of Mu family, she had never been treated like this.

Alina didn't care about her self-esteem, but he was kind to her only in front of his family. He didn't want to see her in other times.

In such a party, even if they hadn't discussed it with each other, shouldn't Rod go to pick her up and show up here with her?

There was a flash of mockery in the corner of Rod's mouth.

However, he tried his best to suppress his anger and managed to make out a smile. "You think that I still have work to do now? Stop it," said he

However, after hearing the words of Rod, she felt deeply wronged. It turned out that all she did was seen by Rod as a prank.

Was it too much that she only wanted to come here with him?

"Well, I'll take a look over there."

However, Rod didn't care about it at all. He was less interested in what Alina said. After saying that, he turned around and left.

Looking at the back of Rod, there was a flash of unwillingness in Alina's eyes. She just couldn't figure out why she was not as good as that bitch Louisa. She was really pissed off.

On the other side, seeing that Louisa and Bruce went to the corner, Bill thought that his chance came.

Since his last parting with Louisa, he had been looking for an opportunity to get a relationship with her.

Although he had an argument with Louisa and the other models, Dustin was still very polite to him because of Bruce. Even some people tried to please him. These were all brought by Louisa.

If he had known that her daughter could bring such benefits to him, he would not have let her leave in the first place.

But luckily, she was back. After all, she was his daughter.

Moreover, judging from the faces of Louisa and Ben, Ben must have a close relationship with Louisa. He would be happ

t in her wounds.

Hearing what Bruce said, Susie covered her mouth. She was just pretending to be happy and said that to make her forget how upset Louisa was.

"Louisa, I'm sorry. I was just being quick and said something that I shouldn't have said. Please don't be mad at me, okay? "

With a worried look on Susie's face, Susie wanted to walk up to console Louisa. Bruce really held Louisa in his arms. But Susie didn't know how to persuade her.

"Susie, I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I'm used to it. "

Hearing what Susie said, Louisa explained to everyone, her face full of tears and laughter. But what Louisa didn't know was that she looked more pitiful now.

"What's wrong with you?"

Right at this moment, Justina came out of nowhere and looked at Louisa who was held in the arms of Bruce. A flash of jealousy flashed through her eyes. But she forced a smile and asked Louisa.

"What's wrong with you today? What a bad luck! These damned flies flew one after another. Don't they know how annoying they are? "

Seeing that Justina appeared here, Susie couldn't care about anything now. Thinking of that damn Justina was the one who should be blamed for all this, Susie really wanted to kill her right now.

"What are you talking about? Who do you think is a fly? "

It was difficult for Justina to get along with Susie since childhood, because everytime Justina bullied Louisa, Susie would come to get even with her. Besides, Susie is from a rich family. She don't have the guts to displease her.

But now, things were different. Xia family was no longer the one it used to be. Besides, if Bruce was really going to marry Justina in the future, how could she feel angry if this Susie was just a person who worked for them.

"I mean you, what? Don't think that I don't know what you have done. Don't make me say it again. "

Susie didn't care about what Justina thought. Anyway, Justina had something on her.

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