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   Chapter 68 Confrontation

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 8996

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Hearing what Susie said, the people at present couldn't help but feel awkward. The only person who felt normal was Louisa.

They had known each other for a long time. No one was more familiar with Susie than Louisa.

At last, Ben couldn't stand it anymore and said to all the people present, "well, it's about time. Let's go inside. "

Then Susie took his arm with her own initiative. Then she walked inside with Ben. Before she left, she made a face at Louisa.

Only the two of them knew the meaning behind Susie's words: she had saved Louisa again.

"Let's go." Although Bruce didn't know what Susie meant by that, he knew it was something very bad.

However, he didn't show his real intention and quietly waved his arm in front of Louisa to show his respect. Meanwhile, Louisa held his arm, and they walked into the banquet hall together.

This was just an ordinary banquet, but she didn't expect to invite Bruce and Ben, two important figures.

When the door of the hall opened, Ben and Susie appeared in front of everyone. Everyone was attracted by his handsome appearance and charming temperament.

But when Louisa and Bruce stood behind them, everyone present was shocked.

It was true that Louisa was not as beautiful as Susie. But the suitable dress, the perfect figure and the charming face of the woman.

All the men present were surprised by her beauty. It was no wonder that even the aloof Bruce was attracted by her.

But as one of the involved persons, Bruce looked terrible.

It was not until now that he realized how wrong he had made his decision. Looking at those men's greedy eyes and fierce looks on their faces, Bruce really had an impulse to kill them.

Damn it! How could he forget that Louisa was an uncultivated jade. As long as there was a little bit of polishing, she would be found good.

He really wanted to leave here right now. He wouldn't allow her to show up in front of the crowd again, which he could only appreciate by himself.

"Damn it!" Bruce cursed in a low voice and glanced at the present unhappily.

All the people felt chill under his gaze. Feeling guilty, they all looked away. They were too careless just now.

They just stood there and watched Louisa, forgetting that Bruce was standing next to her.

Everyone here knew Bruce, and they would be in a real trouble if they offended him.

Ben looked at Bruce gloatingly. How Bruce wished he could kill them. Now, anything that displeased Bruce made Ben very happy.

Although Ben was a little upset by their sights on Louisa.

However, to his surprise, when he saw the unhappy look on Bruce's face, he felt much better.

"Welcome, Mr. Be

tion between Bruce and Louisa, his eyes flashed. It never occurred to Rod that this icy man cared so much about Louisa that he would do such an intimate thing with her in public.

"Yes, yes, I know. But I'm not used to being watched like this. Let's go there and stay for a while, okay? "

After getting along with Bruce for some time, Louisa had a good understanding of his temperament. As a result, she did not give in.

As expected, after hearing this, Bruce's face softened, and even his voice was softer than before.

"Okay, let's go there."

In fact, Bruce also didn't like the way those people looked at Louisa. He had planned to take her to a place without anyone to stay for a while.

Now that Louisa did bring it up and he saw her sweet talking, he was thrilled and of course agreed without hesitation.

Louisa breathed a sigh of relief. But she didn't know what others thought of them now.

Those present looked at their faces and had to reconsider the relationship between Louisa and Bruce. But from their looks, the rumor about that she and Ben had an affair must be fake.

Bruce was a proud man. How could he allow his woman to betray him. What's more, it didn't look like the relationship between Louisa and Ben.

They had planned to watch Ben and Bruce fight, yet now they had to work hard to calculate the pros and cons.

And Rod was the most important thing. He thought if Bruce fell out with Ben, he would be the biggest winner.

So during this period, Rod was trying to contact with Ben. But tonight, it seemed that Bruce and Ben didn't want to fall out with each other.

Then he thought it was necessary to give it further thought. At the thought of this, a trace of displeasure flashed across his face, but it was quickly covered up by him.

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