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   Chapter 66 The Chaos At The Banquet

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9852

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It seemed that Bruce was really very rich. The so-called rich men she dated before were nothing compared to him.

It was really a stroke of luck for Louisa to run into a man like Bruce.

She couldn't reconcile herself to the fact that Louisa was always so lucky. She wouldn't just let it go. Only a good man like Bruce deserved a woman like her.

Thinking of this, a smile appeared on the face of Justina. She thought, 'yes, how can I be so smart?'. When Bruce was fed up with Louisa, she would see how Louisa could still hold her head high in front of her.

Thinking of this, Justina turned around and left with different charm. But she did not forget to take the dress with her before she left. She had been looking at it for many days.

She was going to show Bruce tonight who could match up with him.

When Louisa and Bruce arrived at the parking lot, they were not very happy. She knew that Justina had not been satisfied with her, but she did not expect that Justina had been so sarcastic to her when they met again.

What upset Louisa most was why Bruce gave the clothes to Justina.

In fact, in front of Justina, Louisa was very self-abased. Because whether it was in the past or now, her family liked Justina rather than her.

For a long time, Louisa thought she was not as good as Justina.

She even didn't know whether Bruce gave the clothes to Justina because Justina was more excellent than her.

"What are you thinking about? I'm not a shallow person! "

Bruce angrily looked at Louisa. Although she didn't say what she thought, she was a simple person, no matter what she thought.

Everyone would know it on her face, and now it was no exception.

"How do you know what I'm thinking?"

After listening to Bruce's words, Louisa looked at him defensively.

Every time, Bruce could know what she was thinking. Louisa really doubted that Bruce had done something bad to her.

"Why are you so wary of me? Don't you know the advanced technology nowadays? "

Bruce looked at her, confused. He really didn't know what was on her mind.

If today's technology was really so advanced, it was really very likely that others had to make everyday guesses about what their competitors thought?

However, no matter what she was thinking about, her expression would always show it on her face. She still didn't know how he knew about it. He couldn't understand why Louisa was so simple and innocent.

"I don't think so. I just..."

Before she could finish her sentence, she realized that she had fallen into a trap set by Bruce. She had given herself a good lesson by saying so. Bruce had gone too far to get her to say that.

"All right. I made her embarrassed just now because she bullied you. Don't you think that the expression on her face just now was so funny? "

Looking at the blush on Louisa's face, Bruce explained with a smile. Now that she cared so much about this matter, could

d did not explain.

Now that the common goal of them was to separate Louisa and Bruce, then it was up to the one who would win in the end.

After Louisa and Bruce were besieged by the reporters, Bruce immediately took her in his arms to avoid being pushed by the reporters.

"Miss Louisa, how do you explain it?"

"Are you really dating the CEO of JC Group, Ben?"

The reporters bombarded her with questions one after another. What they were curious about most was how she would explain the whole thing.

It was the first time that Louisa and Bruce had shown up in front of a reporter since that kind of thing happened.

Although Bruce had protected Louisa, there were too many reporters.

The crowd were pushing harder and harder. Louisa kept rubbing against Bruce in pain. And from where Bruce was standing, he could see clearly what was on Louisa's chest.

He felt his breath becoming shallow and really wanted to swallow her right here. But the time and place were not right. In order not to make his manner out of line in front of so many people, Bruce had to act with utmost care.

He glanced coldly at everyone present. Being stared at by Bruce, the reporters couldn't help shivering.

The man in front of them was really bossy. Even if the news could bring them a lot of benefits. However, compared to their own lives, they knew better to step back a few circles.

Not until those reporters left did Louisa breathe smoothly. They were too crazy! She felt like she was going to be squeezed into meat pies just now.

"Are you all right?" Bruce looked at Louisa nervously. He suddenly regretted doing so. He had really underestimated the importance of this news. The reporters almost did not want to stop in time. If he was not here, the consequences would be unimaginable.

After listening to Bruce's words, Bruce said with a lingering fear on his face, "I'm all right. It's just that I was really scared to death just now."

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