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   Chapter 65 The Enemies Are Destined To Meet

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 8207

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But when they saw Louisa behind Bruce, they instantly understood what happened.

Now that he had a fiancee, it was natural for him to come here with his fiancee.

It was just that Bruce used to be too cold, so they were surprised.

"Well, hurry up to clean up for her. We are in a hurry."

Justin was too eloquent.

These words were not nutritious. The most important thing was that Justin had been looking at Louisa straightforwardly, which made Bruce very uncomfortable.

Even though he knew the man was only admired from a angle, he still made Bruce uncomfortable.

Now in the mind of Bruce, Louisa was just his private property. He did not like any man to look at her.

"Yes, just a minute. Mr. Bruce, please go change your clothes there. " Justin laughed and knew he was behaving inappropriately.

But he didn't expect that Bruce was so possessive. It seemed that the rumor was not true.

If Louisa really cheated on Bruce as they said, then Bruce would never tolerate her.

But it was none of his business. Now his task was to dress up Louisa.

After hearing Justin's words, Bruce changed his clothes with a long face. Looking at Bruce's back, Justin heaved a sigh of relief.

This man was so powerful that he felt difficult to breathe just now.

"Thank you." Smiling at Justin, she kept calling him to help her with her makeup.

It was the first time that she came to such a place. She used to go to parties before. But every time she went there, she found it too troublesome.

But now everything was different. She was the nominal fiancee of Bruce. Even for his sake, she still forced herself to wear the clothes she didn't like and paint the mark she hated.

"Not at all."

Justin looked at Louisa in horror. All he wanted now was to see the two little God off as soon as possible. He even didn't dare to look at Louisa because he was afraid that Bruce would be angry.

Ten minutes later, he came out. He always worked efficiently.

So it was normal for him to need to change clothes in ten minutes. But he just frowned and didn't say anything when he saw that Louisa still didn't come out.

"Mr. Bruce, please wait here. Miss Louisa will come out soon."

The waiter explained to Bruce as he frowned. Now everyone was very cautious because they didn't want to displease Bruce so that he would punish them.

"It's Mrs. Louisa. I don't want to hear such a mistake again."

However, when

, but I can make enough money for Louisa. Miss Justina, you don't have to worry about me."

Just before Louisa didn't know what to say, Bruce said coldly behind Justina.

Then just in the blink of an eye, Bruce moved to the side of Louisa and took her in his arms.

"Bruce?" Justina was so anxious that she called out the name of Bruce directly. He was not here, wasn't he? Why did he come out of nowhere and heard what she said just now.

The most important thing was that Bruce seemed to care about Louisa very much, which made Justina a little uncomfortable. Because she couldn't bear to see that Louisa lived a better life than she did. In their minds, Louisa should live a life that was worse than that of a dog and a pig. Only in this way could they feel balance.

"Yes, my name is Bruce. Please take it and I'll pay for this lady. You are Louisa's sister. As I am your brother-in-law, this is the gift for you. "

After finishing his words, he took hold of Louisa who was still in a daze and left.

If he had not been impatient to wait here and wanted to see how Louisa was doing, he would not know that Louisa was so honest to be bullied there.

Justina was stubborn. It seemed that she hadn't learned her lesson from last time. How dare she bully Louisa now.

Looking at their backs, there was a unwilling expression on Justina's face. However, a greedy look flashed across Justina's face when the shop assistant respectfully put the dress which she liked just now in her hand.

She had looked at the dress for a long time. But it was too expensive for her family. But Bruce bought it without hesitation.

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