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   Chapter 64 Peggy's Visit

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But now, Alina had to admit that Bruce's words worked. She didn't dare to do anything to Louisa for a while.

But that didn't mean that she dared not do anything to Louisa. On the contrary, because of this incident, she hated Louisa even more.

She thought it was all the fault of Louisa. If it weren't for Louisa, how could Bruce treat her like this. She used to be the little princess in the family. Now, after the Louisa came, she had become a weed.

Now everyone in the family, including her mother, regard Louisa as a treasure. She really doesn't understand what's so good about this Louisa.

'I won't like her, ' she swore to herself. Then she snorted at Bruce and left angrily.

On the other side, they had fought a battle. Although Bruce was not very satisfied with the result, it was good enough for an innocent girl like Louisa.

That was why Louisa was in a good mood. She planned to go home and have a rest. But thinking that she would have to face the other members of Mu family after she went back, she didn't go back.

Looking at her embarrassed look, Bruce didn't tell her the truth.

Sometimes it might be the best choice to not know the truth. Since she was so happy now, why should he tell her the truth and make her unhappy.

"It's time to go home. Can we go back now?"

Bruce yelled at her, leaning against the door of her office. In fact, he had stood here for a long time, but when he saw that Louisa didn't leave her office to do her work, he felt very happy.

He took a look at his watch and realized that it was late, so he had to remind her that she was still busy with her work. No wonder Bran had warned him repeatedly before he left, that Louisa really couldn't take care of herself.

In response to Bruce's voice, without even raising her head, she directly opened the folder and said to him, "please wait for me for a moment. I'm almost done."

There were some sketches she had worked on in the past. The design was messed up when they looked for it yesterday. Therefore, she wanted to take advantage of the time to sort out these documents. Almost done, so she asked Bruce to wait for her.

So he went straight into her office.

He closed the file in her hand and dragged her out. "You can never finish your work. Do you want to do a job that will make your child lacks mother's love and care?" He said

Fortunately, no one else heard what he said. Otherwise, they would think Bruce was a fake. He used to be a real workaholic. It was rare for him to hear Bruce say something

to it, he smiled and said, "it doesn't matter. I have asked Bobby to get ready. We're going to take the dress, and it's the time for us to have the styling. "

As he said so, Bruce even took a look at his watch. After hearing his words and coupled with his action, Louisa couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed. Now it seemed that she had to go, so she took a look at Bran reluctantly.

Bran sighed helplessly and turned to his room. He was so happy just now that it was too early. This Louisa was no match for Bruce. She could only be tricked by him.

Now that she had sold herself out, he didn't say anything more. After all, the buyer was his father.

Louisa was speechless by Bran's actions. Now she finally knew how ungrateful he was. Since Bran didn't save her at the critical moment, what should she do now.

"Let's go." Looking at Bran and Louisa, Bruce was amused. Didn't they just go to a banquet? Does she have to pretend that she is going to die?

And look at Bran's eyes which made him look like he did something shameful. In fact, it was Louisa who had agreed?

"Let's go." Since she had to attend it sooner or later, it was better to give birth to the baby as early as possible. She really couldn't understand why Bruce had to make her go with that so many women who wanted to go with him.

Besides, she didn't know any of the people there. It would be so embarrassing. It was so embarrassed just thinking about it.

Looking at the spiritless woman beside him, Bruce smiled. Now Louisa looked very weak. She believed that after a while, she would be very excited.

When they arrived at the makeups, they were surprised to find that it was Bruce himself.

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