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   Chapter 63 Warning

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As for Michelle, she seemed to be cheated by Bella, with anger on her face. If Ken hadn't known the truth, he would have believed in Michelle's acting skills.

"I don't know what you are thinking about. I have treated you well these years, haven't I. I didn't expect you to be such a shameless woman. "

"If you leave now as I told you before, nobody will pick on you. But if you still want to make a big thing out of it, you will be the one who is embarrassed in the end. "

She even moved out with Ken. Because she knew that her words would no longer intimidate Bella.

Ken was the only person that could make Bella obedient.

After listening to the words of Michelle, Bella looked at her incredulously. It never occurred to her that even Michelle was not on her side now.

However, she understood what Michelle said. Now that there was an accident, Michelle wanted her to take the blame for Michelle.

Although she was not reconciled, Bella knew that she had no other choice.

Michelle had a high social status. So even if something happened to her, she wouldn't get hurt.

In the end, Bella was still unlucky. Therefore, Bella apologized with her head down and then ran out of the room.

Now that things have come to this, it is over. The two remained silent. No one knew what they were thinking about.

Because Bruce had his own scruples, he didn't debunk it. Michelle's poor acting skill. On the other hand, Louisa didn't know that at all and thought that it was actually Bella who did that to her.

She couldn't help feeling a little depressed. Thinking of what Bran said, she felt that what Bran said was right.

"Now that the matter has been settled, let's call it a day."

Bruce glanced coldly at everyone present and then shouted at them without any emotion.

Listening to Bruce's words and watching such a good play, the directors present could not help but sigh. Every one of them stood up and left the meeting room. Because of guilt, Michelle left early.

Then Louisa and Bruce were left alone in the meeting room. Looking at Louisa, who had been in a daze since the beginning, Bruce couldn't help but ask curiously, "what are you thinking about? You have been in a trance since then. "

His intuition told him that Louisa would not tell him the normal answer. Because Louisa was not the one who could understand such a profound question.

"What a horrible world! I want to go home now!"

Although Bruce felt that Louisa would not tell him the answer, he did not e

have done. Alina, I am telling you again, that Louisa is your sister-in-law. If I know what you have done to hurt her again, I will not be polite to you. "

Bruce didn't have time to waste with Alina. Now that Alina didn't admit it, he decided to come straight to the point.

"I don't know what you are talking about. I have something else to do. I have to go now."

She wanted to leave as she said so, but Bruce wouldn't give her the chance. He coldly looked at her and said, "if you really don't do anything unfaithful, why are you so guilty now. Or do you want to watch the video with me? "

He had never expected that Alina would be such a selfish woman. Since he said that, it meant that he had evidence.

"Yes, it's me who stole the design drawing of Louisa. But she deserves it. She's engaged to you and even has your baby. Why did she seduce Rod? "

Now that Bruce said so, she knew that he must have watched the surveillance video. There was no need to hide it, so she shouted at Bruce angrily.

She didn't believe that Bruce was not jealous when he saw Louisa being together with Rod If so, why did Bruce take Louisa away.

"Louisa is not the kind of person you think. It is impossible for her to be together with Rod. You should remember that Louisa is my woman, your sister-in-law. If you do such thing again, you will never get a penny of Mu family's property. "

Although Bruce knew that Alina did this out of jealousy. But he couldn't allow anyone to do anything to hurt Louisa.

So before leaving, he warned Alina.

She stared at his retreating figure in disbelief. Bruce had been cold to her, but he had never threatened her with her assets.

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