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   Chapter 62 A Bodyguard After Losing The Car

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If that was the case, things were not that simple. They would never allow anyone to plagiarize others' designs.

How could they just sit by and watch this happen in their company.

"Bruce, what happened?"

Since Tony had a relatively old experience in the company, and he had never participated in the company's fights, he was respected in the company.

But after what had happened, Tony asked coldly.

He could stay out of their fight and do whatever they wanted. But the premise was that they would not damage the interests of the company.

If this plagiarist was known to the public, it would have a great impact on their company, so he had to say something.

"Tony, don't worry. I will give you a satisfactory reply. Please relax. "

Hearing Tony's words, Bruce smiled. This was exactly what he wanted. Bullying Louisa depended on whether Bruce agrees or not. '.

Besides, his son was really angry this time. If he didn't give him an explanation, nobody knew what the bastard would do.

"It's Louisa's design drawing I gave you yet. The design was better and better. As for the design drawings given by Claude, there were many flaws. Do you know why? "

A smile appeared on Bruce's face after he heard what the board members said. He explained lightly. Now he was going to fight back.

As soon as Bruce took out this design drawing, Ken and Michelle knew that they had been trapped by him.

In fact, Bruce had already had a design drawing. The reason why he didn't take it out was that he wanted to force them to show their original design.

Now they had already got their own design sketches. The design sketches for Bruce were much more perfect than that for them. The average people would know that the design sketches worked for Bruce were better.

Now they were like throwing rocks at their own feet. The most nervous one was Michelle.

She didn't know if Claude would betray her. If he told people that the design drawing was given by Michelle in front of so many people, then she really didn't know how to explain.

Ken was still wearing the same gentle smile on his face, but his hands under the table clenched into fists in fury.

Indeed, he underestimated Sheryl. The family of three didn't go back last night but worked overtime in the company.

He believed that they couldn't make it, so he didn't care much about it.

But Ken didn't expect that they would turn in the design drawings today, and the design was more perfect. Ken could not figure it out. How did they do that.

"Why not?" Asked

was that why did Michelle have to say the design was hers.

Although Bella wanted to say yes, she didn't dare to do so. After all, nobody knew what would happen next.

"It doesn't matter. You just need to tell us the truth. This is a very good design. Didn't I speak well of you when you gave it to me? "

As Michelle spoke, she winked at Bella. She wanted Bella to know what was going on with her eyes.

Bella didn't know what was going on, but she knew that Michelle wanted her to agree. So after hesitating for a while, she nodded slightly.

Although Michelle was a selfish person, she took good care of her when she was outside. Although she did not know what had happened, she decided to believe in Michelle once.

Seeing that Bella nodded, Michelle finally felt relieved. Just now, she was really worried that Bella would not be fooled. Now it seemed that she had nothing to worry about.

Ken looked at Bella coldly and said, "all right, you can go out now. Pack up your things and leave the company now. "

They didn't expect Bella to be so fool. They just coaxed her into buying the cake, and she did it. What a loser she was.

On the other side, Bruce and Louisa did not say a word from beginning to end, just watching their interaction coldly.

"Why?" Suddenly, Bella realized what Ken had said. She looked at Ken in astonishment. She didn't do anything wrong. Why did he treat her like this.

"Why? I was wondering why? Why did you do that? Although your talent is not very good, I always think that you are a special person to work for, so I keep you by my side. "

Hearing what Bella said, Michelle stood up from her seat with excitement, and slowly approached her.

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