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   Chapter 60 unite as a team

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One way to keep himself away from hunger was to have meals without feeling full. And once he finished eating, he started to regret having a third wheel. Bran, who had known that she was here, rolled his eyes at her in disdain.

"Forget it. Let's go home. If you can't hand it in tomorrow, then forget it. No matter what happens, I will always be there for you. "

After hearing what Louisa said, Bruce had to admit that he was staring at her. She could see his eyes and knew that what he said was true.

If she really didn't want to draw, she would give it up. He didn't want Louisa to force him. Now in front of him, Louisa just needed to enjoy her life.

Even if those directors wanted to make trouble for him, they had to wait and see.

If he couldn't even handle this trifle, he would not be qualified to be the CEO, nor to be trusted by Charlie for the rest of his life.

"Since my father said so, let's go home. It is really tiresome for you to work overtime at late night. "

With these words, Bran slid off the sofa, put on his shoes and waited for them to come back together.

Seeing the look on Bran's face, Louisa sighed helplessly. How she wished she could be as willful as Bran was, but she couldn't, because even Bruce could handle it.

She didn't want Bruce to bear so much pressure because of her.

"Never mind. I'll go back to work as told. I don't want others to think that I'm a liar, "

Louisa sighed helplessly. She stood up from the sofa, stretched herself and went to her seat. A triumphant smile crept over Bran's face as he saw this scene.

He was the only person in the world who knew about her better than anyone did. Now Louisa went to work obediently. He had tried this way for many times, it worked out every time.

Looking at the interaction between Louisa and Bran, Bruce really didn't know what to say. He didn't miss Bran's smile just now.

That's true. But actually, that wasn't enough. Bruce felt a sense of relief to see that Louisa would risk her life for Bruce.

When she did sit down on her seat, she found that she was stuck here just now. No matter how hard she tried, she could not remember. Although she had dinner just now, she still couldn't remember anything.

"What's wrong?" Seeing that Louisa sit there with a frown on her face. Without any action, Bruce asked with concern.

"Now I find that I have thought too simply. Even if the design was drawn by me, I just find that I have forgotten a lot after such a long time. Now I have stopped here and I don't know how to draw it next. "

She didn't hide anything. After all, Bruce and Bran were here with her. If she kept something from them, it would be a big shame.

"Have you forgotten my existence? I remember that clearly. Otherwise, why do you think my father brought me here? D

he happened to run into Bran who just came out of the bathroom.

"What's wrong with her? Why is her face so red in the morning? "

After coming out of the bathroom, Bran looked at the red mark on her face and asked Bruce with a puzzled look.

She was fine when he went in. Was she sick because she stayed up late last night?

Bran knew that she had sacrificed a lot to give birth to him. The physical condition of her body was not very good. Since he could understand, Bran had tried his best to take good care of her. Indeed, under the care of Bran, Louisa was in good health.

"She must be shy. Are you hungry? What would you like to eat for breakfast? "

A smile appeared on Bruce's face after he heard what Bran said. He held Bran in his arms and asked with a smile.

He felt so great right now. It was unreal. He had never thought that he would be so happy one day.

"I want to eat in The Wealthy. My mother told me the food there is delicious. I asked Uncle Ben to take me to eat there, but now I'm here and I want to have a try. "

A evil smile appeared on Bran's face when he heard what Bruce said. But he still looked at Bruce with an innocent look on his face, which reassured everyone that he wasn't plotting something in his mind.

"What do you want to eat? I can take you there. I can buy you whatever you want. Don't let me hear the name of Ben again. "

Bruce's face darkened after he heard what Bran said. It was a forbidden topic for Bruce. No matter what happened, he didn't want anyone to mention the name of Ben in front of him.

"Really? You can buy me a small company. I want to learn a scholar company, so that I can make money to support my mother. She doesn't have to work, and she won't bullied by others. "

Hearing that, Bran looked at Bruce with a complacent look on his face. In fact, that was exactly what he intended to do.

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