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   Chapter 59 The Family Of Three

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Hearing that, Bran looked at Bruce in surprise and said, "I finally know who my IQ come from. And finally you know why Louisa came back to you after seven years. "

He was so smart, and he wouldn't be the same person as Louisa. That idiot, Louisa, paid the money when she was sold.

Now, Bruce was thinking about when to marry her.

But she thought that she decided to leave here after the Swan project was over.

"Well, then whose did you inherit from?"

Looking at Bran, Bruce suddenly felt that he was very cute. So he asked Bran with a smile, just to make fun of him.

"Anyway, it's not that easy to find them out. We don't know whether they're for you or not yet."

After saying this, Bran went upstairs quickly and went back to his own room. Looking at his back, Bruce couldn't help laughing or crying. It was not a good thing to have a clever son.

After Bran changed his clothes and came downstairs, Bruce was standing in the hall and waiting for him with several food containers in his hands. He pretended to be worried and kept looking at his watch.

"Let's go." Then he strode out of the room.

At this moment, Sky popped out from nowhere. Seeing that they were going out, he blocked in front of them and asked, "where are you going?"

The most important thing was that he did not see the stupid woman Louisa. Now they were going out again. So he also wondered if something happened to that stupid woman.

"It's none of your business."

Bran looked at Sky angrily. During this period of time in Mu family, he had bullied Louisa a lot. Didn't think he doesn't know it, so every time he saw Sky, Bran would not give him a good look.

"How dare you talk to me like that? Don't you want to stay in Mu family?"

As the son of Mu family, no one dared to irritate him because he was ill. Now he was treated like this by Bran, so he became angry.

"That's it for me. What do you want from me. Mu family is also my home. He is my father. Drive me out if you can. "

Bran looked at Sky coldly. He knew that Bruce would not let them leave, so he dared to be so confident.

Besides, he didn't lower himself to the same level as Sky. He just didn't want Bruce to get angry with him. So Sky took it out on Louisa.

Moreover, Bruce was here now. He didn't believe that Bruce would be as indifferent as before.

"You..." Looking at Bran's misfortune, Sky knew that his sensible disguise was not real. He even fooled his mother and kept on saying good about Bran.

Looking at Bran's smug face, he took a few deep breaths to suppress his emotions and said proudly to Bran, "don't think that I won't know if you don't tell me. It must be your unlucky mother. Something happened. I see you to bring food with you. Is your mother caught by the police?

s me tomorrow? "

Bruce shouted at her while putting the lunch box on the table and opening it. How could this woman be so stupid? If they did not come, she would not have dinner.

That's why he brought something to her. He wanted to make sure she was alright. No matter how busy the work is, she still need to eat well.

He didn't know how she took care of herself when he wasn't with her. And it was really strange that she raised Bran up.

"Coming! Coming. Wow, wow, these are all my favorite food. "

Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa could not help but roll her eyes at the sky. She knew that she couldn't be moved by these two people, because they would definitely make her speechless next second.

But before she could take a step forward, she saw the opened lunch box was filled with her favorite food. She was so surprised that she immediately sat down on the sofa.

Bran rolled his eyes at the sky helplessly. He would never admit that his IQ was inherited from that of Louisa.

After dinner, Louisa laid on the sofa in satisfaction. She was full. She didn't want to move at all. She just wanted to have a sleep.

Bruce was amused by the funny look on Louisa's face. In the past, he had always felt that the relationship between Bran and Louisa was totally different, but now he realized that they actually had a lot in common.

Just like now, the two of them were lying on the sofa, the movements were exactly the same. Looking at them, Bruce felt his heart full of happiness.

Now he finally understood why his friends would do that after they got married. One by one, they went to the house all day. When the family gathered together, even if they did nothing, they were full of happiness in their hearts.

"I have eaten too much. I don't want to work anymore."

Louisa couldn't help but wail as she touched her belly.

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