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   Chapter 55 The warning of Jealousy

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However, it was a pity that nobody heard him shouting, so Bobby could only run to the company the rain. It was lucky that the place they ate was not far from their company. Otherwise he would catch a cold.

On the other side, Bruce came to the company and waited for Louisa expressionlessly at the door. He was so angry just now that he left her alone there. In fact, he had regretted as soon as he walked out of the restaurant. Even if he had an umbrella, the rain was too heavy.

Bruce looked at his wet clothes and waited here. He asked her to change her clothes in his lounge.

At this moment, Bruce saw that Louisa slowly walked towards the company with difficulty. Suddenly someone rushed out of the company. Running to Louisa. Bruce walked out with an umbrella in his hand.

But he stopped his footsteps not far from the position of Louisa. He saw that Louisa was lifted up by someone and it was not someone else but Rod.

"Are you all right?" When Rod saw the person on the floor clearly, Rod asked Louisa with concern. She didn't see the person clearly just now. Alina asked him to come to the company to look for her. But Alina went to dinner. After waiting for a long time, Alina asked him to pick her up.

Yes, of course, Rod wasn't willing to do that. But this wasn't the right time to break up with Alina yet. So, he had no choice but to agree with her.

But he wanted to make Alina moved, so he refused the umbrella someone else gave to him directly. He went out without an umbrella.

He didn't expect that he would take Louisa here and run into her. From the corner of his eye, he saw a figure walking towards them. An evil smile flashed across his eyes.

"It's you!" Louisa didn't expect that the person who ran into her was Rod. She had never seen the person in person since the last press conference. Was it their destiny to meet each other in the rain.

"Yes, it's me. Are you okay? I left in a hurry just now, so I didn't see you. Did I hurt you? I was too careless. "

With an apologetic look on his face, he stretched out his hand to pull Louisa. In fact, he already felt the burning desire behind him. The corners of his mouth lifted upwards in a barely perceptible manner. However, Louisa wasn't able to notice that.

Because her hand was held by Rod now, so she had a fever on her face. Now her mind was totally blank. She didn't know what Rod was thinking about.

"I... I'm fine. I still have work to do. I'll lend you my umbrella. "

At this moment, Louisa really didn't know how to react. After she put the umbrella into Rod

t want to hear anything from Louisa, because no matter what she said, he would not believe it.

Because he saw it with his own eyes. Was there anything wrong? In addition, Bruce would not misunderstand anything between Louisa and Rod. As long as she had something to do with any other man, he would not tolerate it.

Louisa looked at Bruce in disbelief. Didn't this man want to listen to her now? Seeing that the elevator was about to open, Louisa desperately struggled. Their current situation would be a disgrace if others saw it.

However, Bruce pressed the button to the first floor in front of Louisa. When the elevator arrived, it slowly went downstairs again. Bruce continued to torture Louisa.

"What are you doing?" Then, all of a sudden, Bruce was pushed away by Louisa with full strength. They looked at each other embarrassedly, when the elevator opened again.

On the first floor, the staff waiting for the elevator saw special elevator for their president opened. The wretched look of the two people, plus the red and swollen lips of Louisa. It was easy to guess what they had done just now and why they had been baptized by so many people's gaze.

Louisa couldn't help but blush and rolled her eyes at him. Then under the gaze of so many employees, the elevator slowly went up.

"I'm warning you not to have any improper intention on Rod. If you don't think I'm satisfied you, you can tell me at any time. Don't forget our agreement this morning. Do you want to break it now? "

If she dared to say yes, he would throw her on the bed without hesitation. Take actions to let her know who she was belong.

"No, I didn't..." Even though she knew that Bruce was angry, she still felt wronged.

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