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   Chapter 54 Talking After The Louisa

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Looking at Bruce who appeared behind Louisa, Bobby was secretly glad that he hadn't accepted her invitation. Otherwise, their CEO would not only glare at him a few times.

Louisa turned around stiffly and looked at the angry Bruce. She knew that even though Bruce didn't mention it, he must be very unhappy now.

"You haven't had dinner yet. I waited for you for a long time, but you didn't come out. I thought you had already gone to dinner. That's why I want to go to the company's restaurant with Mr.Bobby. "

She had a tail behind her, she would have pounced on Bruce.

"Really? It's really a hard work for you. I misunderstood you. "

Said Bruce, gritting his teeth. If he wanted to leave his office, he needed to pass by her door. She didn't see him leave. Did he fly out.

"You're welcome."

She knew that Bruce wouldn't believe her words, and even herself wouldn't believe it, let alone him.

Bobby was trying his best to hide his existence, but Bruce still cast a cold glance at him and said calmly, "have you finished your work? I have to check the monthly review material this afternoon. If it can't be finished, you can't go back tonight. "

After hearing what Bruce said, Bobby really wanted to cry but had no tears. However, they were just in the early month and the documents for review had to be used when they were in the late month. Now their CEO even revenged himself in the name of public interests. How blatant he was.

"What's wrong? Is there a problem? "

He hadn't heard Bobby's answer for a long time, so he glared at Bobby with a dangerous look in his eyes. If Bobby now said that there was something wrong, then Bruce would definitely not let him go.

Bobby couldn't help shaking when he heard what Bruce said in a dangerous tone. HE said to Bruce with a serious face, "no problem. I will sort out the files tonight even if I don't sleep. "

Bobby almost raised his hand and swore, but obviously, Bruce was very satisfied with Bobby's answer. He squinted at Bobby and said, "then why are you still standing here?"

He had a nice conversation with Louisa. If he hadn't come in time, he would have had dinner with Louisa.

"I'm going to work now."

He then quickly ran back to his office. Then he closed the office door with a bang.

With a guilty look on Louisa's face, Louisa watched Bobby leave. She knew Bobby must have been involved in this matter. But now Louisa really didn't have the courage to take the initiative about this. Because even if she didn't take the responsibility of the situation now, she also felt hard to protect herself.

"Don't you have anything to tell me?"

Bruce turned to look at Louisa and asked. She even let Michelle s

a himself, turned around and walked into the rain, leaving YLouisa in disbelief.

"This damned man is really bad tempered. Don't you see that I'm still here? How can you just leave me like this? "

Louisa was pissed off, thinking that Bruce was really too narrow-minded. Just because she gave him a contemptuous look just now and left her here now. She had never seen a man so mean.

"Here you are." Bobby carefully handed the umbrella to her. Even so, he would try his best to stay away from her.

"Thank you." After she took the umbrella from Bobby, Louisa found that there was no umbrella in his hand. She was too angry to think about anything else just now. When she saw an umbrella in front of her, she took it over without hesitation.

When she realized what had happened, she immediately turned to Bobby and Bobby didn't take it. So she had to ask Bobby to take the umbrella with her.

"Come on in. It's raining heavily outside. How are you going back home?"

Louisa looked at Bobby with a helpless look on her face. She really didn't understand why Bobby treated her like a tigress. Bobby always behaved as if he had seen a ghost when he met her. What had happened.

"I'm fine. You can go back first. Mr. Bruce is waiting for you. "

If he went back with Louisa now, he would not just work overtime tonight. When their president left, he gave him a meaningful look. Don't think he didn't know what their president thought.

"But..." Before she could say anything else, she had to leave because of Bobby's insistence. She was thinking about using the umbrella to borrow another umbrella back.

Bobby was finally relieved to see that Louisa had left. But when he saw that it was raining outside, Bobby couldn't help crying in his heart and yelled, "why did I get hurt every time?".

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