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   Chapter 52 Contract Forming

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9474

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Even if she didn't like him, he would try his best to give birth to a baby and it would be impossible for even Louisa to leave.

Thinking of this, Bruce raised a smile on his face and nodded gently to Louisa. "Okay, I will grant your request."

He knew what to do now. If he didn't promise her now, she would do something out of line. However, Bruce didn't lose the game. He had to say something since Louisa made rules.

"Do you really agree?" She didn't expect that he would agree so easily. It was not like his style.

"Did I say yes? Or do you change your mind now?"

Bruce looked at her calmly. She didn't have the slightest intention to hide her emotion. The flash of disappointment on her face just now really made Bruce laugh out loud.

"Who, who regretted?" Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa asked worriedly. Because she gave a rapid answer, but the more she answered, the more suspicious she was.

"Okay, okay, you did not regret it. Since I have promised you three terms. Are you going to agree with my three terms now? "

Bruce knew how to make Louisa agree to his request. He had a way to deal with Louisa. As the saying goes, people can be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force. Therefore, Bruce would not be hard on her no matter what happened.

"You're right, but you can't go too far. If your request is too much, I won't promise you. "

Bruce's words made sense. However, Bruce was so sly. Therefore, she can't let herself fall into his trap.

"I know. I can guarantee that my request is not excessive at all."

Looking at the vigilant look on Louisa's face, Bruce laughed. Did she really think that Louisa would be his match if he tried to set her up?

"Tell me. If it's not for going too far, I will accept your request."

Upon hearing that, Louisa heaved a sigh of relief. Since Bruce had promised not to go too far. She thought that it might not be too much. After all, Bruce was a man of his word.

"First, when you are my fiancee, you can't have any relationship with other men."

This was the most important thing. Bruce didn't know if he could take control of himself in the case of Ben. So, before that, Bruce made an agreement with Louisa.

He finally understood that the woman was not very clever, but men liked her. First she had a nice talk with Rod, and now Ben showed up.

If he didn't have a good talk with her, who else would show up then. Therefore, he must prevent it from happening now.

"But Ben is my friend. I have to keep in touch with him. When I was in America, he helped me a lot. How can I be an ungrateful person? "

Hearing what Bruce said, the first person that occured to her was Ben. She could be sure that she wouldn't have relationship with other men, but not Ben. She had already made a deal with Bran to take him to meet Ben.


"Now it's your turn." Bruce pushed the paper in front of Louisa, indicating her to put her name on it too.

She picked up a pen and signed her name on the contract. The contract was valid. Louisa looked at Bruce happily. She didn't expect that things would go so smoothly. But with this contract, Louisa felt that she had a guarantee.

"Remember what I said, you shouldn't meet with any man alone. Otherwise, what happened the night before yesterday was easy for you."

Bruce suddenly approached Louisa and warned her in a sullen voice. Bruce's sudden fright almost made Louisa fall to the ground, who was still immersed in the joy of success.

"What are you doing? I'm frightened to death. Why did you suddenly scare me? "

Louisa looked at Bruce with an unhappy face. This man always lost his mind like this.

Looking at Louisa's over scared face, Bruce laughed out loud. This woman was always so cute. When he was a little closer to her, she blushed immediately.

Bruce laughed so loudly, which made Louisa realize that he was making fun of her again. She snorted at Bruce and then walked out of his office. She didn't take his words seriously at all.

Coincidentally, after leaving Bruce's office, she ran into Michelle who came to Bruce.

"Miss Michelle." Even though she was Bruce's fiancee nominally, Michelle was still her boss. Therefore, even though Michelle treated her badly, she still greeted her.

"Bruce, is he in the office?"

Michelle looked at Louisa, with an unhappy face. This woman always pretended to be innocent. People who didn't know her would think Michelle had bullied her.

Besides, Michelle spoke so casually on purpose when she was speaking. It seemed that she and Bruce were really familiar with each other. Michelle wanted to make Louisa jealous, or aware of the difference between her and Bruce, to leave voluntarily.

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