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Even though Bruce was boiling with blood now, the result was still out of his expectation. Even the bowl that was thrown out by Louisa didn't hit him. Bruce dodged swiftly and looked at Louisa who looked indignant.

He knew that if he pushed too hard, it would cause a rebound of Louisa. So he left with a smile because he was worried that something bad would happen if he continued to stay in the room.

That's why he left in a hurry. After watching Bruce leave, she really wanted to throw the quilt out. That damn Bruce! He always took advantage of her.

'No, I have to move my room now. I can't live in the same room with Bruce anymore. I don't know what will happen if I continue to live there.'. At the thought of this, she got off the bed quickly.

She shuddered when she realized that she was naked. Although there was no one in the room, Louisa still felt a little strange.

So she took the bed sheet and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After she was done with all the stuff, the first thing that Louisa did was moving into Bran's room.

While Ben was watching today's report, a meaningful smile appeared on his face. This time, he would like to see how Bruce would protect Louisa.

Now it has been a whole day since such a thing happened. To her surprise, Bruce didn't take any action. She had to say that he could really keep calm.

"Mr.Ben, the deputy CEO of Mu's Group, wants to see you."

At that moment, the telephone rang and the secretary reported to Ben respectfully.

"The vice president of Mu's Group?"

If his memory served him right, he should be Bruce's brother. Why did he come at this crucial juncture.

"Let him in," He really wanted to know what Bruce's brother was up to.

After a while, the secretary of Ben brought Ken to knock on the door of the office.

"Come in." Ben knew that it must be Ken, but he still looked so calm.

"Mr. Ben, Mr. Ken is here." The secretary of Ben stood there respectfully, followed by Ken.

"You go out first and bring two cups of coffee here." Then he waved to his secretary.

"Nice to meet you, Mr.Ben." Noticing that Ben had no intention of standing up, Ken offered his hand to him.

"Hello, Mr. Ken. I've heard a lot about you."

Hearing what Ken said, Ben stood up from his chair with a smile. In fact, he had been looking at Ken up and down just now. This man was always with an evil and attractive aura.

Although he wasn't sure whether the man was a bad guy or not.

But according to his years of experience, he thought that Ken was evil, at least not a good man.

In fact, when Ben was looking at Ken, Ken was also looking at him. No wonder Ben was the ruler of JC Group. His mind was so profound that no one could tell what he was thinking about.

'If Ben really loves Louisa. If he cooperated with B

ave to say sorry now. I have work to do now. Mr. Ken, please go ahead. "

Ben didn't expect that Ken would have any intention on him. Ken had overestimated himself. However, he had found out what Ken was thinking by plotting against him.

But Ben wouldn't interfere. If Bruce couldn't handle Ken, Bruce wouldn't have the right to protect Louisa.

"Excuse me, bye." Ken didn't expect that the result was like this. He hadn't been beaten by anybody since he was a child, so Ben was not given face to him.

Even so, Ken didn't fall out with Ben immediately, because he knew he was no match for Ben now.

At the same time, in the office. Now they had been mobbed by paparazzi both in front of their home and in front of their company.

Louisa didn't expect these reporters to be so persistent.

She tossed the things in her hands on the table and exclaimed, "I'm so tired. Those reporters are so ridiculous. They even blocked the back door."

She would still be surrounded by those reporters if Bruce didn't have the special elevator for the CEO.

Hearing that, Bruce just cast a glance at her before he went to his office. It was not until now that she was left alone in the room. She sighed helplessly somewhere.

'Damn it! What did he look at me just now?'. Was he looking down upon her? Was there anything wrong with what she said just now?

If Bruce knew what Louisa was thinking now, he would blow up. He was looking at her coldly. How could he look down upon her.

"Damn it. I'm going to make a contract with him and make some conditions. "

Louisa looked at Bruce's back and snorted. Half an hour later, a contract was shown to Louisa. Looking at her achievement, the corners of her lips were constantly rising.

It was perfect. It was beyond doubt that Bruce would behave himself soon. Thinking of this, Louisa got out of her office to look for Bruce.

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