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   Chapter 49 Leaving The Room

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But to Bruce surprise, he had to apologize to her. "I'm sorry for what happened last night."

Now no matter what, the most important thing right now was to ensure that Louisa did not run away. Besides, it's just a word. It won't hurt anyway. But now, Bruce had completely forgotten how he got through it step by step in order not to make an apology to those old men.

But now it turned out to be something unworthy of mentioning in front of Louisa. However, after listening to Bruce's words, not only did she not relax her vigilance, but her body trembled more seriously.

"I've already said that I'm sorry. You shouldn't have done that to me last night. I was so angry that I did such a thing. "

Bruce bent down and apologized to Louisa. He didn't expect that she just ignored him. And she also looked at him warily, which made him very unhappy.

"Read it yourself. The news is all over the newspapers. Many calls from the company are out of order now."

Bruce placed a newspaper in front of her. Although Louisa had explained it to him last night, Bruce felt that the relationship between Ben and her was not so simple.

At least, in the eyes of Ben, it was not that simple because he was also a man.

Bruce knew what was in Ben's eyes when he looked at Louisa. Therefore, Ben had to be taken precautions. Thinking of this, Bruce squinted his eyes, as if he was going to face danger.

After hearing what Bruce said, Louisa finally responded. When she saw the picture of her and Ben thrown on the newspaper on the bed by Bruce, Louisa looked incredulous.

Now she finally understood why Bruce said that last night. It turned out that he had read the news and misunderstood the relationship between her and Ben.

But no, it couldn't be. They were all fake. Even if she really had something to do with Ben, it was nothing to do with Bruce. Did the report embarrass Bruce so much that he did such a thing.

"Even if I have a relationship with Ben, I don't think it will mind your business. Don't forget that we are not in a fake relationship. What's the point of being like this? "

Louisa looked at Bruce coldly and asked. They had to make everything clear today. She would never allow such kind of thing to happen again.

"You..." Bruce really wanted to refute what Louisa said, but he also knew what she said was true. Plus, he felt a little guilty because of what happened last night, so he didn't know how to retort to Louisa.

Without looking at Bruce, Louisa said to him coldly, "let's make it clear today. I'm just an ordinary friend with Ben. If you don't believe me, I can do nothing about it. Second, our relationship is fake. "I think we'd better sleep separately from now on. I will sleep together with Bran in the future. We will leave here after the Swan project is finished. "

She didn't want anything bad to happen to her if she continued to stay in the same room with Bruce. Although they had done what they

ok up. He looked into her eyes, smiled and said affectionately, "if that's not the case, I don't know that you care about me so much. But you can rest assured that I will never do that thing to other women. I only have feelings for you. "

Louisa looked into Bruce's eyes and was deeply attracted by his eyes. She was almost bewitched by Bruce, but she finally reacted.

She pushed him away and shouted at him, blushing, "Bruce, you bastard. Is it fun to fool others like this? "

This damn Bruce always fooled her like this. Once she was really bewitched by him, he would definitely tell her with a loud laugh that he was actually coaxing her. It was not the first time that he was such a rascal.

She knew that Bruce wouldn't let her in so easily, but she didn't notice the flash of disappointment in his eyes. In fact, Bruce took his words seriously every time, but it never treated to be true words in front of Louisa.

"You are smart now. I thought you would be fooled by me. I asked the cook to make some porridge for you. You must be hungry now. Let's eat something first. We'll go downstairs for dinner after I finish tidying up. "

With a smile on his face, Bruce handed the bowl of porridge to Louisa, who, in fact, Louisa missed the porridge very much and dejectedly refused it. Now she was really very hungry, plus the smell of porridge was good.

Thus, Louisa took the bowl of porridge from Bruce's hands and began to eat it. But now she forgot that she was naked. Moreover, there were some hickeys on her body.

He looked at Louisa's smooth skin. His breath was getting faster and faster. Bruce had to admit that what he ate was the meaning of marrow.

What's more, he could not resist any resistance to Louisa at all. So what he was thinking about now was that.

Maybe it was because Bruce was so eye-catching that Louisa finally found that she was not right. She covered her body with the quilt hastily and threw the bowl out unhappily.

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