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   Chapter 48 Anger

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9816

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Ben really liked Bran. He didn't have the right to be Bran's father, so he always treated Bran as his own son.

He hadn't seen Bran for such a long time. He really missed him.

Hearing what Ben said, Louisa said casually, "well, last time Bran said he wanted to see you. I didn't expect you to come here. Next time I will take him with me. "

But he didn't notice that the smile on Ben's face became wider after hearing her words. In fact, sometimes people were easy to be satisfied. It was only a word that could make him happy for many days.

They talked and laughed for more than an hour during the meal, because they hadn't seen each other for a long time. They wanted to talk a lot. When the two of them came out of the restaurant, it was already late.

Ben sent her to the gate of Mu family and left after he saw her come in. After Louisa entered the villa, she sensed something wrong.

Those servants looked at her strangely, which made Louisa feel uncomfortable all over. But she didn't think too much about it. She just walked into the villa.

"So you still remember to come back? I thought the life outside was too wonderful that you forgot to go home. "

When she walked past the living room, she saw that Sky was sitting on the sofa with a long face. It seemed that someone owed him twenty to eighty thousand.

Hearing the voice of Sky, Louisa pursed her lips. Now that she just came back and met Sky, she had no idea how she had irritated him. After that time when Sky was sick, he had been making trouble for her.

Normally, if she was able to avoid him, then she would as well try not to provoke him.

Therefore, following this principle, she just smiled and wanted to go upstairs. She was confident that she could stay away from him.

However, after noticing Louisa's move, Sky was even angrier.

He stood up from the sofa and blocked in front of her in a haughty manner. "Are you deaf or what? Didn't you hear me? "

In the past, if Sky took the initiative to make trouble for Louisa, and if Louisa ignored him, he would feel boring and quit.

But she didn't know what was wrong with him today and why did he keep pestering zed.

"I heard what you said. My friend came back from America. I just go to have a meal with him. I have asked Ken to tell you this. Now I am very tired. Can I go upstairs and have a rest? "

Louisa looked at him with a helpless expression. She couldn't lower herself to the same level as a child, so she tried her best to convince herself like this.

"Really? Do you really think I'm still a child? So you lied to me with such a clumsy excuse. Or you think my brother Ken is an easygoing person, so you made use of him? "

However, after listening to Louisa's words, not only did Sky not calm down, but he was even angrier.

"No, I didn't..." She really didn't know how to explain it to the boy. Although she had a child, she really didn't know ho

herself into Ben's arms.

"Don't do that, Bruce. Don't... "

Bruce swallowed the rest of Louisa's words. Now he didn't want to hear any refusal from Louisa.

Louisa wanted to resist, but due to the big difference in strength between the two, she was no match for Bruce at all.

When she woke up next day, it was already noon. She felt pain all over her body. What happened last night flashed through her mind like a movie.

'oh my God! How embarrassing!'. How could that bastard Bruce treat her like this. He forced her again and again to explain the dinner with Ben last night. If she was not satisfied, he would torture her.

She couldn't remember how many times she had fainted under the torment of him. Now she was like falling apart and had no strength at all.

"You woke up?" When she was thinking about it, Bruce pushed the door open from outside and came in. Almost by instinct, she covered her head with the quilt.

She didn't want to see this bastard Bruce now. How could he treat her like this. They were fake, but this man really sleep with her.

"Are you going to stay under the quilt all the time, suffocating yourself to death?" With these words, Bruce tried to pull the quilt off Louisa's body. But unexpectedly, she was wrapped in the quilt before him. She rolled on the other side of the bed and looked at Bruce warily.

Bruce sighed with profound resignation. He knew that Lousia must have been terrified by what had happened last night. But he didn't want things to be like that either. When he saw the news that she was with Ben, he almost went crazy.

He waited for her to give him an explanation, but she didn't. Instead, she even wanted to end the relationship with him.

His relationship with her was always making him feel uneasy, and now she still said so.

So he forced her. Moreover, he couldn't control himself for Louisa at all, and he was very angry at that time. Even so, Bruce didn't regret.

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