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   Chapter 47 Gossip

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Before Bruce could get any closer, Louisa felt her body pressed on the table by Bruce. Louisa looked at Bruce in panic and forgot what to do.

"How are you. I didn't see anything. You can continue. "

Bobby was very embarrassed. He just came here to ask how was the design drawing of Louisa. He didn't expect to see such an intimate picture. He blushed and shouted at them.

Then he went out with a blush. Then he closed the door for them. He was considerate enough to make sure that they were not bothered. Otherwise, They would hurt innocent people like him.

Hearing Bobby's voice, Louisa suddenly pushed Bruce away with all her strength.

Bruce was defenselessly shoved by Louisa and almost fell to the ground. He tried hard to steady his body after a few staggered.

He looked at Louisa sullenly and thought, 'what the hell is wrong with this damn woman?'. If he hadn't been so agile, he would have been knocked down by her now.

"Well, Mr.Bobby is looking for my design drawing. I'll bring him there. "

Then she took the file in her hand and fled away. Looking at Louisa's back, Bruce couldn't help smiling.

He had to admit that if Bobby didn't show up in time, he wouldn't know what he would do.

It wouldn't be worth it if he scared away Louisa. However, thinking of the call that just now, Bruce's face darkened and left the office.

On the other side, Louisa ran out of her office and didn't really go to see Bobby. What she was holding in her hand was not the design drawings that Bobby wanted. She said this just as an excuse.

It was so embarrassing that it was not possible for her to see Bobby again. Why the bastard Bruce suddenly did such a misleading thing.

After a while, she thought that Bruce might have left. Then she went to her office guiltily and left earlier than usual.

When she was off duty, Bruce would surely block her at the door of her office. Besides, she had asked Ben out for dinner tonight.

After sneaking out of the company, a triumphant smile cracked Louisa's lips. Finally she was able to get rid of Bruce's control. How could she not be happy.

"Oh, it's you. Why didn't you come with Bruce? "

Ken stopped the car in front of her. With a gentle smile, he asked Louisa.

"I have something to do today, so I get off work first. Bruce, he is still working. "

She had already left. Since Ken was at least the deputy CEO of the company, she felt like that she had been caught red handed.

"I see. Where are you going? I can drive you there."

Ken looked at Louisa and knew that she was telling the truth. But he was smart enough not to ask any more questions, because he knew if he continued to ask, it would only annoy Louisa.

Ken didn't ask any more questions after listening to Louisa's words, which was a sign of relief to Louisa. However, after hearing Ken's words, even without

he efforts of Ben were in vain. As expected, after hearing what Ben said, Louisa said casually, "I have already forgotten that there are so many delicious foods in our country. Who can remember the American restaurant? I told you I know a very delicious place. I'll take you there some other day. "

Actually, Louisa was just talking about the meal. But it suddenly occurred to Ben that she was with Bruce now. Every time they were in love, no one would remember him who was in the United States.

If Susie hadn't told her that he was in China. He afraid that Louisa won't call him even now.

"Great! I haven't had authentic Chinese food for a long time. You must take me there, or we can do it right now. "

While speaking, Ben stood up from his seat, trying to leave. After hearing what Ben said, Louisa took his hand helplessly.

"Never mind. Maybe they have no seat now. Let me tell you, the food there is very precious. You have to pay the bill when we have dinner. So it's my treat today. Don't compete with me. "

A pang of pain surged through Louisa's heart at the thought of the prices of those dished. So she went straight to him, she said to Ben. She also told him that she must take Bran with her before they went there.

She always wanted Bran to have a taste. But thinking that a meal there would cost her salary of several months, she gave up this idea immediately.

The waitress who was serving food for Louisa almost spat out a mouthful of blood on their steak. It was a five-star western restaurant in any way, but in their eyes, it was a disgraceful thing.

This made those who walked by their restaurant all look at them with envy. How could they be ashamed. But the two didn't care what was on his mind. Compared to that restaurant, the food here was cheap.

"Okay, it's up to you. I haven't seen Bran for a long time. How is he now? "

Hearing that, Ben agreed with a smile.

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