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   Chapter 46 Ben Came Back

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It turned out that Louisa did know something about Susie. After listening to Louisa's words, Susie really jumped up. The makeup artist who was applying makeup for her was startled.

"Susie, don't you feel ashamed. How could you say that? You know clearly the relationship between me and Bruce. We are not real. How could we do that? "

If Louisa hadn't been able to follow what Susie had said, she would have died for nothing. Not until she heard what Susie said did she feel more embarrassed.

Damn it! If this Susie really dared to say anything, how could she roar so loudly? How couldn't others hear her.

"No way. He can even resist such a beautiful woman like you. I really doubt if he is sick or has a sexual orientation problem. "

Susie had heard a lot of rumors about Bruce in the company. It was said that before Louisa, there was no woman around Bruce. Many women offered to have sex with him, but he refused.

She had thought that Bruce was crazy about love. But it seemed that there was something wrong with him. How could he rest Louisa himself from having sex with such a delicate beauty.

If Susie knew that Bruce had to get up and take several cold shower every night, she would know how he rested Louisa himself.

"Stop talking nonsense. What do you want from me?"

Before Susie asked, she refused to discuss more with her. In her daily life, Susie behaved like a lady. But only she knew that it was just a disguise of comfort. In fact, the true colors of Susie were nasty and powerful.

She didn't know which more restricted topic they would talk about if she continued talking about it. After several failures, Louisa had become very smart.

"Don't be so ungrateful! You have already had Bruce. Why do you abandon me? Why can't I even make a call? "

Upon hearing that, Susie knew that it was not that Louisa wanted to say, but she deliberately misinterpreted her words.

"Don't make fun of me anymore. I admit that I can't win you in words. I'm still working. "

Louisa said to Susie helplessly. If Susie kept causing trouble, Louisa didn't know what kind of joke Susie would make.

"Are you saying that I'm a female Yaksha?"

Susie shouted at the phone, gnashing her teeth in anger. If Louisa had been with her, she would have strangled him.

After hearing the growl of Susie, Louisa put her phone on the table. Even so, she still heard the roar of Susie.

"If there is nothing else, I will hang up. It's still office hour now. It's not good to call. "

As soon as Louisa finished speaking, she was about to hang up the phone. But the thought that Bruce had heard what they had said made her feel distressed. Now she had no interest in chatting with him, because she didn't know whether Bruce was angry or not.

"Wait a minute. I still have something to say. Ben has come back.

only heard the voice of Louisa, he couldn't help but want to meet her. He couldn't help asking her out.

"Okay, I also want to see you." Her words distracted the listener's attention. Actually what she wanted to say was that she had something to ask Ben.

However, hearing what she said, Ben felt a bit happy in his heart. Could he convince himself that Louisa liked her.

"Okay." Hearing that, Ben agreed with a smile. It was the first time that Louisa had said this to him. How could he be unhappy.

After hanging up the phone with a smile, Louisa saw Bruce standing there with a cold face. She hadn't seen him for a long time and she was surprised. And Bruce just left angrily, didn't he?

"Who was on the phone just now?" Bruce asked coldly to Louisa. If he didn't mishear, Bruce didn't expect that Louisa would say these words to them.

"Susie." She didn't know why she didn't want Bruce to know that she was talking with Ben on the phone just now.

"Really?" With a devilish smile on Bruce's face, he suddenly approached Louisa.

"If you don't believe me, why do you ask me. Besides, it's not necessary for me to tell you whom I'm calling. Even if we are a real couple, we have our privacy. What's more, we are not real couples. "

After listening to Bruce's words, Louisa looked at him unhappily. ''what the hell is going on with Bruce? He is just pretending to be my fiance .' But why did he look so jealous now.

"You..." Bruce was pissed off. What the hell was this woman talking about. Did he look like a faker now? So many days had passed, but she still couldn't forget to get rid of him.

"What... What do you want?" Looking at Bruce approaching her, Louisa asked nervously and even stuttered when she was speaking.

"You will know after a while." Looking at the nervous look on Louisa's face, Bruce smiled charmingly and then put her down on the table.

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