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   Chapter 45 A Meeting In Secret

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After getting on the car, Michelle said to Ken unhappily, "are you gloating now? If you want to laugh, just laugh. I don't need your crocodile tears."

What a man! Didn't he take pleasure in other's misfortune? Now that she got what he wanted, why did he pretend to be sympathetic.

Besides, she didn't need any sympathy. She would get Bruce back sooner or later.

The evil and attractive smile on Ken's face disappeared. He looked at Michelle seriously and said, "I'm not taking pleasure in your misfortune. I just feel sorry for you. You have been with Bruce for so many years, but now he is treating you like this for a woman he has just known for a few days. "

Since Michelle wanted to use the knife to kill people, why couldn't he. As long as Michelle didn't let Bruce go, he would have a chance to get close to Louisa.

Now he was really curious about how would Bruce react if he had lost Louisa.

"What did you say? How long have they known each other? "

But now, Michelle had gotten an important information from their conversation, which was that they had only known each other for a couple of days.

They had known each other for a long time, hadn't they? Now they still had a child, and it was just because of this that Michelle was not reconciled.

"Yes, he know her because of work? Do you really believe what Bruce said. You thought they knew each other seven years ago. How could you believe such a clumsy lie? "

Ken looked at Michelle in surprise, as if she had believed what Bruce said, and how abnormal it was. In fact, if one looked carefully, she could see something different in Ken's eyes.

But now, the news completely shocked Michelle. She was in a daze for a while, so she didn't see the shrewdness in Ken's eyes at all.

"You mean that Bruce was lying. He just knew Louisa. But how about that kid? "

She had seen the child from far. He looked so much like Bruce that she trusted Bruce without any hesitation.

"Do you really think Bruce is the father of that child? There are so many coincidences in the world. Those stars are imitated, not to mention that they look alike. "

Ken said in a cold tone, even if the child was really Bruce's son. He also didn't allow such a thing to happen. 20% of the company's shares couldn't fall into the hands of Bruce.

"You are right. I am too stupid. It was impossible for me to believe what they said so easily. I stayed with Bruce seven years ago. How could I not see her. Why did they do that? "

If what Ken said was true, then why did Bruce do that. How could that bastard, who was clearly not his own child, Bruce was willing to raise a child for someone else? What did Bruce really think.

"That's not simple. Louisa brought such a big trouble to the press conference. You know what we have put in the Swan project. Bruce was a man with a pursuit of perfection. How could he allow such a thing to happen. So under desperation, it's worth admitting that Louisa is his woman. "

Ken didn't seem to care much about the res

t Bruce always bullies me. Now I'm deprived of my freedom. "

Hearing what Susie said, Louisa immediately put on a pitiful look. Although she knew that Susie couldn't see, she still couldn't help but pretend to be pitiful.

"Oh, come on. I've read a lot on the newspaper. It's quite juicy, my lady."

Susie curled her lips with disdain. Others might not know the temper of Louisa, but how could she not know? If her life was really so difficult, she would not make trouble out of nothing.

"Stop making fun of me. The only thing I want to do now is getting rid of that damn Bruce."

After that, she felt a gust of cold wind behind her neck. She turned around stiffly and saw Bruce's angry back.

"What's wrong? Why don't you say anything? "

"Louisa, what's up?" Susie asked in confusion.

"No, nothing." Although Louisa couldn't help but tell herself that she was doomed. But to avoid Susie made fun of her, she didn't want to provoke her.

She was really screwed up this time. Bruce must have heard what she said just now, so he left angrily. However, this time Dixon really got her in trouble. Every time she brought it up, he would get angry.

Now he heard her saying that she wanted to get rid of him. Just the man's self-esteem would be unbearable, so she could almost foresee her tragic fate.

"Weakly, Louisa, let me tell you. Although that kind of thing makes people happy. But you can't be too indulgent. Otherwise, it's not good for your health. "

Hearing that Louisa suddenly became weak, Susie could not help but make fun of her.

"What kind of thing? What are you talking about? "

After hearing what Susie said, Louisa asked confusedly. Louisa found it difficult for her to comprehend what Susie was saying.

"Oh my God! That's not you, Louisa. You have lived with Bruce for such a long time. Haven't you done that yet? "

Susie shouted over the phone, as if she had discovered a new continent. Though Louisa couldn't see Susie jump, Louisa was sure that she had jumped up.

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