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   Chapter 44 Borrowing A Knife To Kill

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9995

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"I really don't know why you are so confused. Have you been bullied by others all the time?"

Hearing that, Bruce looked helpless. She hadn't seen Bran for a long time. It was not until now that she realized she wanted to see him.

If Bran had been on the street, he would have been thrown somewhere now.

At the thought of this, Bruce made a decision that he would never leave Louisa and Bran alone to go out. Otherwise, she would be alone when she came back.

"What? I'm not muddled? Besides, I can't let others bully me, I don't want to lower myself to the same level as them. I'm so magnanimous that you won't understand me. "

After listening to Bruce's words, Louisa looked at him unhappily. It seemed that Louisa was unhappy because she can't be understand.

Looking at Louisa, Bruce shook his head helplessly. If this could make her feel a little better, then she just comforted herself.

"How about going to see Bran's room now?" He knew that if he didn't stop, he didn't know what Louisa would say to make him spit blood.

"Okay. Have you prepared a room for Bran?"

"What's the matter?". She didn't expect that Bruce had prepared a room for Bran. In fact, she was unwilling to admit that. She was a little moved in her heart.

"No, we didn't prepare it. Bran has a room for me when I was a child. If he doesn't like it, I'll arrange for him another one. "

Knowing that Bran was here yesterday afternoon, he had intended to prepare a room for Bran. But she was afraid that Louisa would suspect him after he knew the truth.

So she could only allow Bran to sleep in his previous room. But now it seemed that he was thinking too much when he saw Louisa's face.

It seemed that Louisa's intelligence could not think of the things that he worried about.

If he had known it earlier, he would have prepared a room for Bran. In the past, the room would be relatively rough, with many things for the training he had received in his childhood.

He didn't know if Bran would feel uncomfortable or not, and he really regretted when he thought of this.

'When did I become so indecisive? I was afraid of getting my hands dirty after I did something wrong.'

But when he thought of Louisa, Bruce was so tied up for anything. Since it was still Louisa, he thought too much.

After listening to Bruce's words, Louisa said in a careless tone, "it doesn't matter. As long as it clean, Bran is not picky about where to live. Besides, he can live in the luxurious villa. He will wake up from his dream. "

Bruce felt speechless after hearing what she had said about Bran, who seemed to be particularly superficial in front of Louisa. If Bran heard this, he would be very angry.

Thinking of the childish behavior of Bran and Louisa, Bruce grinned.

Unfortunately, Alina came back with Michelle together, and Michelle saw them. She didn't expect that Bruce would take Louisa home.

She stared at them with a sinister look. When she saw the hands

e. I didn't find them. I didn't expect to see them here. "

She knew that Bran liked toys. To be honest, she was surprised to see so many toys in the room. She didn't expect that the poker faced Bruce would be so playful in his childhood.

"Really? Why are there so many toys here? Isn't this the one you have been looking for? "

After being dragged to the toy area by Bran, Louisa saw the limited edition and even the unique ones. Since Bran loves them, she knew them well.

Even the toys in this room were worth several million dollars. It was no wonder that Bran hadn't gone to her. Looking at the expressions on the mother and son's faces, Bruce grinned, which was rare to see.

He had been worried that Bran might not like these things. Now it seemed that he had thought too much. Bran was his son, so his hobbies were in common with him. These were what he had played when he was a child. Now it seemed that Bran liked them very much.

Looking at the cozy family of these three, Landon closed the door with a smile and went out. Landon left the room for the three of them. As for what happened to Bran, he planned to talk to Bruce about it in the evening.

Michelle, who was running out, happened to meet Ken who was about to go out. With an evil and attractive smile at the corners of his mouth, Ken looked at the messy look of Michelle.

"Let's go. I'll drive you home." Ken didn't say anything, but opened the door of the car and said to Michelle.

She was at Mu family's villa now, so Ken was very kind to her. Otherwise, he would at least sneer at her from time to time.

Ken knew exactly who Michelle was. She wanted to kill Louisa with the aid of a knife, but she didn't expect that she would go for wool and come home shorn. Now she still looked as if she had suffered a lot. It was a pity that this woman hadn't acted in front of people.

However, Ken didn't care about that at all. The more wilful Michelle was, the more beneficial it would be to him.

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