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   Chapter 43 Strange Disease

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9236

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Looking at the hesitation on Louisa's face, Bruce knew that just now she must be frightened. So he rubbed her hair and said in a soft voice to her, "well, don't worry about us anymore. Trust me, you'll be fine. "

Louisa stared at Bruce, dumbfounded. She could hardly resist his tenderness. Didn't know why, Louisa wanted to believe Bruce so much.

She gently nodded at him. Then, they went to Sky's room hand in hand.

When they got inside, many people stood before Sky's window. These pictures were all new to her.

"Louisa, come here quickly."

The moment Landon saw Louisa, Landon anxiously waved to her. She looked at Louisa as if she was the Savior, which chilled her down.

But she followed Landon's words obediently. Before she could stand still, she was dragged to the edge of Sky's bed by Landon.

When she reached out to hold Sky's hand, she was taken aback. His hands were so cold that they looked like the hands of a dead person.

But before Louisa could touch Sky, there had been no life, and some dead man had come to life now. All the people present breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, they glared at Louisa with passionate eyes.

Noticing their eager eyes, Landon said to them with displeasure, "don't stand here any longer, it's all right now. You can all go back now. "

She knew that they all knew who Louisa was now, but she wouldn't let them do anything to her.

As the wife of Bruce, Landon would not allow them to hurt the brotherhood.

However, after hearing what Landon said, Ken and Eric showed no interest. Both of them had no blood type, so Louisa was less attracted to them.

However, on the contrary, Eric was different. Like Bruce, he only had the reaction to people with special blood type. Now that Bruce had found such a woman, there was a mixture of admiration and love in his eyes.

Noticing Eric's stare, Bruce glared at him with displeasure. But he didn't realize that at last, Ken dragged him away.

Now only Louisa, Bruce and Landon stayed in the room. Looking at Louisa who was squatting on the ground and having no idea what happened, Landon looked worried.

Now, it was not easy for Bruce to find the woman he had decided to marry, but she had also seen his brother's reactions just now.

Landon was really worried that they would fight against each other for this woman.

Of course, her worry was reasonable. The members of Mu family had seduced the women of their brothers to taste women. And she had known it deeply. Now, the big news was more than worry.

From the look on Landon's face, Bruce knew what she was thinking. So Bruce stood beside Landon and said firmly, "don't worry. I won't let that happen."

Bruce wouldn't let anybody to get involved in his

Before she could react, she was taken by Landon to Bruce's room.

On the other side, Louisa looked at Bruce in shock, only to find that he was watching a drama.

"What are you doing?" Bruce asked coldly. What's wrong with this woman? Why can't she just live here without doing anything wrong.

"I want to leave here and go home!"

She was about to open the door and leave Bruce's room. She was too stupid to say yes so easily.

"You've promised my mother, and now you're leaving. It's clear to her that I've bullied you, isn't it? I don't think I owe you anything. Please don't do this to me. "

Bruce looked at Louisa disappointedly. Now, no matter what means he could use, he needed to make Louisa stay first. He would rather destroy his image than do this.

"But we..."

Louisa wanted to tell him that they didn't like each other at all. How could they live together. Even if Bran was the son of Bruce, they had done everything they could and could not do.

She didn't get drunk before that. But now she is sober and she can't get over that.

Bruce knew what Louisa was worried about. In order to calm her down, he had to grit his teeth and insist on saying, "don't worry. I won't touch you. Just stay here, even for the Swan project. "

"Are you serious?" Louisa asked incredulously. In fact, she went to see Landon and didn't know how to face her.

Now that Bruce said so, it would be nice if Bruce really thought so.

No wonder Bruce couldn't control himself. However, in order to steady Louisa, Bruce braced himself and said, "yes."

Hearing that, Louisa nodded with some hesitation. After all, it was impossible to leave now. She'd rather stay here now, where was Bran?

"Where is Bran?" Not until now did she realize that Bran was not in the room. It was a dangerous place. Where had Bran gone.

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