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   Chapter 42 The Strange Mu family

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10147

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'Damn it! She has already been here. She still wants to leave.'. Did she really think that he would let her go?

"Do you think I will let you go? Get off the car. "

After giving Louisa a cold look, Bruce pushed the door and went out first. Giving no chance for Louisa to refuse, Louisa didn't dare to look at the back of Bruce.

What? How could this man be so overbearing? He didn't give her the right to speak at all. She really didn't want to see his family.

It was a mistake from the beginning. Why did they have to continue this mistake? Before she could figure it out, Bran had already gotten out of the car.

Looking at Bran, Louisa said angrily.

To her, it was impossible for this brat to bully her and Susie. She even doubted if Bran was stealthily substituted.

After getting out of the car, Bran went around to the other side and stood at the door. He looked up at Louisa and said, "an ugly daughter-in-law always needs to see her parents in law. Even if it is you that get out of this today, you need go there at last? So you'd better stop thinking about it before you die. "

After she heard what Bran said, she really wanted to beat him up. She withdrew what she had said. This man in front of her was the real Bran.

He was still as mean as before. But Bran's attitude towards her and Bruce was different. Now she seriously suspected that Bran was not her biological son.

On the other side, Bruce stood there leisurely, watching the interaction between Bran and Louisa. After hearing what Bran said, Bruce couldn't help but burst into laughter.

No wonder Bran always pissed her off before she could get off. He was really good at pissing people off.

"I will get back at you later."

She glared at Bran and got out of the car reluctantly. Now they looked like they would stand there if she didn't come down.

It would be inappropriate if others saw this.

"Let's go." Seeing that Louisa got out of the car, Bruce naturally put his arm around her shoulder and held Bran's hand with another hand to walk into the villa.

"Master Bran, you're back."

There were more than one people who greeted Bruce in this way on the road.

All of a sudden, Louisa felt that she was so far away from Bruce. They were not from the same world at all. But for what reason did they get entangled with each other.

"Bruce, you are back. This is... "

Landon Lin, Bruce's mother, heard the sound and went out to welcome him with a happy face. When she saw Bran, who was held by the hand of Louisa and Bruce, she looked at them in surprise.

"Mom, this is my fiancee, Louisa. This is my son, Bran. They will live here from now on. "

Bruce said to Landon. He would marry Louisa no matter whether his family would like it or not.

And he believed that his mother would also take his side because of his special blood type.

With a big smile on her face, Landon said to Louisa and Bran, "you are Louisa. You are more beautiful than you are on TV. You are Bran. I wanted to see you for

. He looked as if he was going to eat her alive.

"Sky? What's wrong with you? Doctor! Doctor! "

Landon asked with a worried look and kept calling the doctor. Bruce picked up Sky with his arms and carried him towards his bedroom on the second floor.

Mu family, which had been peaceful, suddenly became restless. Looking at each other, both of Louisa and Bran didn't know what had happened.

He was fine a moment ago, but now he was sick. Those servants were busy with their own stuff, leaving Louisa and Bran in embarrassment.

"Come with me."

A few moments later, Bruce walked down the stairs in a hurry and took Louisa to the second floor.

Not knowing why, Louisa was dragged away by Bruce. When she remembered that Bran was downstairs alone, she shouted at Bran, "Bran, help!"

In fact, what she wanted to do was to ask Bran to wait for her there. But she didn't know why she said that as her brain was twitched.

Hearing that, Bruce couldn't help but feel speechless. This woman was really a strange fighter.

However, in order not to be misunderstood, Bruce still said coldly, "shut up, or don't blame me for being rude to you."

People might think he did something to her if she continued shouting. He wouldn't have let her call him that way if he hadn't been able to explain everything to her.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She glared at Bruce who was fierce to her. She didn't do anything wrong. How could this man treat her like this.

Shouldn't she call for help since he treated her so rudely? Mu family was full of weirdness. Now that the boy did this for no reason, Louisa was really scared to face them.

"Well, it's complicated. I'll explain to you later. It's urgent now. "

Looking at Louisa's face, Bruce's heart almost melted. He didn't mean to shouted her just now, but if he made her cry because of this, he was really helpless.

"But..." Even though Bruce said so, Louisa was still a little scared. After all, she was a stranger here and the incident happened.

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