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   Chapter 40 The First Sight Of Father And Son

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Upon hearing Louisa's voice, Bruce cast a glance at her. When he saw the awkward smile on her face, he decided to tease her.

He turned around and asked, "you mean you didn't kiss me on purpose, right?"

Because it was all written on her face, yet she didn't know.

Of course, Louisa didn't know what was on Bruce's mind. Though she was a little unhappy with him for speaking out such a straightforward thing.

But she felt relieved when she thought that Bruce would not misunderstand her anymore.

She nodded to Bruce happily, as if she was afraid that he didn't believe her.

"Isn't it? Why should I believe you? That was my first kiss. You'd better think about how to compensate me. "

Looking at Louisa's face, Bruce opened his eyes and lied. Because he really wanted to see Louisa's worried face. In that way, he would feel that Louisa cared about him very much.

"You are lying. That was not your first kiss."

Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa refuted without hesitation. This man was too shameless. He had lost his first kiss seven years ago. Now he had the nerve to refer to it.

As expected, every man had the same ability to lie.

Remembering that Bran always fooled her like this, Louisa looked at Bruce complacently. She would never be fooled by him.

Looking at Louisa's complacent face, Bruce was amused and asked her, "Oh, really? How do you know it's not my first kiss? "

The woman was so stupid. He just said a few words casually, and she already exposed herself.

After hearing what Bruce said, the look on Louisa's face darkened.

'what did I just say? How could I be so stupid?'

When she thought about this, she patted herself on the head and wondered when she could learn.

Looking at Louisa's movement, Bruce quickly held her hand. She patted her head. It made his heart ache to see her like this. "Well, even if you don't want to take responsibility for me. There is no need to abuse yourself like this. It makes my heart ache. "

With these words, he hugged Louisa tightly in his arms. Louisa was a little shocked by Bruce's sudden move. She could only lie stiffly in Bruce's arms, not daring to move.

As for the driver in the front, she just felt it difficult to get out of the car. He had been driving in Mu family for many years and he had almost watched Bruce grow up.

However, he never knew that Bruce could be so childish. He wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes.

Not until they walked for quite a while did Louisa find something wrong. This was the way to their home. Why did Bruce go to their home.

"This is the way to our home. What are you going to do there?"

Louisa asked Bruce confusedly. She was really worried that Bruce would go to their home. Because he would discover the existence of Bran, and hadn't let Bruce know about it yet.


. But now he was at odds now.

"I know, but my situation is different from others. I can't afford to lose, so I have to keep her by my side first. "

After hearing the driver's words, Bruce sighed with profound resignation. Bruce knew all these principles. If he was a normal person, he could wait until Louisa fell into the trap. But now his situation didn't allow him to do so, so he had to force her.

"Master Bruce, don't think too much. I believe you and Miss Louisa will get together. She is a good girl. "

The driver looked at the bitter look on Bruce's face and knew what he was thinking.

He was one of the few people who knew the secrets of Mu family. Bruce had gone through a lot of difficulties over the years. No one was worse than him.

Now, Bruce finally found the girl he was going to marry. He hoped they could be happy.

"Never mind. I'd better go inside. I don't know what she is thinking. She is not that obedient to pack up her stuff. "

After hearing the driver's words, Bruce sighed with profound resignation. Then he opened the door and got off the car. He had a feeling that Louisa was not that obedient to him.

Indeed, Louisa was not that obedient. After she ran back home, she locked herself in the room and looked through all the credit cards to find out.

"I'll see how much money is now and see if I can buy a villa again. Then Bruce won't threaten me. "

While checking her own balance, she chattered. Looking at her confusedly, Bran would never admit that his IQ was inherited from hers.

Although he didn't know what had happened, Bran wasn't interested in being mad with her. He walked out with a frown and saw Bruce standing in the hall.

"Hello, Dad." Bran greeted Bruce, standing at the top of the stairs.

Hearing the voice, Bruce looked up to the second floor by instinct. He saw Bran standing at the stairs and looking at him with a smile.

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