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   Chapter 38 Hypocrisy

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Bruce glared at Bill with hatred. 'How dare he take advantage of Louisa! Is he insane?' Bruce thought.

But Bill couldn't care less about how Bruce looked at him.

Now, the only thing in his mind was not to make a fool of himself in front of those people. As for Bruce, he did not scold him immediately.

If that was the case, it would be fine as long as Louisa believed him.

"Louisa. I'm really worried about you. Can I go in and have a talk with you? "

Though it was beneath his dignity to ask her.

'But they were watching me. It would be a shame if I leave now. '.

"Dad, come in please. The food here is very delicious. You can have a try. "

Upon hearing her father's words, Louisa was touched. She didn't expect that her father not only didn't blame her, but also took the initiative to care about her.

For Louisa, a girl who lacked love and care since she was a child, it was really what she dreamed of.

"Okay, I see. I'll be there soon."

After listening to Louisa's words, BIll looked at her and saw the joy on her face. He felt a little guilty that he took advantage of Louisa.

But he had no choice. Their company ran into a trouble.

Now he was in need of those people's help. He had called Dustin several times and Dustin always ignored him.

It was a rare chance for them to have a meal together. Unexpectedly, they met Louisa and Bruce here. The most important thing was that Dustin was flattering Bruce. If Bill were on good terms with Bruce now.

Dustin would definitely help him without any hesitation. Thinking of this, the guilt in his heart vanished.

"Are you full? Would you like to order more? " Bruce had been quietly watching the farce between the father and the daughter, although he knew that Bill was using Louisa. But Bruce didn't say that out loud because he didn't want to see her sad.

If this could make Louisa happy, he would be willing to turn a blind eye to it. There was no loss for him to get close to her.

After hearing what Bruce said, Louisa said to him happily, "no, thank you very much."

He took me here to eat this delicious food and met my father here. I thought my father wouldn't forgive me if I didn't meet him here today.

Every time she was happy, she would habitually close her eyes. It was no exception this time. Looking at Louisa, Bruce sighed helplessly.

She was so innocent and kind that she didn't even know she was used.

"You little fool, there is no need for you to say thank you to me. Don't forget our relationship. You are my fiancee now. "

Said Bruce with a doting look on his face. Bill thought that Bruce really liked Louisa, otherwise he wouldn't have such expression on his face.

"Dad, here you are. Come in and have a seat. "

Without noticing Bruce's tenderness, she only heard the door opening. She stood up from her seat with a happy face, took her hand and let Bill sit next to her.

"Mr.Bruce." He looked at Bruce nervousl

om Bruce.

"What's wrong? You don't want to give up? Why don't you get it back? "

Ken's evil and attractive voice rang behind Michelle. She turned around and looked at Ken warily.

This man Ken behaved in a strange way every time he came to visit her. The person that Michelle hated most was Ken.

"What are you doing here?"

Michelle looked at Ken and asked warily. She even deliberately stepped back two steps to distance herself from Ken.

"I just want to tell you that if you don't want your stuff to be taken away by others, you have to take it back,"

Seeing that Michelle looked alarmed, Ken wore an evil and attractive smile at the corners of his mouth.

He just went out to have a meal and saw such an excellent performance.

It surprised him that he was serious this time. Was that woman his destiny? He wondered what would happen if he couldn't get that woman?

Things were getting more and more interesting. Now, with the help of Michelle, Bruce would have a better life in the future.

"What do you mean by that? It's none of your business."

After saying that, Michelle turned around and was about to leave. She really didn't want to stay with Ken for one more minute.

Ken looked so somber every time she met him, just like a snake sleeping on the sly and would bite her once in a while.

"What if I tell you that I can help you?"

Looking at the back of Michelle who turned around and left, Ken called out to her.

After hearing Ken's words, Michelle stopped for a few steps and turned to look at Ken with displeasure. "What do you mean by that?"

Michelle did not believe that Ken would help her so kindly. He must have some purpose by saying that.

However, before she knew what Ken wanted to do, she would not say yes to him so easily.

"I just want to cooperate with you and take what we need."

Ken casually threw up his hands and said. He believed that it wasn't a bad deal for Michelle to cooperate with him.

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