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   Chapter 37 The Meeting Between Father and Daughter

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Louisa covered her eyes so that the waitress could hear her.

Hearing Bruce, Louisa felt embarrassed. It was so humiliating. How could she speak ill of others in front of them.

Louisa smiled awkwardly at the waitress, her face turning red.

Bruce didn't want to see her keep embarrassed, so he said to the waiter, "serve all the famous dishes here. Be quick."

The waitress was actually a little upset, for all the guests were distinguished guests here.

No one had said to their faces that the food here was expensive. Even though that was what they thought, no one had said it for the sake of their dignity.

But today, what a freak! She should have said the food here was expensive to their face.

If it weren't for Bruce, she would mock at her.

However, it was Bruce whom they could not afford to offend.

With a triumphant smile, she turned around and left.

After the waitress left, Louisa shouted at Bruce in frustration, "what are you doing? The dishes here are really expensive. Why do you order so much. If you really want to eat something, I can make it for you. Why do you want to eat here? It's really not a good deal. "

Even though the environment here was really good, it was too expensive.

She just wanted to take Bran here to have a taste. If it was really the case, her heart was bleeding.

Although they didn't care about money, why did they want to be wronged.

Besides, even the food made by the chefs here might not be as good as hers.

"You can cook?" Bruce asked in doubt. He didn't look down upon Louisa. It seemed that a person as muddled as Louisa was not suitable to enter the kitchen.

"What's wrong with your eyes? I can cook? When we were in America, I cooked the meal for the three of us. See? I've put them into a beautiful family and brought them up like little princess. Isn't that the best proof? "

Louisa couldn't stand being looked down upon by others, so she was so anxious that she blurted out and didn't even notice that.

Not until she finished speaking did she realize that she had said something wrong when she saw the meaningful look in Bruce's eyes.

She looked at Bruce guiltily, fearing that he would ask about the three people. Because she knew she was not good at lying. Fortunately, Bruce did not ask.

She didn't know if he didn't care or he didn't hear her.

Meanwhile, she felt a little disappointed.

However, she never lost her temper for more than three seconds.

She looked at Bruce with a big smile and threw it behind her.

Looking at Louisa, Bruce shook his head helplessly and said to her meaningfully, "there will be chance. Don't worry."

"What did you say?" She was a little carried away just now. She didn't hear clearly what Bruce said. She saw that Bruce had opened his mouth, so she asked him.

"Nothing. Let's have dinner firs

from casual to ingratiating himself with him. All the people present were sophisticated enough to know that it was because of Louisa.

"Hehe, Dustin, we can make an appointment another day." The smile on Bill's face looked a bit guilty. He didn't expect that Louisa would be so lukewarm towards him.

He was really worried that Louisa failed to pull the rug from under his feet. If that was the case, it would be a huge humiliation for him.

Seeing that Dustin and his fellows left, Bill felt a little embarrassed.

Because they didn't allow him to go in, he didn't dare to. Now not only was it about the issue of Louisa, but also about Bruce.

If he offended Bruce, he would be in real trouble.

Thinking of this, Bill blamed Louisa for making him so embarrassed. He turned to look at Louisa unhappily and found that she was lost in thought.

Before Bill could finish his words, Bill met with a glare from Bruce, who glared at him.

Bill looked at Bruce in horror. This man was really different. Only a glance from him made Bill feel scared.

"Do you have anything else to tell me, Mr.Bill?"

Since Louisa didn't intend to let Bill in, Bruce didn't want him to get in his way.

"No, nothing. I'm worried about you, Louisa. Where have you been for so many years? Why were you so silly back then? "

Bruce understood what his father meant, but he didn't dare to offend Dustin, because Dustin and his men were present.

'If I leave just like that, I will surely become a joke. '. So he looked at Louisa. He knew that her heart was softened.

It was a casual greeting, but it felt like a great honor for her.

Over the years, Bill knew that, but he didn't even give her a simple greeting.

"Father?" She didn't expect that his father would be so concerned about her.

Did it mean that he had forgiven her? She had been wondering whether or not he was still blaming her.

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