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   Chapter 36 Have Dinner Together

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"How about this? I'm going out too. Let me take Miss Yancy to your office."

After hearing what Bruce said, Michelle smiled and then held Louisa's hand in hers.

People who didn't know the truth would think they were good friends. But in fact, it was not like that. She wished that Louisa hadn't died.

"Go to your office with Miss Michelle first. If you still need anything else, go to Bobby and ask him to prepare for you. Wait for me for lunch. Let's go out. "

After hearing what Michelle said, Bruce thought for a while. He really couldn't leave now.

If Louisa left here, he would delay his work and Louisa would get bored.

"Then I'll go out first." Actually, Louisa was not used to the way Bruce treated her now. But when she thought about the fact that Michelle was here, they should dress up as boyfriend and girlfriend.

After hearing that, Bruce gently nodded and then lowered his head to start working.

He didn't even look at Michelle. Michelle looked at Bruce unwillingly.

But she knew Bruce's temper. If she continued to pester her. It would only annoy Bruce, so she had to leave reluctantly.

The moment she closed the door of Bruce's office, the look on her face changed.

But she was not smart enough to notice the change of the expression on her face.

"Miss Michelle, is that my office?"

In one of the office next to Bruce's, Louisa caught a glimpse of Bruce's secretary office.

Bobby was Bruce's secretary, and just now, he said that she used his office.

So she guessed that it must be her office. That was why she asked Michelle.

"I didn't expect you to be so smart? Yes, that's your office. Now you know where to go. "

Hearing what Louisa said, Michelle rolled her eyes at her and pretended to be innocent.

She had been pretending to be innocent in front of Bruce, but now she was working beside his office.

"Yes, yes. Thank you, Miss Michelle. ". I'm going to my office. Bye. "

Of course, Louisa didn't know what was on Michelle's mind. Now she really wanted to go to her office and see what it was like.

It was the first time she worked like a normal person. She enjoyed the feeling of working in a company.

At that time, if not for worrying about Bruce, she would not ask him that she wanted to work at home.

Now that she had worked in the company, of course she was a little excited.

"Yes." It took Michelle a lot of effort to control herself not to tear up Louisa. Now she could show off for a while.

Louisa would cry again in the future. Looking at the back of Louisa, Michelle thought viciously.

Bobby opened the door with fear. Damn it! He didn't know where to work in the company.

"Oh, Mr.Bobby, why are you still here?"

Looking at Bobby who was still sitting inside the room, Louisa asked with a confused look on her face. Usually, Bobby had moved out when Bruce invited Louisa to the office.

"Miss Louisa, I will move out right now. I am going to find my office n


"Do you like it?" In fact, Bruce just asked deliberately. He knew the answer from the smile on her lips.

But even if he knew that Louisa liked here, he still wanted to know the answer from her.

With her eyes squinted, Louisa said to Bruce in a relaxing tone, "of course. How did you know this wonderful place. The environment here is really wonderful. I will definitely take Susie here some other day. "

Actually, what Louisa really wanted to say was that she would take Bran here to have a taste. But she didn't utter these words under the gaze of Bruce.

"The environment is good and the food is delicious here. What would you like to eat? "

After he heard what Louisa said, he looked at her and felt very satisfied, which made him think of a satisfied cat.

Bruce wanted to hold her in his arms and love her very much for what she looked like now.

But he knew if he did so, he would frighten Louisa away. So no matter how difficult it was, he still managed to control himself.

"Can I take back my words now? Let's go somewhere else. "

When she saw several zeros in each dish on the menu, Louisa looked at Bruce sadly.

Bruce was speechless about her decline. He didn't know why she was so unhappy just now.

"Why? Don't you like it very much just now? What's wrong with you now? Why don't you like it? "

He wondered if she didn't like the dishes here. It was not until she read the menu that Louisa began to pull a long face.

"The food here is so expensive. The ordinary fried potatoes cost hundreds of dollars. Why don't they just rob it?"

Bending over the table, Louisa covered her face with the menu and explained to Bruce in a low voice.

She thought that the waitress wouldn't hear what she said, but the smile on the waitress face froze when she heard what Louisa said.

"Ha ha." after hearing that, Bruce couldn't help laughing. He thought that Louisa was so cute in this look. Now he finally knew what kind of person she was.

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