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   Chapter 35 the overbearing man

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On the other side, Michelle was standing in the hall of the company, looking at the right hand of Louisa with furious eyes.

How could Louisa get Bruce's affection? He was hers. No one could take him away from her.

Maybe others didn't know the ring on Louisa finger, but how could she not know it.

It was clearly Bruce's ancestral ring. As long as Louisa wore it, it represented the identity of the hostess of Mu family.

It was a gift from his mother to her daughter-in-law, but now he gave it to Louisa.

She could no longer believe that Bruce was with Louisa just because of the Swan project. If it was only because of the project, there was no need to send such a precious thing.

"Miss Michelle, it's about time for us to get off work."

With a gloating look on Michelle's face, Michelle's eyes turned red because of anger. Anyone who didn't know Michelle would know what kind of person she was?Bella knew.

Although Michelle was gentle and kind in front of others, she often bullied Bella behind them.

As the CEO's wife, she had been ignoring them.

Now, Bruce had proposed to another woman. She must feel very sad.

"Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are?"

Michelle didn't have the time to disguise anymore. Now all she could think about was the relationship between Louisa and Bruce. Michelle said that in a cold voice.

"Miss Michelle, I know you are upset now. What is that Louisa? How can she be compared with you? "

"Now Mr. Bruce must be doing this for the project. When the project was finished, the CEO would come back to you. "

Although Bella didn't like Michelle, she thought she was her boss.

So Bella had to stand out and try her best to win her heart. What's more, she didn't like the hypocritical look on Michelle face, but she hated Louisa more.

If Brucer and Michelle were together, Bella could say nothing. After all, Michelle was Bruce's wife. After all, she had a rich and powerful family background. But now Bruce and Louisa were together. How could she accept this.

"I don't need you to remind me of this. Don't I know what kind of person Bruce is? It's really a joke that he saw this Louisa. If it's not for the project, why did he propose in front of the reporters? "

After hearing what Bella said, Michelle glanced at her indifferently and then answered with disdain.

Even though Bruce had proposed to Louisa, she didn't allow Bella to laugh at her.

Moreover, it was hard to tell who would be the one to be laughed at.

"Yes, Miss Michelle, you are right."

Although Bella didn't think it was a big deal to hear her, she agreed with her.

Just then, Bruce walked into the company hand in hand with Louisa. When they passed by Michelle, Bruce didn't even stop.

As Louisa worked in the same company, she knew Michelle. Moreover, she had to work here from today on. So she nodded slightly to Michelle.

This was kind of a


Bruce caught a glimpse of the look on Louisa's face and could not help feeling frustrated.

It seemed that if he wanted to make this woman really care about him, he would still take a long way. But now in front of Michelle, Bruce didn't show his emotion.

He didn't know how Michelle knew that Louisa was coming back to work, but Bruce coldly refused her.

After hearing what Bruce said, Michelle could not believe that he would say that to her. His tone was full of hostility, and even warned her not to come up to make trouble for Louisa.

Who the hell was Louisa? How could Bruce treat her like this.

Bruce had never said this to her before. It must be something that bitch, Louisa, had said to him.

"Miss Michelle, thank you for your kindness. If I have any problem, I will go downstairs to look for you. I will work in the company again and I need your care. "

At this time, Louisa finally opened her mouth to speak, but what she said almost made Michelle burst out a mouthful of blood.

Just now, Bruce had warned Michelle not to look for trouble with Louisa. But now, Louisa just said that. Was she showing off to her that she could work for Bruce?

Every time Louisa came here, she would pretend that she knew nothing. In fact, she was the one who was worried the most.

How Michelle wished that Louisa wasn't still alive! But she had to maintain her good manners in front of Bruce. The corners of her mouth raised into a stiff smile.

"Okay. As long as you don't find me annoying. "

She had no choice but to smile hypocritically to Louisa. It was all Louisa's fault.

Michelle swore to herself that one day she would let Louisa know who Bruce really was and who would be the one to laugh the end.

"Well, you can go out to work if there is nothing else. Louisa stays here. Later I'll ask Bobby to take you to your office. "

However, Bruce was not interested in what they said at all. He was so busy now.

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