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   Chapter 34 A Grand Proposal

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Hearing the noise, Bruce and Louisa looked upstairs together. Louisa was absolutely speechless.

Even though she was at home, Louisa couldn't bear to look at Susie's ugly face.

"Mr.Bruce?" Finally, Susie saw Bruce sitting on the sofa. Her first reaction was not that she was seen by him, but why he came here.

"Uh huh, Susie, you may go to wash up. You can go downstairs to have breakfast after taking a shower. You look so... "

Looking at the state of unwillingness on Susie's face, Susie seemed to be insensible to this secret, so Louisa had to remind her.

Now her boss was sitting here. Was it good to be seen by her boss with such carefree manner?

Unlike Louisa, Susie earned her living by her beautiful face.

What if Bruce knew about the slovenly dress and didn't want to cooperate with her? Then he thought that Susie might cry at that place.

"Argh!" Thanks to Louisa's reminding.

Susie's noble, cool and elegant image was ruined now. Why didn't Louisa remind her earlier.

Screaming, Susie rushed back to her room. Looking at her messy hair in the mirror, she suddenly regretted.

"This is not what she usually does. Maybe she still in a dream now."

Louisa explained guiltily. Although she wasn't the mess, she still felt guilty about it.

But she couldn't just see Susie lose her job and do nothing about it. After all, she was Susie's best friend.

"Yes, she behaved differently today. But I don't care about it. Have you thought about your work? Don't forget that you are in charge of the Swan project now. "

After listening to Louisa's explanation, Bruce answered indifferently. However, Bruce really didn't care about Susie. As long as Susie could endorse their company, he actually didn't care about the business at all.

All he wanted to know was whether Louisa would go to work or not. He had made a plan, waiting for her.

"Well, I will go to work today. But I need to change my clothes. If Mr.Bruce is in a hurry, you can go to the company first. "

After hearing what Bruce said, even though she was very reluctant, she could not do anything because she was an employee of Mu's Group now. Besides, she got himself involved in this trouble and had to deal with it by herself.

"I'll wait for you here. Go and change your clothes."

In fact, Louisa meant to ask Bruce to leave first. After all, now she haven't considered to enter the company in such an intimate way with him.

However, to everyone's surprise, after hearing this, Bruce answered in this way.

On the other hand, Louisa was confused too. She took a look at Bruce. If it weren't for Bruce's abnormal expression, Louisa would have doubted that he did it on purpose.

"What's wrong? You won't change another cloth. Let's go. "

Bruce couldn't stand Louisa's stare anymore, so he looked up at her and asked.

Then he really stood up and was about to leave, but Louisa stopped him in a hurr

t. Or you will pay for the project. "

The atmosphere froze and the smile on Bruce's face almost froze.

So he threatened Louisa with his lips. Now he didn't know how to make Louisa accept him.

So he could only threaten her with the project. But that was exactly the reason why she was so entangled.

The project was started because of her. If she rejected Bruce's proposal, would it have a bad impact on the project. If this was the case, she would feel so sorry for Bruce.

At last, she had no choice but to nod slightly. In fact, in her heart, she was going to say yes to Bruce's proposal first.

To make him not lose face in front of the reporters, and to tell Bruce in private that she could pretend to be his fiancee and that the relationship would be terminated after the end of the project.

Upon seeing Louisa nod her head, Bruce was thrilled and put a ring on Louisa's finger. Then, in the envious eyes of the journalists, he stood up and took Louisa into his arms.

Louisa had to cooperate with Bruce's action dully. Bruce was really excited, but when he smelled the faint scent of her, he couldn't help but get impulsive.

Bruce supported the Mu family in frustration. People with the same blood type always made them desire.

This had always been a sorrow for Mu family. But luckily, he found this woman.

At least he knew what impulse was. Some members of Mu family didn't know it all their lives.

"Thank you all for today's witness. Now you can go to the company's restaurant. Our company has prepared a little for you."

The reporters were informed that the show was over.

However, they were shocked by the fact that Bruce proposed to Louisa in public.

No one was in the mood to have meal now. What they wanted to do most was to go back and sort out the draft.

Now it was the case that the one who wrote down first got the upper hand. This was a piece of breaking news, and it must be a sensation.

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