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   Chapter 33 The Abduction Plan

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10190

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Hearing that, Bran sighed helplessly. The two of them wanted to talk in private. Could they go back to their bedroom to have a private talk?

Now that they spoke in such a loud voice, it was impossible for him not to hear her.

What made him most helpless was that Louisa didn't get any clue. Now he finally knew what was the so-called being sold and giving the money back to the group.

Now, Louisa was the best representative? She did believe in Susie. But now Bran was interested in his father whom he had never met before.

He guessed that the man who sent Louisa back today was exactly the man mentioned by Susie, Bruce.

Then he must have seen him. No wonder Louisa looked so nervous in the afternoon.

On the other side, Bruce was sitting in his office, looking at his hand with excitement.

It was holding the hand of Louisa in the news conference. After so many years, he finally found that woman.

He thought that he would be like this all his life and have no interest in any woman.

And spend the rest of my life lonely like other members of Mu family. '.

He didn't expect that he would meet the woman who could make him excited six years ago.

What surprised him most was that the baby he saw this afternoon looked exactly like his. So he was pretty sure that the baby must be his.

"Bobby, come in." After thinking for a long time, Bruce remembered what his mother once told him. If he was lucky to meet the girl who attracted him, he would try every means to let her stay with him.

Now that Louisa was here, Bruce certainly wouldn't just stand by and do nothing.

"President." Bobby respectfully stood there and looked at Bruce. Somehow, he felt that his boss was a little different from before.

However, Bobby was so respectful that he didn't even take a look at Bruce.

As a qualified secretary, Bobby was not allowed to pry into the CEO's privacy.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have worked for Bruce for so many years. Even though he was curious about Bruce, Bobby still kept his proper behaviour.

"Ask the reporters to wait at the gate of the company tomorrow. I have an important thing to announce. Clean up an office next to mine and order a bunch of flowers for me tomorrow. "

Said Bruce, totally ignoring Bobby who was in great shock now.

Bobby couldn't keep his mouth shut with every word he said.

What made Bobby worried most was that he was in the office next to the CEO's office. 'Now that boss asked me to clean it up, where could I do my work?' thought Bobby.

"What's wrong? Is there anything wrong? "

Looking at Bobby's unbelievable expression, Bruce asked coldly.

Now, Bobby didn't look like a secretary of the CEO. However, Bruce didn't think that he should say those words to him, because he seldom said such words before.

"No problem." Even if there was a problem, Bobby couldn't say it out loud. Now that their president needed that office, he would just move it.

But he was really curious about whom his boss would use that office.


However, Bruce didn't see the person he wanted to see after looking around. He just looked coldly at Louisa.

He knew why she came in just now without thinking, but Bruce didn't tell her.

He didn't want to push her so hard. What if she couldn't bear it and ran away.

Besides, even if she didn't allow him to see her, it didn't mean that he didn't know his existence.

Looking at the children's tableware on the table, Bruce's cold eyes softened.

He regretted having come so early. He thought Bran would was hungry.

"Mr.Bruce, please sit down. What do you want to tell me, Mr.Bruce? "

Bruce had been looking at the tableware all the time, which made Louisa realize that she didn't clear up the table in such a hurry.

"Can you go to work now? After all, people outside are more concerned about you. If you continue to work at home, don't know people outside will think. I don't think it's a good idea. Can you understand? "

Bruce looked at Louisa seriously. That was exactly why he came here today.

In the past, he thought that Louisa didn't want to work in the company because she had some problem.

She had spent so effort just to avoid him. He would never allow it to happen.

"I know what you mean, Mr.Bruce. I will go to work tomorrow."

Upon hearing this, Louisa immediately got his point. Moreover, she was the one who made trouble.

Bruce had helped her a lot by all means. She didn't want to bring any trouble to him.

"Let's start today. I have an event that needs your cooperation. If you are inconvenience, I'll pick you up at noon. "

So without hesitation, Bruce turned down her request.

He had been ready for this meeting. How could Louisa be absent from the meeting.

"What?" Haven't thought about how to refuse Bruce. He had said so, it would be a bit pretentious if she continued to refuse.

"Louisa, why didn't you wake me up. Do you want to starve me to death? "

Before Louisa could say anything, Susie came out of her room rudely and shouted at Louisa.

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