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   Chapter 32 Exactly The Same

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9481

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Looking at the hesitation on Louisa's face, Bruce knew that he should work harder.

For Louisa's promise, Bruce had to play his trump card, "do you have a better way to minimize the loss of the Swan project. Otherwise, you will pay for the rest of the loss. "

Bruce knew that what Louisa lacked most was money. After all, the Swan project was not an ordinary project. Even a small company couldn't afford to pay for it, let alone Louisa. In this case, Bruce made good use of this fact, even if Louisa said he was despicable.

He still remembered what his mother had told him. When he met that woman, he would keep her at any cost.

He thought he might meet one woman in his life who made him impulsive.

"You..." Louisa didn't expect that Bruce was still threatening her now.

She really didn't know what else to say about this man. But on second thought, this man had such a big project. Of course, she didn't want it to be destroyed because of her. So now, Bruce's requirement was reasonable.

"Well, I promise you. But the premise is that we are only pretending to be a couple. We can't go too far. "

At this moment, she remembered what Bran had told her that she must take good care of herself when she was outside.

She said that to Bruce because she didn't want any man to take advantage of her.

Although Bruce really wanted to put down and love Louisa under his body, he was afraid that she would be scared away, so he could only give up the idea.

"Well, wish us a pleasant cooperation."

Looking at the eyes of Louisa, Bruce nodded with a smile. He didn't want to offend the real Louisa, so he tried his best to pacify the situation first. He believed that not many men dared to bully Louisa who was his girlfriend.

The farce was over in this way. When Bruce sent Louisa back home, he looked at Bran who was standing at the door. He felt that he was in a daze, just like looking in the mirror when he was young.

Because he found that Bran looked exactly like him, which was a replica of him.

Bruce almost firmly believed that Bran was his son on the spot. That absurd night six years ago, Bruce gave birth to such a big boy.

"You should go back first. It is not convenient for us to receive you."

While saying that, she got off the car with a nervous look on her face. She wondered if Bruce had seen Bran. Louisa was worried that Bruce would see Bran and get some information from his look.

The resemblance between Bran and Bruce was obvious enough to indicate their relationship.

Bruce squinted at Louisa who was almost fleeing away. Things were getting more and more interesting.

No wonder she refused him to drive her back since just now. She was worried that he would see the little boy standing there.

But Bruce didn't ask about it now. He would find out the

an that Bruce now allows you to pretend to be his girlfriend?"

Hearing that, Susie looked at Louisa in surprise, if what Louisa said was true. Susie suspected that Bruce had known who Louisa was.

"Yes, he said it was for the Swan project."

Said Louisa helplessly. Speaking of this matter, she felt very helpless. But she had no choice. After all, the thing was caused by her.

"Don't think too much. If he can remember, he should have thought of you as soon as he saw you."

Now that Susie was sure that Bruce had thought of Louisa, who was busy dealing with all kinds of things, would never have time to pretend to be Louisa's boyfriend.

It would be better to fire Louisa directly?

But he chose this way. Did he treat Louisa so well when they met for the first time.

She even agreed that Louisa could work at home. But it turned out that Bruce had already recognized her.

It was just a trap, waiting for Louisa to fall into the arms of the big bad wolf.

Now she had to admit that Bruce was really a scheming man. But he was so scheming that he loved Louisa so much.

"Why do I feel that you are very excited?"

On the other hand, Louisa was worrying about Susie. But Susie seemed to be quite happy about it. Were they really friends?

"Really? I'm happy for you that you finally don't need to be responsible for the Swan project. Do you know the investment of the Swan project? We are even not enough to make her pay for the food, so of course it's a happy thing. "

Susie made up an excuse. Anyway, Louisa would believe whatever she said.

Moreover, Louisa was finally going to marry. Wasn't it a happy thing?

"That much?" She had thought that there was a huge investment in the Swan project.

But she had never thought that it would be so huge. Fortunately, she had promised Brucer's condition. Otherwise, things would be really terrible.

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