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   Chapter 31 Pretending To Be Your Boyfriend

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So Bruce wanted to handle the present with gratitude when he was still reasonable.

So now, Bruce could not believe it.

"Now that everyone knows our relationship, I hope you can stop asking any more questions. Your purpose today is the Swan project. I hope you don't forget the purpose of this trip. "

After finishing his words, Bruce gave a meaningful look at Justina and then dragged Louisa out of the party.

Not until Louisa was taken out of the party did she realize what was going on?

Was it because of her or he just wanted to save the project.

Bobby took over the following conference after he saw that Bruce and Louisa had left.

The affair between Louisa and Bruce was so shocking that the rest of the matter had no interest at all to those reporters.

Standing on one side, Ben watched Bruce go up the stage, watching him step up for the sake of Louisa.

Throughout the conversation, the smile lingered on the corner of Ben's mouth, and even on his face. He was always so calm and elegant, as if this was nothing about him.

Looking at the backs of Bruce and Louisa, Rod seemed to be thinking about something.

As far as he knew, there had not been a single woman around Bruce in so many years. How could Louisa be so popular.

Alina cast a glance at the direction of the door.

But when she noticed that there was a thoughtful look on Rod's face, a gloating look appeared on Alina's face.

Now Rod knew what kind of woman that Louisa was. He would definitely not like her in the future.

At the thought of this, she felt relieved. Then she walked gracefully towards Rod. However, before she approached to Rod, she saw Rod leaving in a hurry.

Alina stamped her foot angrily. Rod must be deliberate. When he saw her coming over, he pretended not to see her and hid himself.

But now, the most depressed person was Michelle. She had found that Bruce treated Louisa differently.

But she didn't expect that Bruce would admit in front of so many people that Louisa was his woman. What did he take her for.

Now she really wanted to kill Louisa. If it weren't for that bitch, how could Bruce treat her like this.

Then Louisa was dragged out of the hall by Bruce. He didn't let go of Louisa's hand until they walked outside.

He was afraid that if he continued to hold it, he would lose control and have sex with Louisa right there.

"Thank you for your help, but I still want to go back and explain it to the reporters. After all, we are just strangers. Our secret will be discovered sooner or later. "

She lowered her head and didn't dare to look into his eyes.

After hearing that, Bruce almost lost his breath. He had done so much, but s

ou hurt me. "

Bruce said while Louisa trying hard to get rid of him. In the end, Louisa had no choice but cried out for pain, because it was really painful.

Hearing that, Bruce released her hand. Wearing a dark face, he just stood there and stared at Louisa. As long as he thought that the woman in front of him had something to do with Brian, he wanted to kill him right away.

"What are you doing? What did I do to you? "

Louisa asked Bruce in bewilderment. How could this man change his attitude so quickly. He was fine just now. But what happened to him now.

"What's your relationship with Brian?" Bruce took the opportunity to ask her. Now that she hadn't asked, he would give her a chance to explain everything.

"I don't know him at all? He is my sister's fiance. It was the woman at the press conference. I've never seen him before. I only saw him in the photo. "

Haven't figured out why Bruce asked this, but she knew that he was very angry now. Therefore, she answered honestly as she didn't want to mess with Bruce.

Hearing that, Bruce looked a little better. Looking at the depressed look on Louisa's face, Bruce believed what she said.

After all, she was an honest girl who wouldn't tell a lie.

"Now let's talk about the Swan project. Your matter has seriously affected our project now."

"So I suggest that we all pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend before the project is completed. It will have the least impact on the project. "

Bruce knew that Louisa disliked him, so he took the project as an excuse. He found that Louisa cared a lot about this project, so he believed that even for this project, she would not refuse his request.

"But..." She didn't want to have anything to do with Bruce. That was why Louisa hesitated after hearing what Bruce said.

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