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   Chapter 30 Uncovered The Scars

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Sitting in the other side who is in charge of this project, Michelle did not expect that such a thing would happen either.

Logically speaking, the company's employees should have stepped out to solve the problem for Louisa. But when they thought of Bruce's abnormal attitude to Louisa.

Michelle just stood there and watched Louisa quietly. Justina's questioning made Louisa face even paler. Seeing Louisa now, Michelle actually felt very happy.

At this time, Justina winked at the reporters around her, and then the reporter stood up proudly and said to Louisa, "since Miss Yancy doesn't want to say, let me speak for her. Isn't Miss Yancy's original name still Louisa? She had a love affair with a strange man six years ago, which stirred up quite a stir in Miss Yancy's school. "

Of course, it was Justina who told all this to the journalist. Otherwise, how could he know what happened to Yancy in the past.

Louisa looked at Justina incredulously, wondering why she was here.

He even wondered how Justina could treat her like this in front of so many people. If it were not for Justina and Nora who had plotted against her back then.

It was impossible for her to get pregnant and give up her dream. Now she finally got over the pain, she didn't expect that the people who uncovered her scar for the first time were actually Justina and Nora.

"Justina, why did you do this to me?"

Louisa asked incredulously. She couldn't hear others at all.

He could only think of one explanation: Why did Christina and Nelson treat her that way.

She had taken good care of them over the years, and even when Nora beat and scolded her, she never told her father.

It was just because they were family and she didn't want them to be at odds with each other because of her.

But she had never expected that Nora and Justina would treat her like this. After all, it was over now.

But now why did Justina embarrass her in front of so many people? Louisa couldn't understand at all.

Sitting on the couch and looking at Louisa's sad face, Susie almost couldn't help but stand up and help her.

But as Susie was about to stand up, she was stopped by Bobby.

"It's very chaotic now. You'd better not cause more troubles. Now Mr. Bruce is here. Nothing will happen. "

Bobby knew that the person in front of him was not just Louisa for Bruce, so he believed that there wouldn't be something wrong with Louisa.

But Susie's mood was different from Bobby's. she knew that what happened six years ago was always a wound to Louisa.

Now that Justina showed Louisa wound in front of everyone, she would surely be unable to bear it.

Looking at Louisa's pale face, Susie really wanted to slap Justina.

If it weren't for her, Louisa would have gone to another place. Now she was talking the nonsense here, revealing the scar left in Louisa.

"Let go of me! You know nothing. You seemed to know nothing here. Didn't you see that Louisa's face turned pale? If something does happen to her, I'll tell you that I'm not done with your company. "

Susie tried to free herself from Bobby. But because of the big difference in strength between the man and the woman, she could not break away.

However, Bruce heard the conversation between Susie and Bobby. He was shocked too.

'This young lady named Louisa should have such a past.'

No wonder when the reporter asked her who she was, Louisa's face darkened.

"Do you mean that the Swan project means nobility, beauty and elegance without any pollution?"

Scornfully, Justina looked at the pale faced Louisa on the stage, even if six years had passed.

Even though Louisa had become the world famous designer, she still couldn't beat Justina.

By now, she had got no chance to figure out what was going on here. All she had to do was to push harder and make sure that Louisa would be utterly discredited.

Unexpectedly, after hearing what Justina said, Bruce and Michelle stood up together and answered, "of course."

Michelle looked at Bruce in surprise. She did not expect him to stand up and answer her question.

However, Bruce didn't look at her. He just walked on the stage. Standing next to Louisa, Bruce smelled her familiar smell.

In the past few days, his nose was almost recovered because of a car accident. Although he was still unable to tell whether that woman was the one he was looking for by her smell.

But he could smell generally so he just felt that the smell of her was a little familiar.

"If so, may I ask a unmarried pregnant woman. She gave birth to a man who even didn't know who his father was. Didn't this woman's design tarnish the project? "

A triumphant smile was plastered on Justina's face as she looked at Bruce.

As long as she worked harder, Bruce would think that Louisa was a dirty woman and then let Louisa go o

n the spot.

In that case, even the designer of the famous Louisa would be discredited.

Thinking of that, the evil smile on Justina's face became bigger and bigger. She had almost seen that Louisa had been discredited.

Louisa just looked at Justina incredulously and couldn't even say anything to refute her.

Because what Justina said was true, Louisa really didn't know how to refute.

"If you really tell the reporters the truth, she doesn't deserve to be the designer of the project."

Unexpectedly, after hearing what Justina said, Bruce agreed with her.

This shocked Louisa. She turned around and looked at Bruce. How could this man do this to her. 'even if he doesn't help me, he shouldn't add insult to injury, ' she thought.

At the same time, Susie was extremely angry. Who the hell was this Bruce? How could he treat Louisa like this.

Maybe that irresponsible man was himself. And now he was even saying that he hadn't slept with Louisa.

"Miss Yancy, what else do you want to say?"

Justina looked at Louisa complacently. She would be discredited for not being able to see Louisa here.

Because what Bruce said indirectly acknowledged that Louisa was not qualified to be the person in charge of this project.

Looking at Justina's complacent face, Bruce said calmly, "I haven't finished my words yet. This reporter seems to be a little anxious."

"I mean, if she really hasn't been qualified to be the designer of our project. But I don't mean Miss Yancy. "

The Swan project was a project that their company invested a lot of money on. How could Bruce allow a small journalist to ruin it.

"Mr.Bruce, what do you mean?" Justina looked at Bruce confusedly. She had made herself clear just now.

Why didn't she understand.

"Louisa is my fiancee. There are some misunderstandings between us. We just separated for some time. The reason why we haven't made our relationship known to the public is that I've been seeking for her forgiveness. "

In front of so many people, Bruce suddenly shouted to the reporters present, holding Louisa's hand as if he was making a vow.

Everyone present was shocked by this fact, but the one who was really shocked was Bruce.

When his hand touched Louisa's hand, Bruce felt a primitive impulse, which sent him to tremble all over.

His blood was boiling and the burning sensation almost exhausted him.

It had never occurred to Bruce that the person he had been looking for so many years was now standing beside him.

'Do I have a familiar feeling towards Louisa.

To Louisa's surprise, Bruce said something like that.

However, Louisa didn't think about it in any other way. She just thought that Bruce didn't want this project to be tarnished, so he said so.

Even so, she was still very grateful to him for helping her when she was in her hardest time.

On the other side, after hearing what Bruce said, Michelle looked maliciously at their hands. She wished she could go upstairs and slap Louisa now.

But Michelle knew she couldn't do this now, otherwise Bruce would be angry.

Hearing what Bruce said, Susie finally calmed down.

She looked at them in shock, though she had long suspected that Bruce was Bran's biological father.

But she didn't expect that Bruce would admit it in front of so many people. He was a little conscientious.

But she had to admit that Bruce looked so handsome just now. She almost screamed out. Bobby breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Susie finally calmed down.

Now it was very chaotic. If Susie continued to cause more trouble, he would be extremely angry.

But he didn't know that the relationship between his boss and Louisa still existed in the past. Did his boss actually treat Louisa so differently.

People under the stage were all shocked. They didn't expect to get such a shocking news today.

On the other hand, Justina was not reconciled to hear that. She looked at Louisa and thought, 'how could this bitch get such a good man?.

She has been better than me since childhood. I finally managed to get her out of here.

Since she had become the real lady of Xia family, why did this bitch come back. She became one of the world famous designers, and most importantly, the wife of Bruce'.

"Thank you." "Thank you for saving me.". No matter what, she had to thank him for helping her.

"Damn it! Don't move!" It took Bruce a lot of effort to control himself from losing control of his body. However, for fear of being heard by others, Louisa deliberately approached Bruce.

Because Louisa was so close to him, he could smell the familiar smell.

Bruce couldn't help but hug and kiss her. He took a deep breath and tried to restrain his impulse.

He knew that it was just temporary. His desire for Louisa came from the deep blood, and he could not stop it at all.

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