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   Chapter 29 The Press Conference

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When the two ladies showed up in the press conference, many reporters were already there waiting for them.

There were so many reporters on the street. Louisa couldn't help but think that Mu's Group was really generous.

"Susie, come here." Her agent waved to them, and they went to his side.

"Let's get changed first. Those reporters over there are waiting to interview you,"

This was the plan. Before the press conference, Susie was interviewed by those reporters to advertise for their company.

So when her agent saw her, he immediately took her to get changed. Only Louisa stood there alone.

Looking at the lively scene in front of her, Louisa suddenly felt a little restless. She had seldom been to such lively, so she didn't know what to do now.

On the other side, Bruce was sitting calmly there waiting for the beginning of the press conference. He had already noticed that Louisa was still standing at the door.

He had to admit that he had never seen that look on her face. She was so pure and innocent.

Today Louisa just like a midnight enchantress, breathtaking.

Bruce thought he must be crazy to follow the figure of Louisa.

Luckily, it didn't take a long time for Susie to get changed and she came out soon.

"Why are you still standing here? Go and see if there is someone you like. I'll introduce him to you. "

She was displeased to see Louisa, who had been pretending to be a wooden man. She came here not only to attend the press conference, but also get Louisa to be married.

"You, Susie, do you know what day it is today. I warn you not to mess around. Otherwise, I won't let you go! "

Louisa could hardly believe her ears. She couldn't figure out what Susie was thinking in her mind. They were here to work today. How could Susie think about such things.

"Susie's there." Someone among the reporters shouted, and then these reporters all ran toward Susie.

As if Susie wanted to say something to refute Louisa, the reporters' words brought a triumphant smile to her face. Susie made her way to the reporters. Soon she was surrounded.

"Susie, what do you plan to do with Mu's Group in the first place?"

"What do you think about the cooperation between you and Mu's Group?"

The questions were asked one by one. The reporters were so desperate for their first-hand information.

Before Louisa went into the dorm, the reporters had pushed her around. She had no choice but to walk around with those reporters as she was wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes today.

As a result, she was hit by the countless reporters.

But Susie was too busy to care about Louisa. Just before Louisa fell to the ground, she fell into someone's arms.

Before she could finish her sentence, she looked up at the person she hadn't expected to see. She couldn't believe her eyes. But she pinched her face so hard that it hurt.

"Are you all right?" Looking at the quick movement of Louisa, it seemed that she was very nervous. Was this woman sure it was just a dream?

"It's really you, Mr. Ouyang. We meet again."

"Rod, we are finally meet again!".

After hearing what Louisa said, with a bit difficulty, he said to her, "Miss Yancy, can we stand up first?"

She was all in the arms of Rod, so it was a little difficult for him to support her.

"Sorry, I forgot."

It was too late for her to realize that she was still in the arms of Rod until she heard the word "Rod". Blushed, she got out of the embrace of Rod.

It was the first time that she had felt so humiliated.

On the other side, Bruce clenched his fists and thought, 'how did that damn woman get to know Rod?'. And they seemed to know each other very well, which made Bruce very unhappy.

However, Bruce had absolutely no idea of his feelings as the outsider of the matter -- Louisaand Rod.

She didn't expect to meet Rod here. She just thought that she had even met Rod for one time when she was embarrassed.

"How are you doing here, Miss Yancy?"

Looking at Louisa, there was a smile on the corner of his mouth. No matter what she thought, he tried to pretend to be a good person in front of Louisa.

"Just so so. Although I work in Mu's Group now, I work at home most of the time. So life is still the same as before. It's just a little busier than before. "

Hearing the word "work" from the name of Rod, Louisa had a guilty look on her face.

It reminded her of the fact that she had promised to work in their company, but now she was working here. She felt very sorry for Rod.

"Then I can rest assured. If you have any difficulty, you can come straight to me."

Hearing what Louisa said, there was a trace of disappointment on Rod face. It seemed that he was very disappointed with her answer.

She kept her head down so she didn't see the look on Rod's fac


While on the other side, Alina, who had been watching the performance of Rod, was looking at it. Alina's heart was beating wildly. She even had the fans in the game.

Although she is now the fiancee of Rod, she knew in her heart that the reason why Rod promised to get engaged to her was mainly because of the power of Mu's Group.

They used to be very casual with each other, but now it was different.

There was a flash of disappointment on Rod's face, which Alina had noticed. What the hell is that bitch? How dare she get the favor of Rod.

Bobby suddenly came to Louisa's side and told her, "Miss Yancy, the press conference has begun. Please go up the stage. Everyone is waiting for you. "

"Okay, I see. I'll be there soon. "

In fact, she meant to apologize for the work to Rod, but everyone was waiting for her.

She gave up the thought and said yes. Then she turned around and said apologetically to Rod, "I'm sorry, Mr.Rod. I have to go to work now. Let's have dinner together when we have spare time. "

Louisa felt that she broke her promise for no reason and it was not an honest thing.

It was really not a simple thing that Rod not only didn't hold her accountable, but promised her to break the contract.

Therefore, she thought she should invite Rod to dinner as an apology.

That's why she said those words to Rod before she left. But after she finished her words, there was a smirk on the corner of Rod's mouth.

But before Louisa could figure out what was going on, she was taken away by Bobby.

Rod gave a meaningful look at the back of Louisa. But in Alina's eyes, Rod was unwilling to let Yancy go.

Alina stood there, grinding her teeth. She wouldn't let go of Yancy. What the crowd did not notice was that since the Louisa came in, there were a pair of evil eyes looking at her.

When Bruce saw that Louisa sat down next to him, he said to Bobby, "okay. You can begin now. "

After receiving the order of Bruce, Bobby went to the stage and said to the reporters, "thank you all for taking time to join the press conference of the Swan project even though you are so busy. I'm Bobby, secretary of the president of Mu's Group. Now, let's applause for our president, and then personally introduce the Swan project to us. "

After Bobby finished his words, he stood still and applauded. Bruce stood up from his seat, tidied his clothes and then walked up to the stage.

"Thank you for your participation. The Swan project is our company's big news today. The project was called swan. Swan meant that the living environment was elegant and noble, which brought excellent enjoyment to the neighbors. Let's play the virtual images of our company, please. "

The virtual image was integrated with the surroundings of the design by the computer, making the audience put into the real environment.

With the good location of the real estate and the unique indoor design of Louisa, the house estate received much attention from the outside.

When all this was over, the people present could not help but applaud. 'Wow, a work from Mu's Group! They did make me want to buy it!'.

"This is our the Swan project. If you don't understand anything, you can ask as much as you can. Our designers will give you the answers one by one. Now please welcome our designer Yancy. "

After finishing his words, Bruce left the platform. Yancy didn't prepare anything. She thought she just came to the press conference to show off.

She didn't expect to take it to the stage, so she didn't know how to react.

It was not until Susie, who was sitting on the other side of Louisa, dragged her that she came back to her senses.

"Behave well. Don't be nervous." Bruce, who came across her on the stage, walked past her and whispered to her.

Not knowing why, Louisa, who was a little nervous earlier, was no longer nervous after hearing what Bruce said.

With a broad smile, she went on the stage.

"Is this the world famous night Weiyang designer? You look so young! "

Those reporters looked at him in shock.

Although they had got an interview about Louisa, they were still surprised when she really stood in front of them.

Louisa looked too young. Even if she wore a sexy dress on purpose today, she still looked very young.

"I heard that Miss Yancy works here. Could you tell us what happened to you before?"

Justina had got a reporter's card from somewhere and was surrounded by reporters, so Louisa hadn't seen her.

Now seeing that Louisa was not bothered by the flashlight, Justina could no longer restrain the anger of jealousy. She stood up and asked Louisa. When Louisa saw clearly who the person was, her face turned pale.

"Why can't you tell me?"

Justina looked complacently at Louisa's pale face. This woman finally knew scared now.

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