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   Chapter 28 An Evil Plan Was Born

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"Never mind. I think you'd better not look for it. I'm not interested now. You can go back now. "

He really didn't know what was going on in her mind. If he let her keep on looking for it, he didn't know whether she could find it in the evening.

"Really? But I left it here already. " Even though Bruce didn't want to see it now, she had to find such an important thing.

Before she stood up, Bruce saw a folder on the ground. He walked to the desk leisurely and picked up a file on the ground.

"Are you looking for this?" Bruce put the folder in front of Louisa. Seeing that she had raised the folder in front of him, Louisa stood up with a smile.

"That's it. Where did you find it? I've been looking for it for a long time, but I still can't find it. "

At the same time, she was happy to see the folder in her hands. It was lucky that she did not lose it, otherwise Bran would blame her again when she came back home.

He really wanted to tell her that it was around, but she didn't see it.

But looking at the happy look on Louisa's face, Bruce really didn't have the heart to hurt her feelings. He took the file from Louisa's hand and walked to his desk.

Looking at this, Bruce was really surprised. In the past, he only heard the name of Louisa. But he had never seen any of her works. What's more, his impression of her had always been confused.

It never occurred to him that she would be able to do this. Even though he wasn't a professional designer.

But as the inheritor of the family, there was nothing he couldn't do.

So, even though these design drawings were not completely developed, he could almost imagine what kind of clothes they were.

"Not bad. I didn't expect you to make such a work."

He looked at Louisa with admiration. In fact, he just wanted to give her a compliment on purpose. But he didn't know how he ended up like this. This was the first time that Bruce had praised someone.

But when she heard Bruce, she was confused. What did he mean. Did he never believe that she could do it?

It seemed that Louisa was a very nice person, but what she couldn't stand most was that others doubted her ability.

So, after hearing what Bruce said, she was furious. "I don't know what you mean, Mr.Bruce. If you think I'm not competent for this job, you can ask someone else."

Hearing what Louisa said, Bruce looked up at her. Seeing her angry face, he thought she was cute.

Annoyed, Bruce thought he must be crazy to think Louiss was lovely.

"Miss Yancy, I think you should remember our contract. I don't want to hear that again. Three days later, the press conference of the Swan project was started, and Miss Yancy was hoped to be there on time. If there is nothing else, Miss Yancy can go back to work. "

Bruce had to admit that he didn't hate Louisa, but that didn't mean that she could act so wantonly in front of him. Bruce was very unhappy to see Louisa. He asked her to leave with a cold face.

"Humph!" With a snort, she turned around and left the office with her stuff.

At the door of Bruce's office, she met Bobby who just came to deliver some files to Bruce. Bobby looked at the angry look on Louisa's face and politely asked, "Miss Yancy, have you finished the interview?"

Bobby knew that the interview was over, but he didn't come out until now.

It seemed that Mr. Bruce really treated Louisa differently. But he shouldn't ask her about this, so he turned to an indifferent topic.

"It's over. I'll go first."

She was not in the mood yet, thinking that Bruce could change his mind so quickly. People said that women were always fast on the edge of falling out with each other, but Bruce was faster than women.

"Miss Yancy, are you angry?" Bobby couldn't help but ask as he saw Louisa'face. Because he could see from her face that she was very angry now.

"What's wrong with your CEO? I can't afford to offend him and I have to stay away from him."

After finishing these words, Louisa turned around and walked into the elevator, leaving Bobby standing there in a trance. Bobby wondered what he had done that annoyed her.

In the office, Bruce picked up a wallet from the ground and opened it. It was Louisa's ID card. Looking at the ID card of Louisa, Bruce thought that she only got a stage name.

Bruce put Louisa's wallet in his pocket with a smile. He believed that Louisa would come back to find this. To his disappointment, by the time he got off work, he didn't see the Louisa's face.

He had no choice but to put her wallet in a drawer. Now that she had lost her wallet, she had no choice but to call that driver of the morning.

To the driver's intense gaze, Louisa unwillingly got into the taxi.

After returning home, of course, she was blamed by Bran. While listening to Bran, she thought that her wallet must have

left in the office of Bruce.

But even so, she would not go back to look for it. At the worst, she could give it up.

The next day, as expected, the Fashion Icon released an interview to them. Louisa would not take up such a large page.

But what's more, Bruce was on that interview with Louisa. So this page was a bit striking.

While reading the magazine in her hand, Justina's face turned more and more gloomy. Why this bitch sat next to that man like God and became a famous designer.

"Justina, what's wrong?" When Nora went downstairs, she saw Justina sitting there with a long face and looked at her with a puzzled face.

"Mom, the bitch is really Yancy. She hasn't been admitted by Glory's group, but now she is the chief designer of Mu's Group. "

Why should I sit next to that man like God? And shouldn't she live a life worse than that of a dog and a pig now?

After hearing Nora's voice, Justina threw a magazine in her hand on the table and complained to Nora fiercely. Moreover, what she said was so vicious that after hearing what Justina said, Nora's face changed.

Then she picked up the magazine. When she saw the interview which hasn't been completed yet, she began to pull a long face.

"I really underestimated this bitch. I didn't expect her to have means. I shouldn't have let her go abroad if I knew this. I should have let her live a mocking life at home. "

For the first time, Nora regretted that she didn't ask her to stay here. Would it be the case if she hadn't fallen in love with each other? Would she live the life of being laughed at.

"What should we do now? Mu's Group's project was called Swan. Swan meant that the living environment was elegant and noble, and it brought the best enjoyment to the neighbors. I have an idea. "

Thinking of that evil plan, Justina's mouth twisted in a malicious smile.

"What's on your mind?" Shee knew her daughter very well. Justina was as clever as Nora. Judging from Justina's expression, she knew that Justina must have a way to deal with Louisa in her heart.

"We have to do like this, just like in the conference..."

Justina whispered her plan to Nora. After listening to her plan, Nora's smile grew bigger and bigger.

"Good, it's really good. You're indeed my daughter. How could you come up with such an idea? "

After hearing Justina's words, Nora looked at her with admiration on her face. Even though Louisa had become a world famous designer, she couldn't escape from them.

The plan was settled in this way, and three days passed quickly. Today was the press conference of the start-up ceremony of the Swan project, and Susie came back early. In order to prepare for today's press conference, all the work was suspended.

"You are still a tortoise, aren't you? Why are you so late? "

Standing in front of the fitting room, Susie shouted to Louisa. Louisa had been in the operating room for more than an hour. She just needed to change her clothes.

"I'd better change my clothes. I just don't get used to wearing it. "

Louisa looked at herself in the mirror and felt very embarrassed. How could she be spread to the public like this? This Susie had gone too far.

"It's specially made for you. It's very expensive. Besides, Louisa, you are a six-year-old boy's mother. Can you change your dressing style. People who don't know you would think you are a university student. Can you stop pretending to be young? "

But how could she allow Louisa to get changed. But Louisa was still one of the big names of the party, so Susie wanted to give her a good time today.

Finding a father for Bran as soon as possible. Even though Louisa had never talked about her love for so many years.

But Susie was aware that what happened six years ago was not a good thing for Louisa. So the best way to help her was to start a new relationship.

"You are the one who is pretending to be young? I am very young and beautiful, okay? "

As expected, after hearing the words of Susie, Louisa walked out of the dressing room angrily. Susie looked at Louisa with amazement.

The suit Louisa was wearing now fitted her well. She looked like a temptress at midnight.

It was so beautiful that she almost forgot to breath. Thinking that Louisa would be the focus of everyone's attention today.

"Alright, alright. You are young. Can we leave now? It's not good if we are late. "

Before Louisa could respond, Susie dragged her out.

Bran looked sympathetically at Louisa. He knew that Susie wouldn't tell a lie.

He knew what was on Susie's mind, but he couldn't tell Louisa that he would get into trouble.

In that case, Bran could do nothing but pray in his heart that Louisa had left.

Bruce and Ken would be there too. If one of them was his father, Bran believed that they wouldn't put Louisa in danger.

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