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   Chapter 25 An Unexpected Call

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Bruce was rendered speechless. He didn't know that Louisa was such a sharp tongued girl before.

However, when he thought that Louisa was still a little angry, he felt it very interesting. It was the first time that he was so interested in a woman.

Although his nose was injured and he couldn't smell whether the woman's smell was from the woman he was looking for.

But since very few women could arouse his interest, how could he not be interested in the difficult one now.

When he thought of this, the corners of his mouth slightly raised. Bobby, who was standing there waiting for the report, rubbed his eyes in disbelief. He thought that he had not seen it wrong that their CEO was smiling.

It was going to rain. Their serious boss was smiling now. At the thought of this, Bobby really wanted to go out to have a look, because he felt that the sun was rising in the west today.

"I feel relieved to see you work so hard, but I still call to check your work from time to time. This is my number. Keep it in mind. "

Actually, Bruce's original plan was to make Louisa remember his phone number and come up with such a high sounding reason. He really lived up to the reputation of a sly old fox.

"Okay." Louisa didn't feel anything wrong. It was normal for a person to check her job who was paying her salary.

To her surprise, as the CEO of Mu's Group, Bruce handled hundreds of thousands of work every day. He didn't need to solve such a trifle himself.

"By the way. There will be a journalist interview tomorrow. You need to come to the company. Come to my office and accept the interview. "

Before Louisa thought he was about to hang up, she suddenly heard an breaking news.

It was indeed a piece of shocking news for her, because she had been back for such a long time.

She really didn't plan to let too many people know that she had come back. But if she accepted this interview, it would be possible that many people would recognize her.

"What did you say? Interview? " Now, Louisa liked to think that she had misheard and that Bruce was not talking about an interview. In that case, she wouldn't have to find a reason to refuse the interview.

"Of course. Don't you want to do the interview? "

There were reasons why Bruce asked this question. He could hear from Louisa's tone that she was very unhappy with this matter.

"Of course not. That's not what I meant. I'm just a designer. What kind of interview am I going to accept? It's so embarrassing. "

Before she could finish her words, she refused his offer. But then she realized that she might have said something inappropriate. So she fawned over him and explained, hoping that he would let it go.

"Really? But unfortunately, that reporter just pointed to interview you. Don't bargain with me. You will be doomed if I don't see you in my office tomorrow. "

Then, Bruce hung up the phone, giving no chance for Louisa to say anything. Louisa looked at her phone with a sad face, itching to spit on it.

"What's wrong? Dumbfounded? " When Bran pushed the door open from the outside, he saw Louisa staring at her phone, as if she had been struck by lightning. The dreadful look in her eyes gave Bran an illusion that she was not holding her cell phone but the enemy of her.

"Bran, it's so kind of you to come here. There is an uncle who bullied me all the time. I'm really angry. Help me teach him a lesson. "

Upon hearing Bran's voice, Louisa threw away her cell phone. She held Bran in her arms and complained unhappily.

She didn't feel a little embarrassed. After all, it wasn't the first time that such a thing happened.

Brian had been used to this. Now that he couldn't get rid of Louisa's hug, he could do nothing but let her hold him.

"That's enough. Don't think that I didn't say anything and agreed. Let go of me consciously. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude to you. "

After a while, there was no sign that Louisa would let go of Bran, so Brian was still annoyed and warned Louisa. She was becoming more and more unreasonable. No mother would seek comfort from her son when she was wronged.

Now he felt as if he was keeping her, not Louisa. Luckily, Susie had gone out to work today, otherwise she would look down upon Louisa.

"Bran, you're not cute at all. I have been bullied by others, but you still treat me like this. Are you really my son? "

Not willing to give up, she finally let go of Bran. Every time Bran spoke in this way, he always warned her with such a tone before he got angry.

But if Bran really got angry, he would be very terrible. Therefore, even though Louisa was very reluctant to let go of Bran, she let go of him unwillingly.

Hearing that, Bran could not help but roll his eyes at her. He said, "come on, I haven't come to know you yet."

If someone really bullied her, she would not tell him. She would only find a place to h

ide and cry alone.

So now, looking at Louisa's angry face, Bran did not believe that she was really bullied.

"Bran, it's true. My boss asked me to have an interview tomorrow. Didn't he know? I never accept any interview. I even hung up the phone before I could speak. "

Seeing the incredulous look on Bran's face, Louisa explained anxiously.

It was impossible for Bran to believe her. Thinking of the condescending tone of Bruce, Louisa wanted to slap him in the face.

"That's your job. So he didn't bully you at all. What's more, you have been interviewed. What are you afraid of? "

Speaking of this, Bran squinted dangerously at her. Was she worried that his father would see her. If according to what Susie had said, Bran must have a father in Bruce or Ken.

Now his mother had met him, but he didn't seem to know her at all. Was that Ken his father.

As her secrets were exposed by Bran, Louisa retorted guiltily, "who is afraid? I just don't want so many people to see me. "

But what she didn't know was that her tone of speaking had already betrayed her, and after listening to Louisa's words, Bran allowed her to accept an interview more.

"Why are you going to accept an interview in this case? You are actually publicity the project. This is also a favor for Aunt Susie. Don't you think so? "

Bran said indifferently as he walked outside after taking a glance at her.

It seemed to be a common thing, but Bran knew that for the sake of Susie, Louisa would go for it even though she was unwilling.

Even though she didn't like doing that, yet she had to admit that what Bran said made sense.

So she had to hold back her fear and said weakly, "although I said so, I'll go."

Hearing that, a smile of triumph appeared at the corners of Bran's mouth. He had foreseen such a result.

In the evening, Susie didn't come back, either, because she had been out to take photos for several days.

Susie spent the night in the hotel. After Louisa made a call to her and informed her of this, Susie of course agreed without hesitation.

Susie clan had helped her a lot before she had become famous. Now she was back. It was time for her to show off to those who looked down upon her.

She was not a weakling. She could live well even without them.

Susie hung up the phone after she reminded Louisa to dress herself up.

The next morning, before Louisa could get up, Bran dragged her out of bed. She stared at a chicken nest in a daze, wondering why Bran dragged her up so early in the morning.

"Bran, I'm really sleepy. Please let go of me and let me sleep a little longer. I went to bed very late last night. Can you do me a favor? "

Louisa fell on her pillow again. It was only a few o'clock. She got up in a hurry. She had only slept for less than three hours and now she was really sleepy.

"Have you forgotten what day it is today? Last night, you stayed up late. Can't you just work at day and go to bed at night? You are not a night owl. You always sleep during the daytime when you are working. "

Bran shouted angrily at her on the bed, though his words were not sweet.

She could feel that Bran's concern for her. It was not good for her health to have a check-up day and night.

Since she hadn't gone to work, Bran had moved into his room to take a good rest.

So he had no idea that Louisa stayed up last night. If she didn't say that, Brian wouldn't have known that.

"I got some inspiration tonight. What day did you say today?"

Sitting on the bed, Louisa looked at Bran and asked. She couldn't remember today was an important day and what the hell was this Bran doing.

"Didn't your boss ask you to accept an interview in the company today?"

Looking at her, Bran knew that she must have forgotten about it.

As he expected, the following response of Louisa successfully proved Bran's guess. She said, "Damn it, Bran, why don't you tell me earlier. If I am late, I will be as dead as good. "

She shrank her neck thinking of the scene that Bruce said yesterday that if she couldn't see him in the office today, she would be done.

Then there was a frenzy of cheers and thugs. Bran, black faced, looked at her clothes flying in the air and knew it would be like this.

Ten minutes later, Louisa with a suitable Chanel water blue dress emerged in front of Bran.

The yellow clothes brought out the beauty of Louisa, which made her look like an angel.

However, if Louisa didn't open her mouth, those photos wouldn't be blurted out.

"Bran, where is my design drawing last night? Where are my high heels? Where is my bag? "

Louisa was in a hurry to look for her belongings, but she couldn't find them all after a long time.

Bran sighed helplessly. He picked up his bag from the sofa, which he had already packed, picked up the high heels that hadn't been left yet, walked to her and put them in front of her.

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