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   Chapter 24 A Strange Bruce

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Bobby broke out in a cold sweat. His boss was really angry this time.

But why did he find jealousy in their CEO's voice? Did their CEO like Yancy.

Bobby broke out in a cold sweat at the thought of it. He wished he could disappear at once. Seeing that nobody was here, he quickly excused himself, "Miss Yancy, I'm sorry that I have to go now."

If he didn't leave right now, he would make his boss look at him with fury. It was the first time that he had seen his boss act so rude.

"Thank you, Bobby. You can go back to your work now. We can talk about it later. "

She had no idea of Bobby's plan. ·' Now that his boss urged him, he must have some important work to deal with, ' she speculated.

She didn't want to bother them, but thanks to Bobby, she had to express her thanks.

"It's very kind of you, Miss Yancy. Don't take it to heart."

Bobby summoned up his courage and ran away after he finished his words. Because he didn't want their CEO to misunderstand him. Otherwise he would be doomed.

Seeing Bobby leave, Louisa still wondered why he left in such a hurry.

Even if they have important work, shouldn't he go with his boss?

Can't he see his boss standing here?

She decided to go home and think it over. Although she did not say it just now, many of her opinions were different from · Michelle.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but frown.

As Louisa shook her head and left, Bruce's face was hard to describe.

This damn woman was laughing and talking with Bobby just now. How could she not see him standing here?

Was she blind or something? Didn't this woman realize that he was her boss now?

Even if she didn't want to please him, at least she should have greeted him. For the first time in his life, he was ignored like this.

Louisa didn't know what was on Bruce's mind, so he just stopped a car and went away.

Bobby watched Yancy leave and said to Bruce in fear, "Mr. Bruce, it's almost time for the appointment."

In fact, he really didn't want to talk to his boss now, because he was afraid that he would be used as cannon fodder. But what could he do? It was his job.

After hearing Bobby's words, Bruce gave him a cold look, snorted, turned around and left. Bobby stood there alone, feeling like weeping but had no tears.

what did I do wrong? I should have let Yancy fall on the ground, ' he thought.

On the other side, in Xia's Villa, Justina was sitting on the sofa, seeming morose.

She looked like that she had suffered a lot of grievances. With a smile on Nora's lips, She looked at her precious daughter and asked, "Justina, what's wrong with you? Who displeased you? "

Since the miscarriage of Xia family, they were the mother and daughter of here now. Moreover, Justina had become the apple of her eye.

"What do you think, Mommy? Didn't you tell me that Louisa has come back? What's more, she was admitted by Glory's group. In the past few days, I have been waiting for her at the gate of Glory's group every day, but I didn't see her. "

Speaking of this, Justina couldn't help feeling depressed. Who the hell was that Louisa.

Now Louisa should live a life as terrible as that of a dog and a pig, and why was she admitted by the Glory's group.

After hearing what Justina said, Nora looked at her with indulgence in her eyes and said with a smile, "you silly girl, why did you go to find that bitch? Even if she is admitted by the Glory's group. So what? As long as she doesn't come back, we have nothing to do with her. "

What Nora worried most was that the property could be owned by Louisa She had been waiting for a few days but Louisa did not come back. She was finally relieved that she didn't think too much.

But she didn't expect that Justina really found Louisa After hearing Justina's words, Nora had a guess.

"Do you mean that you have been waiting for Louisa at Glory's group these days, but you didn't see her?" If so, it means that Louisa has not been enrolled by the company.

Last time, what they said was just to deceive her. Did she think that Louisa was so capable.

"Yes. I wait there every day. Look at my skin! "

Justina didn't know what was on Nora's mind, but she was still complaining about the injustice she had suffered.

Justina didn't see Louisa in person when she was most angry, let alone taunt Louisa.

"Oh, I get it. Maybe they didn't use her for the sake of Glory's group. They said those words only to annoy me. I've been wondering what the famous star of ·Louisa· is. She is just a loser. "

Hearing Justina's complaints, for the first time, Nora did not get angry. Instead, she looked at Justina with a smile. It was the best news for her to know that Louisa had not been admitted by Glory's group.

After listening to Nora's words, Justina asked her with a happy face, "Mom, is what you said true? Is that Louisa r

eally not employed by Glory's group? "

If that was the case, she would not have to find Louisa. Because in her eyes, she couldn't bear that Louisa was much more excellent than her.

She got up and smashed everything in her room to the ground after she heard from Nora that Louisa was the Yancy.

If what her mother said was true, then she must have teased her hard when she met Louisa. It was a disgrace for her to be a single mother at such a young age.

"I'm not sure, but according to the circumstances, it should be like this." Nora wasn't sure whether it was true or not. After all, they wanted it was true, didn't they?

After listening to Nora's words, they looked at each other and smiled evilly.

Time passed, and Louisa was still at home designing. She would talk to her colleagues once in a while. Although there were still some problems, it had been undone.

"HM." she had a good sleep last night. Now she felt that she had made a right decision. If she worked in the company, how could she sleep till now.

Right at that moment, her phone rang. She took out her phone and saw a strange number on the screen. Confused, she picked up the phone. "Hello. Who's that? "

She assumed that they were selling insurance or house service. That was why no one knew her phone number when she just came back.

"I'm Bruce." A man's deep and pleasant voice came from the other end of the line, which made Louisa, who was still sleepy, suddenly sober up.

How did this man call her? And how did he know her number. She had forgotten that Bobby could find her phone number, so did Bruce.

"Mr. Bruce, what are you calling for?"

Though Louisa didn't want to talk to Bruce, he was her boss now.

"Are you still sleeping?"

However, Bruce didn't answer her question. He was right. He was still in a daze due to the sleepy sound of Louisa now.

He knew that she was still sleeping. Thinking of this, he blurted out, "I don't know what's wrong with him.

"No, no, No. I'm not sleeping, I'm absolutely not sleeping." Then there came a huge amount of wham, along with the cry of pain. But it was not lucky for Louisa that she fell down from her bed.

In order not to let Bruce hear her, she tried her best to suppress her voice, but he still heard it. Thinking of the awkward look on Louisa's face, Bruce couldn't help smiling.

"Is there an earthquake on your side? Why did I hear the sound of something heavy falling? "

Even though knowing it was Louisa who fell down from the bed, Bruce still teased her, pretending that he knew nothing about it.

He didn't know why he called her even though he could tell that someone else could do that.

Bruce teased her as soon as he heard Louisa's voice. Others would be shocked if they saw how he looked now.

She felt very embarrassed when she heard what Bruce said, especially when she saw the words "heavy object" on Bruce's face. She took a glance at him. She was not fat at all, why did she sound so loudly.

"You are kidding, Mr. Bruce." She was so embarrassed that she didn't know what else to say.

When Bobby pushed the door open and came in, he saw that his boss was on the phone and seemed to be in a good mood. So he stood there respectfully and waited for him to report the work after the CEO finished the phone call.

Looking at the man who came in, Bruce restrained his expression and even said in a cold voice, "I'm not kidding. Miss Yancy, please remember that our company invited you to design for us. So please don't delay your work. "

After he finished speaking, he took a glance at Bobby with displeasure. 'who allowed him to come in?'. On the other side, Louisa was listening to Bruce in a puzzle, wondering what happened to him.

He was fine just now, wasn't he? How did he suddenly become like this? This man's face was really fickle.

"Please don't worry, Mr. Bruce. Now that I have promised to work in your company, I won't delay my work. If there isn't anything else, I'll go to work. "

Finishing her words, Louisa wanted to hang up the phone. Bruce had crossed the line. He didn't know she was late for work just because she worked late last night.

"Are you still on bed? Did you not delay your work? Is Miss Yancy really working in a special way? "

Said Bruce in a sarcastic tone after he heard what Louisa said. No one dared to talk to him like that before. How could he not be angry? Louisa was ambitious.

"I was in bed because I worked on a design draft yesterday. It was late when I finished it. Now that you promised me to work at home, I will not bother you with anything. If you don't want to, or you worry that I may delay the work of your company, you can fire me now. "

Bruce's words worked. The last thing Louisa wanted was to work for Mu's group.

Now that she was scolded by Bruce, she really hoped that he would fire her in a hurry.

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