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   Chapter 23 Strange Feeling

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"Who are you?" Coincidentally, one of them was Bella, who was dragged by Louisa. Now, Bella looked at the woman who was dragging her, confused. She believed that this woman was not one of them.

If such a beauty was in their company, the group of wolves would have been very excited.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Yancy, new here. Nice to meet you! "

She didn't notice that Bella was hostile to her. That was how she spoke to her colleagues the first time how she saw it on TV.

Therefore, Louisa was not sure if it was the right thing to do. Now, she sat there with a little bit of fear, waiting for Bella's response.

"Are you Yancy?" After hearing that, Bella looked at her in surprise.

She didn't expect that the world famous designer named Yancy would be so young.

If she hadn't told herself that, she would have thought that the woman in front of her was just an ordinary college student.

Of course, Bella didn't know that she was still a college student.

It was just because of the episode six years ago that Louisa entered the society ahead of time.

Louisa looked at the one who was shocked, but now she was numb. Almost everyone who saw her had the same expression when they knew that she was Yancy, so they were all numb now.

Therefore, when she saw the look on Bella's face, Louisa became so calm.

But she didn't know that this was a provocation in Bella's eyes.

No woman would like women who were better than themselves, and Bella was no exception.

She didn't felt great to see a woman younger than her who had been so successful to believe that few people would be happy than her.

Therefore, Bella was not surprised at first. Instead, she looked at Louisa with hostility. "Why do you want to see our director? Our director is not a easy person to meet. "

That was to say, she was not qualified to meet their director.

To be honest, this was a hint of irony to Louisa. But unfortunately, it was not the case with her.

She didn't realize that Bella was satirizing her at all. So after hearing Bella's words, she said to Bella, "I have an appointment with your director. It was her who asked me to come here."

The people here are so strange. They are the ones who asked me to come here, ' she thought. Now she was here, but they didn't show up.

Although she felt very uncomfortable, she still managed to make up a smile.

That was because Bran had told her to keep calm and hide her true feelings no matter what she felt, and she had to smile even if she was unhappy. Bran's words were absolutely right, so Louisa also believed him.

"You..." Bella angry that Yancy pretended that she didn't understand while Bella was mocking her. How could Louisa be so cunning.

"What's wrong?" At this time, Michelle just came out of the office and saw the two women standing at the door. When she saw the woman standing beside Bella, she could not help but take a few more looks at her.

Even though she had been accustomed to the beauties around her, she had to admit that the woman was really beautiful. The woman was wearing a normal black and white dress. The woman looked like a lively and lovely girl in every aspect. A woman like her could easily arouse a man's desire to protect her.

"Director Michelle." Bella's unhappiness finally got better. She didn't have to think about it, and she knew that Michelle would not like Yancy. She knew what kind of person Michelle was best. Standing in front of her with such an excellent woman, she could not feel any sense of superiority she had developed since her childhood.

"Director Michelle, nice to meet you. I'm Yancy. Bobby asked me to come here to see you. "

If not knowing who that woman was, then how could Bran think of her.

"Are you Yancy?" Looking at the woman standing in front of her, Michelle could hardly believe what she had heard. The woman who looked like a student who hadn't been out of the campus was the world famous Yancy designer.

"Yes." Louisa looked at Michelle confusedly. Didn't she ask her to come here? Why is she looking at her like that? She seems to be surprised. '.

"Miss Yancy, you are so young and promising. I'm so ashamed that you have achieved so much at such a young age."

Hearing that Louisa gave an affirmative answer, a flash of jealousy flashed through Michelle's eyes. She didn't want to be seen through by Louisa so quickly. She put on a fake smile and greeted.

"Thank you, director Michelle. I'm flattered. What can I do for you?"

If there was nothing else, she wanted to go back. The look in the woman beside her made her uncomfortable. She wanted to go back to look for Bran. Only Bran wouldn't do anything to harm her. He would treat her well without salary.

"Let's talk about the design in my office. I want to have a talk with Miss Yancy. "

After hearing what Louisa said, although she was very unhappy, she looked at Louisa and tried to control her temper.

Knowing that it was her job to do, Louisa gently nodded and followed Michelle to her

office. What surprised Louisa was that Michelle really talk about work with her, which made her think whether she regarded Michelle as a base person.

When she was waiting for the elevator in front of the design department, she was relieved.

Now she was leaving the company and she might not see that man again.

But the moment the door opened, she regretted saying that. Looking at the person in the elevator, Louisa suddenly had an impulse to run away.

"Aren't you coming in?"

Looking at Louisa who was standing at the door, Bruce frowned and asked. He didn't know why he always felt that Yancy wanted to reject him. Bruce thought he didn't know this woman before.

But why did this woman look like she had seen a ghost every time they met.

This irritated Bruce so he said in a colder tone.

After listening to Bruce's words, Louisa couldn't help shrinking her neck. This man was really terrifying.

But in the impatient eyes of Bruce, Louisa still walked into the elevator slowly.

"You seem to be afraid of me? Did we know each other before? "

In the end, Bruce couldn't help but ask. Even Bobby, who was standing next to him, couldn't help but take a glance at him. His boss never cared about what others thought of him, why he asked this question today.

"No, no, No. how could we know each other?"

Louisa anxiously denied. The anxious look on her face made Bruce squint his eyes, feeling very dangerous. Why did he feel that the woman was trying to hide? Did they really know each other?

"Then why are you so nervous now?"

Said Bruce in a rather flat tone. He was observing everything of her. Louisa looked a little embarrassed when she heard this.

She didn't know how to conceal her emotions, and her emotions were mixed up with happiness, nervousness and anger.

It was impossible for him not to know. At the thought of it, Bruce suddenly remembered the woman six years ago.

Bruce shook his head and thought he must be crazy. Otherwise, how could he think of that woman again and again, and all had something to do with this woman in front of him.

She didn't know what else she could say. All she could say was to apologize. All of a sudden, the elevator went silent and Bobby stood there awkwardly.

The atmosphere was a little embarrassing now. None of them wanted to break the embarrassment, so Bobby had to ask, "Miss Yancy, how's your talk with Director Michelle?"

Bobby knew better than anyone why Yancy came here, although a good secretary should learn to be independent.

But seeing this pure and beautiful lady, Bobby really couldn't bear to see her get bullied.

The reason why he asked was that he wanted to know if Michelle had bullied Louisa. He was not familiar with this woman. Besides, Bruce was here, so he could only ask her in this way.

"Yes, I'm almost done with it. But there are still a few details that are not exactly the same as director Michelle's thought. We will discuss it later. After all, I am not familiar with the Swan project now. "

After listening to Bobby's words, Louisa almost cried out gratefully, because she also felt that the atmosphere just now was too embarrassing. Now that Bobby had broken the embarrassment, Louisa was really thankful to him.

"That's good. Miss Yancy, you are a newcomer. It's normal that you have some problems. Don't worry and take your time. I believe Miss Yancy will be able to do it. "

Bobby said these words only out of politeness. Because if he didn't say so, he would really worry that the situation would get awkward again.

"Thank you, Mr. Bobby." Louisa knew that Bobby was trying to find some words to say to her, but that was why she was so grateful to him.

Looking at the two people who were talking happily, Bruce felt uncomfortable. Bruce didn't know what was wrong with him. He felt very strange when he saw that Louisa and Bobby were chatting happily.

Sensing the displeasure in his boss's eyes, Bobby shut up immediately.

Although he didn't know why his boss was upset, he knew that if he irritated him now, he would be the one to pay the price.

"Ah!" when she walked out of the elevator, she accidentally tilted her body.

Bobby, who was standing behind her, reached out and helped her up. So that the floor would not get hit by Louisa. Upon hearing her scream, Bruce looked back.

When he saw that Bobby and Louisa were hugging each other, his face suddenly sank. The sight of Bobby holding Yolanda's hand annoyed Spencer.

And wanted to separate them, but he can only stand there because of his identity.

"Are you all right?" Noticing the burning look in Bruce's eyes, Bobby quickly withdrew his hand. He bit the bullet and asked Louisa. The boss' gaze was too scary.

"Thank you. I'm fine." It occurred to her that something must have gone wrong with Mu's group. Otherwise, she wouldn't have come here and made trouble.

"Why are you still here?"

"Bobby, are you putting on a drama of being a hero to save your beauty and marrying her?"?

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