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   Chapter 22 Apparently Jealous

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However, before Louisa's hand could touch Bran, Bran stood up with a disgusted face and shouted at her, "don't touch me, you stupid woman."

After he finished speaking, Bran turned around and went upstairs in a rage. Then he disappeared in front of them with a bang.

Louisa's hand froze in the air. Looking at Susie with a terrified look, she seemed to ask what happened?

"Ha ha ha, it's funny. You have to pay for what you have done in such a short period of time. Do you feel a little uncomfortable? "

Wearing a gloating look, Louisa was about to tease her a moment ago. Now, you have to pay for what you have done.

Louisa rolled her eyes at Susie and turned around to leave. But before she left the room, she shouted, "Susie, you're so lucky!"

she is so annoying. How could she blame her mother like that?' she wondered. Bran really didn't know how to respect the old. He even let the dogs eat the food that she taught him.

Next day, in the design department of Mu's group, Michelle sat there with a gloomy face. Her assistant stood beside her.

"Michelle, what on earth is Yancy? She is just a small designer, but she is so arrogant. People who don't know her might think that us, Mu's group, cherish her so much. "

It was not difficult to find the envy and jealousy from Bella Zhou's tone as she was standing beside Michelle with a sour face. Even though Yancy was a little famous international company, it was still a newcomer in their company.

Now that Yancy didn't need to work in the company and had such a high salary, it was difficult for Bella not to be jealous. How could she didn't know what kind of person Michelle was?

She said that on purpose in front of Michelle, just to arouse her dissatisfaction with Yancy.

"The CEO had invited the most famous designer in charge of the Swan project, and she was also a good friend of Susie. You can say that in front of me, but don't say it out loud. People will hear you."

Michelle was not that kind of woman with big breast and no brain. it depends on whether Bella is willing to take advantage of me or not.'.

Although Michelle pretended to be considerate, she couldn't help but dislike Yancy more in her heart. How could a small designer want to put on airs in front of her? She was playing with fire.

"That's it. I know you are the best." Although Bella disdained to hear that.

Although she worked in Michelle's company, she still tried to please Michelle in every way she could.

Everyone knew who Michelle was, and that was why Bella dared not to offend her.

"Well, get back to your work." After that, Bella started to work. After hearing that, Bella turned around and left unhappily.

After Bella left, Michelle's face turned to be gloomy. She wanted to see what kind of person Yancy was. For the first time, Bruce had agreed to work for her at home.

Thinking of this, Michelle picked up the phone and dialed Bobby's number. The call was soon connected. "Hello, director Michelle," she greeted

Bobby was always polite and nice to everyone, although he didn't like Michelle at all. However, in front of the Michelle, he was polite and alienated.

"Mr. Bobby, may I know your contact information with Yancy? I want to discuss with Miss Yancy about some design stuff. "

After hearing Bobby's words, Michelle tried to calm herself down and asked him. She was afraid that once she opened her mouth, she would expose her true emotions due to anger.

Bobby knew it was just because of this. He had seen the unwilling expression on Michelle's face yesterday. However, this was the business between Michelle and their CEO. It was none of his business.

"Miss Yancy has promised me that if anything happens, she will do it without pay. So if it's necessary, I can help Miss Michelle to contact Miss Yancy. "

Bobby didn't directly tell her Yancy's phone number. Michelle worked in their company, so she didn't ask him for Yancy's phone number. It seemed that she didn't need to come for him at all. She could go directly to the human resources department.

The reason why she called him now was that she wanted to see their attitude towards Yancy and to know how their president felt about this.

"Well, then thank you for your help, Mr. Bobby. I need to see Miss Yancy now. Only in this way can I know what Yancy are thinking about the cooperate with her better. "

After hearing Bobby's words, Michelle smiled. She thought Bobby's attitude towards Yancy was not strange at all. Michelle worked so hard that she couldn't help wondering if she thought too much.

"Okay, Miss Michelle, I will make an appointment with Miss Yancy now and see if she has time to meet you."

Bobby then politely hung up the phone and put it back to where it was after the phone was hung up by Michelle making the slight promise from the other end of the line.

He found the contact information of Yancy and made a call to her. He had to make the two meet since Michelle wanted to meet

her. Michelle was not easy to deal with. If he didn't let them meet, no one knew what trouble Michelle would make.

The Swan project was very important to their company, so there must be nothing wrong.

Bran looked at the messy study with a helpless expression on his face.

Could he tell Louisa now that he wanted her to go to work? At least before she left, she wouldn't make the room so messy. In the end, she still needed Bran to clean it up.

"Bran, have you seen where my pen is placed?"

Louisa looked everywhere but still couldn't find her pen, not knowing how to draw the design. She remembered it clearly and put it here. Why couldn't she find it.

Hearing that, Bran was totally defeated by her. He pushed open the door and directly walked into the drawer beside the desk. He knew it would be like this. Before that, Louisa had made the room a total mess.

Now she had to order him. He finally knew the reason why she couldn't go to work. She was worried that if she went there and couldn't find her stuff, there would be no one for her to use.

"Oh, I remember it is here. Bran, you're awesome. Now you can go out. Don't disturb my work. "

Taking the brush from Bran's hand, Louisa kissed Bran on his cheek. However, when she turned around and saw Bran again, she looked at him in disgust. It seemed that Bran had really affected her work here. Bran looked at Louisa helplessly.

Rolling his eyes to the sky, Bran looked at her with disgust on his face. "You'd better go to work. It's not suitable for you to work here."

After hearing Bran's words, Louisa turned to look at Bran by instinct. When she saw Bran's handsome face, she gradually overlapped the cold face of Bruce. Louisa could not help trembling and immediately dispelled the idea.

Right at that moment, the phone of Louisa rang. She didn't talk to Bran but answered the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Louisa said to Bran, "Bran, can you stay at home by yourself? I have something to deal with. Can you? "

Though she really didn't want to go to Mu's group, she had no choice but to promise it to others in the first place. Moreover, the request of them were very reasonable, so she had no reason to refuse them.

"You'd better worry about yourself first. Don't take the wrong car. Don't lose your wallet. Don't talk to strangers. "

After finishing her words, Bran started to clean the trash nearby. He even didn't give her a glance when she spoke.

"Okay, I know. I'm a grown-up. You don't have to worry about this. I will take good care of myself. "

While she was changing her clothes, she was shocked by what Bran said. Shouldn't these words be the mother's words to tell the child? Why did it become a son's warning to his mother after arriving here.

"Then who didn't have money to take a taxi last time asked me to save her. Who got lost in the square last time? I went to pick her up. "

Hearing that, Bran didn't stop what he was doing. While they were talking about those funny things that happened before they even came into the room. Seeing that Bran could count them as one after another like a big family, Louisa really wanted to put a smelly sock in his mouth.

But she could only think about it in her mind, because if she really dared to do so, Bran would never talk to her again. So the best way now was to leave here as soon as possible. In this way, no matter what Bran said, she could not hear it.

A smile finally cracked Bran's lips when he saw the woman quickly disappear. Although he often bullied Louisa, he knew that it was not easy for her to raise him alone.

No matter what happened, he would find the irresponsible man and ask him why he abandoned her and their son.

The man named Bruce and Ken suddenly occurred to Bran. Who on earth was his father? And why couldn't she go to work. Did it have anything to do with the matter?

On the other side of the house, Louisa was depressed. The thought that she might see the man again later put her heart in her throat.

Although that man didn't remember her now, but she didn't know when he remembered her. She was not afraid of that man, but that man knew the existence of Bran.

She had been accustomed to Bran's company for so many years, so she would never let that man know the existence of Bran.

Thinking of this, Louisa walked towards Mu's group with a firm look on her face. But she didn't expect that it was not Bruce who came to see her this time.

Before she arrived at the building of Mu's group, Louisa had already been there before. So she could get in directly. It occurred to her that Bobby was talking to her about the design department.

"Hello, I have something to talk to Miss Michelle. Is she there? "

"Bobby told me that he was looking for a executive director named Michelle, ·" she said to one of the employees.

She had never been here, nor had she seen the legendary Michelle. When she stood in front of the design department, she was at a loss.

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