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   Chapter 21 Meeting Victoria

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"Then why do you work at home? It wasn't what you said before."

With a suspicious look on her face, Susie asked.

She felt that the relationship between Louisa and Bruce was weird. And Bruce and Bran looked so much alike, so she couldn't help but doubt if they were related.

But after what happened just now, Susie was a little confused. If Bruce was really Bran's father, he must know Louisa.

Oh my God, I'm going crazy. What the hell is going on?'. She really wanted to ask Bruce what was going on, but she gave up the idea when she thought of his cold face.

"If I work at home, I can take good care of Bran. Isn't it good to kill two birds with one stone?" Madness was written all over Susie's face. Louisa lowered her head and said in a muffled voice. She didn't dare to look up at Susie, because she was really guilty now.

"You're so good at jokes. I'm not sure whether you'll take care of Bran or Bran then."

After hearing what Louisa said, Susie really wanted to laugh out. Every time it was because Bran always took care of an unreliable mother.

"What do you mean? If I tell you that this is an insult, I will take it seriously. "

Hearing what Susie said, Louisa looked at her in confusion. Sometimes, she also needed to take care of Bran.

Even though there were not many such occasions, she didn't think it was appropriate to bring it away that quickly.

Under the gaze of Susie, Louisa's voice was getting lower and lower. At last, Louisa said nothing because she felt guilty about what she said.

"You? Huh!" With a disgusted look in Susie, Louisa managed to find some words to defend herself.

"Miss Yancy, I'm the secretary of the president. If you have anything that you don't know about the Swan project, you can come to me at any time. "

Bobby didn't know what the two women were talking about there mysteriously, but when he saw the changeable expressions on their faces, he couldn't help but sigh that their expressions were really rich.

But Bobby politely interrupted their conversation and took his business card. After all, this was his job and he needed to do it well.

"Okay, thank you." After she heard Bobby's words, Louisa finished she talk with Susie but took the card politely.

After they went into the elevator, Bobby turned around and went back to Bruce's office.

"Have they left?" Asked Bruce, while he was dealing with the file.

"Yes, sir." Bobby couldn't understand why his boss would agree with what Louisa asked him to do, though Yancy was a little famous in the world. But now their company didn't have to cooperate with her. If CEO made such a decision, it would certainly make many people dissatisfied.

"Bruce, I heard that Susie and Yancy have come to the company. Where are they? " Bobby was lost in thought. When a big trouble came to his company, Bobby couldn't help wondering whether his prediction was right or not.

"They are gone." Bruce was still processing documents and did not even look up at the person coming in.

Looking at the action of Bruce, Michelle bit her lips with unwillingness. She was about to cry, and looked at Bruce sadly. She liked Bruce since she was a child, but he had always been indifferent to her, which made her very frustrated.

Michelle was a beautiful girl now. Plus, she was about to cry. Men usually held her in their arms and comforted her.

Unfortunately, Bruce was not an ordinary man. So, he did not have any response to what Michelle was doing now.

"She's gone? Why does it come so soon? I want to say that I want to see the legendary Yancy. I heard that she is very mysterious and very few people have seen her true face. "

"I didn't expect that, but it doesn't matter. Anyway, she will work in our company from now on. We can see each other anytime. "

After hearing what Bruce said, Michelle was surprised that they left so soon. But as she thought they would be able to work together in the future, she felt relieved.

"I'm afraid that you'll be disappointed. Yancy will not work in the company. She will work at home, so it's not easy for you to see her. "

After hearing what Michelle said, Bruce turned a page of the documents on the desk and looked up at her for the first time. Bruce replied carelessly. He didn't think it was inappropriate.

"What? She works at home? "

She could hardly believe what he had heard. Though Yancy was a little famous internationally. However, there were more famous people in their company than Yancy, but none of them was as employee without coming to work.

"Yes." Bruce understood why Michelle was surprised. After all, he had never done such thing in the company before. Even he himself didn't know why he agreed to Yancy's request at that time.

"Bruce, this is not in accordance with the company's rules. In this case, other people will certainly disagree with this matter, I think this is not good for the company's development. "

Looking at the indifferent reaction of Bruce, Michelle couldn't help worrying. She didn't know why he did so, but instinctively she couldn't like Yancy she hadn't met before.

"When do I need your approval to make a dec

ision?" After hearing what Michelle said, Bruce looked at her coldly with an unhappy face.

He didn't like others to question his decision, even it was made by Michelle.

Looking at Bruce's depressed face, Michelle's heart beat fast. She knew that Bruce must think that he was angry about what happened just now, so she explained anxiously, "Bruce, I don't mean that. I was just a little worried. So I was... "

Looking at the anxious look on Michelle's face, Bruce suddenly felt very annoyed. How could Bruce not know that Michelle liked him? But unfortunately, she was not the one in his life.

So no matter how hard she tried, he still didn't like her. At the thought of this, Bruce got annoyed and interrupted Michelle, "well, you can go back to work if you don't have anything else to do."

Interrupted by Bruce, Michelle was about to cry and bit her lips.

But when she saw Bruce's impatient look, she knew that she shouldn't provoke him now, so she nodded tamely and said, "then I'll go out to work."

After watching Michelle leave, Bruce leaned back on his chair, annoyed. Thinking of the car accident a few days ago, he lost control of his emotions and found his nose bleeding.

I can't smell anything now. What's more, I can't even smell the woman even if she is right in front of me. '.

Bruce had been very impatient since he was a child. He knew he was different from others.

He might never find the woman who made him happy in his life, but he met her six years ago.

He could still remember that taste, but when he woke up again, the woman had already gone.

He had searched for her for six years, but couldn't find her, so he had to bear the loneliness alone.

"Mr. Bruce, we have an appointment to have lunch with JC Estate.· It's almost the time."

Bobby didn't know what was on Bruce's mind. Time was running out. Bobby had to say something to interrupt Bruce's thought. It was the first time that he had seen such a CEO.

"Let's go." The voice of Bobby drew him back from his memory, and he didn't know what happened to him. 'Why do I suddenly think of what happened six years ago? Recently, I rarely think of what happened six years ago.'

At the same time, Susie and Louisa went back to their cozy home after a fight. Bran was surprised to see Louisa who appeared here.

Worried, Bran asked, "why did you come back? Did you make trouble again? "

Didn't they go to work? Why do thy come back so soon? He couldn't think of any other reason except that Louisa and Susie made trouble again and were fired by that company.

After hearing what Bran said, Louisa couldn't help but feel speechless. She had been waiting to come back to show off her ability to this boy.

However, what she didn't expect was that Bran would say such words to her. Hearing Bran's words, Louisa's face turned gloomy immediately. She said, "Bran, how could you say that to me? What do you mean we have made trouble again? Are we the evil spirits in your mind? "

"Unfortunately, you're right." Looking at Louisa who was about to go crazy, Bran continued to talk nonsense to her.

Looking at Bran's angry face, Louisa really wanted to pounce and strangle him. But she just did so and said, "you bad boy, how could you say that about your mother? I brought you up with effort and is that what you want to do to destroy my confidence? "

Looking at the two people who were in a mess, Susie could not help but roll her eyes at the sky. They are so naive. I have seen such kind of trick for hundreds of times.

Louisa would never get tired of playing with hime. She didn't know how old she was.

It was not hard for Bran to escape from the demon hand of Louisa. Although he was mentally mature, it was understandable that he was not as strong as her.

Bran escaped from Louisa's with the cover of a chicken nest head Rushing to Susie's side.

Susie had an inexplicable sense of joy when she saw Bran, who was sitting next to her. She didn't expect that Brian would have such a day. How could she be so happy.

Brian stared at Susie angrily and said, "you can laugh if you want. People will suspect you are constipated."

Even though he was bullied by Louisa, he was still a man with sharp tongue.


Louisa, who had just returned from victory, burst into laughter when she heard what Bran said. Looking at the sullen look on Susie's face, Louisa had to admit that Bran was right.

But as a person involved, Susie didn't find it very funny. Her face was overcast with anger. Looking at the two of them, she roared in a low voice, "what are you laughing at? What's so funny? "

There must be something wrong with their eyes, for a beautiful woman like her. Now where should she go to find him? They should blame her for constipation.

"Ashamed into anger? Bran, let's get out of here as soon as possible, or else we will be put in an unfavorable situation if she goes crazy and uses violence against us. "

Seeing that Susie went crazy, Louisa continued to speak sarcastically to her. Susie had watched the whole kidnap without saving her life, when Susie saw her ·attacked by Bran, · now Susie deserved it.

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