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   Chapter 20 Finally Meet

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Bobby stood at the door of Bruce's office and looked at the office door respectfully. Looking at Bobby, both Louisa and Susie became serious.

"Come in." A deep voice came from inside, which made everyone curious about the man in the room.

Thy opened the door and saw Bruce standing in the cabin, his head lowered. Though they could not see the man's face, they were intimidated by his imposing manner.

"Mr. Bruce, Miss Susie and miss Yancy are here." Bobby respectfully stood there and reported to Bruce. He really doubted that if they didn't make a sound, their CEO would have ignored them all the time.

Hearing Bobby's voice, Bruce raised his head and looked at them. When Louisa looked at Bruce, her face took on a ghastly expression.

How could it be him? She had thought that she was safe, but it turned out that he was the CEO of Mu's group. A random guy she had met in the bar was the CEO of Mu's group. She couldn't believe it.

"Please have a seat." It was undeniable that Susie was very beautiful, but now, Bruce was looking at Louisa.

Because he also found that ever since he looked up at her, Louisa's face became very gloomy.

"Hello, Mr. Bruce." Susie had to admit that the man in front of her was really handsome, but the more she looked at him, the more she looked at him.

In any case, the man in front of her looked exactly like Bran, which attracted Susie's attention.

But to her surprise, Louisa looked upset, which made her wonder if the man in front of her was really Bran's father.

"Hello, Miss Susie. I didn't expect to see you again so soon." Of course, Bruce had found something wrong with Louisa. He frowned with displeasure.

He didn't have a good impression on Louisa and the main reason was that he didn't like others staring at him like that.

"You're welcome, Mr. Bruce. We'll see each other more often in the future. After all, I'm a member of Mu's group now."

As she spoke, she quietly reached out her hand to hold Louisa's arm. At least they couldn't panic before they figured out what was going on.

Thanks to the drag, Louisa recovered from the shock. To Louisa surprise, the young man distracted her attention. Louisa felt as if she had returned to that helpless night. No matter how hard she struggled, she just couldn't get rid of him.

But now it seemed that he didn't know her at all. She could not figure it out.

But on second thought, it was just a fling. It had been a few years, no one would remember those unimportant things.

"Hello, Mr. Bruce." When she came to herself, Louisa greeted Bruce with a smile. She looked very calm on her face. But her hands were sweaty now.

"Miss Yancy, I've heard a lot about you. I didn't expect you to be so young. Young people always create legends. "

Now that Louisa had introduced this matter to Bruce, he was not a narrow-minded man. Although he was not very satisfied with the response of Louisa before, now that she had talked to him, he would not make a fuss about it anymore.

"You are flattering me, Mr. Bruce." Sitting there in silence.

They chatted with each other for a while and Bruce also didn't notice Louisa. However, Louisa kept her head down so that Bruce couldn't see the expression on her face clearly.

In the end, Bruce gave up the idea and only talked about his work with Susie. Sitting there in a daze, Louisa had been thinking about what she should do next.

Although this man did not know her now, but thinking of her family Bran, she could not take any risk. So she had made a decision in her mind, and just at that moment, Bruce and Susie finished their conversation.

"Miss Yancy, what requirements do you have for your work? If it is something within our ability, we will definitely try to meet your requirements."

Bruce suddenly asked to Louisa, which scared Louisa. She looked up at Bruce in surprise, and their eyes met.

"I don't want to work in the company. Can I work at home?" It was the first time that Louisa reacted so quickly after hearing Bruce's words. As soon as he said, Louisa asked.

This was her biggest concern. She didn't want to stay with Bruce all the time.

Even though Bruce couldn't remember her now, she would think of that night every time she saw him. She didn't want to recall the bad things, so she just wanted to work at home.

"Miss Yancy, this is a special request." So he didn't say "yes" or "no" to her. He just gave her a vague smile.

Hearing that, Susie was shocked. She had agreed that it was not the case.

She had promised him that Louisa would work here. Why did Louisa change her mind so quickly?

"Are you insane? How could you make such a request?"

Susie had never signed a contract with

any company but worked at home. No one would like to go to work if such a good thing happened?

"I have my own reasons. I can't tell you now. I'll tell you when I go back." Louisa knew that she was asking too much. If Bruce hired her, she would be very happy now.

But she was not sure whether Rod would still want her if she went back to look for him.

At the thought of this, Louisa was a little regretful that she had broken her promise to Rod and listened to Susie. After all, she didn't sign the contract here, so it was impossible for them to sue her.

"Miss Yancy, could you tell me the reason? You know what a strange request it is. If I don't have a good reason, I'm afraid I can't agree to your request. "

Looking at the two girls, Bruce knew that Susie didn't know this before. They were close friends. There was only one possibility that Susie didn't know it. That was the temporary decision of Yancy. He was curious about the reason.

"Mr. Bruce, I can't tell you my personal reasons. I can only say that if your company can't meet this request of mine, I'm afraid I have to say sorry for the cooperation. "

Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa couldn't help but feel nervous. But no matter what Louisa was thinking, she still answered politely. After all, she had seen a lot of occasions, so she didn't show it on her face.

Bruce understood what Yolanda meant. If he didn't agree to work at home, then she couldn't cooperate with ·· Mu's group.

In fact, it didn't make much difference where she worked. Mu's group didn't have to cooperate with her.

But now, Bruce was suddenly interested in knowing why the woman had suddenly changed her mind, and the way she looked at him made him feel very strange. But Bruce couldn't figure out what exactly happened.

"Now that you said so, I think we should be able to meet your request. But it's not enough. Miss Yancy, please think for us. After all, we don't work alone. So miss Yancy needs to come to the company and discuss the project progress with colleagues at any time. "

Looking at Louisa indifferently, Bruce said. However, what he said surprised Louisa a little. In fact, she had never thought that Bruce would agree, which was really a little beyond Louisa's expectation.

"Do you really agree with my request?" Louisa asked in disbelief. Because she didn't want to hear that answer. Actually, what she wanted was to leave the company and never see that man again.

But she was worried that if she said it directly, Susie would be implicated. So she didn't want to hurt her.

"Of course, or miss Yancy was just joking with me?"

Hearing what Louisa said, Bruce squinted at her dangerously. It seemed that if Louisa dared to say no, Bruce would definitely throw her out of here.

"Mr. Bruce, you are so good at jokes. What I said is true. Thank you for your understanding, Mr. Bruce. I will do my best to work hard and be on call. "

Even if Louisa really thought so, she didn't dare to speak it out when being stared by Bruce like this. So Louisa admitted in a loud voice so spineless that she almost raised her hand to swear.

Susie looked at Louisa in disbelief. What made her more unbelievable was that Bruce had agreed to leave with Louisa.

Hearing this, Susie couldn't help but wonder, 'does this man know anything? Or does his company really cherish talents?'.

Now she didn't know who the person was, but she had a feeling that the first thing was to stop Louisa from embarrassment. It was really a shame for them to let their first meeting end like this.

A smile appeared on the face of Bruce when he saw that Louisa was so anxious to deny it. He didn't know why he wanted to laugh.

Joseph was confused about his current mood and Bobby, who was standing beside, looked scared.

God knew that he had been with Bruce for so many years, but he had never seen him laugh. If his eyes didn't deceive him, their CEO must be smiling.

"I'm glad to hear that, Miss Yancy." Bruce looked at Louisa meaningfully and asked. His nose was injured because of the car accident, so he didn't smell anything.

Although he couldn't tell whether this woman was the one he had chosen, he didn't repel her.

Things were settled here. Louisa and Susie stood up and left together.

"What happened to you? Why did you suddenly make such a request? You know Bruce before, right? "

As they walked out of the office and were waiting for the elevator, Susie whispered to Louisa. Susie couldn't think of any other reason, because Louisa was just too abnormal just now.

"What are you thinking? How could I know him?" After hearing what Susie said, Louisa denied nervously.

But it seemed to be trying to hide something.

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