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   Chapter 19 Not Easy To Choose

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"How could one person have two dads? You are so stupid!"

After hearing what Susie said, Bran took a look at her with contempt. He really didn't know if she was taught by P.E. teacher. Why didn't she know the basic knowledge? It was really a headache.

Susie had intended to argue with him. But when she saw that Louisa was coming this way, she had to hold back the rest words.

But she kept it in mind, determined to figure out what had happened six years ago.

"What are you talking about?" They had been talking to each other peacefully, but when Louisa came, they all kept silent.

It made her wonder if they were talking about something related to her.

"Your melon seeds." Bran didn't answer, but pushed the seeds he had prepared in front of Louisa.

"My son is the best. He knows I like eating sunflower seeds."

As soon as Louisa finished peeling the melon seeds in front of her, her attention was immediately shifted to the food she had eaten. She didn't care about what Bran and Susie had said a moment ago.

Looking at Louisa, Susie felt sad for her son for three seconds. It couldn't be a good thing to have a clever son. Now, Louisa was the best example. With a few words, Bran changed the topic.

The next day, Susie got up early, because they had agreed to meet the people from Mu's group.

"Louisa, you idiot. Don't you remember what day it is? "

When Susie went out of her room, she found that Louisa was still sleeping. She stood outside Louisa's room and shouted at Louisa unpleasantly.

She was up, but Louisa was still in bed. She was really pissed off. Hearing the voice of Susie, Louisa showed an evil smile.

Thinking of that, Bran immediately leaned back and threw the pillow to Susie. Louisa's smile was still on her face. The pillow hit Susie's head exactly and made Louisa burst into laughter.

Bran had a bad temper when getting up. It was really unlucky for Susie to provoke him.

"You two, get out of my room right now! Or I will not spare you!"

Bran's irritated voice echoed around the ears of Susie and Louisa. They were too annoying.

"Humph!" "Humph!" Louisa snorted in disdain and went to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, Louisa wore the suitable dress. With the design of the flounce side and the small face without makeup, she looked fresh and refined.

Louisa was more like a lotus blooming in mud. If it were not for the fact that she had known Louisa, Susie would not have believed that Louisa was a mother of a six-year-old child.

It was no wonder that when they were abroad, there were so many men who knew that Louisa was already pregnant, but they were still chasing her.

"Why are you staring at me like that? Is there anything wrong with me?"

Feeling uncomfortable under Susie's gaze, Louisa couldn't help asking her. Not knowing why Susie suddenly looked at her like this, Louisa felt very uncomfortable.

"No, I didn't find anything wrong with you. I just want to say that Louisa is really a natural beauty. It's really breaking my heart to see her little face. "

Then Susie stretched out her hand to touch the chin of Louisa. As a person who had gotten used to the sudden madness, Louisa turned her head and successfully escaped from Susie's hand. Then she walked downstairs. When they got to the dining room, they found the breakfast had been prepared on the table.

"Wow, Bran is awesome. I'm so happy that you prepared breakfast so early! "

Looking at the breakfast on the table, Louisa shouted excitedly. But she didn't know when Bran did that.

"That's true. Bran is super good at cooking." Even without raising her head, Susie could not help but praise Bran while eating. She had completely forgotten that Bran had just thrown a pillow to her in front of the delicious food.

"How is it going? Do you like it? " He looked down at the two people in the dining room and asked with a cool expression.

Although Bran really wanted to keep cool in his appearance, his voice sounded soft as he just woke up. He was so cute, but it had nothing to do with cool.

"Bran, thank you for your breakfast. I love you very much. You're my good son. "

After Louisa heard Bran's voice, she raised her head and shouted at Bran. He was just so considerate. In the past six years, she had lived a happy life.

"Don't show off your love in front of me. I'm just alone. Did you guys irritate me on purpose?"

Susie made fun of them, as she couldn't bear to see the look on their faces. They were always too intimate. It was enough for Susie.

"Since you don't know how to describe a relationship, please don't use it randomly. It is the mother child relationship. What do you mean 'love'? It's an appellation of a couple, okay? "

Louisa rolled her eyes at Susie and the good at

mosphere was ruined by her. Susie had always been this annoying.

"This is a metaphor. Do you understand? Don't talk nonsense if you can't understand. "

After hearing their words, Susie didn't care about their ridicule. And continued to admire herself. Hearing that, Bran and Louisa took a look at each other. Then both of them shrugged helplessly.

After a joyful breakfast, Susie and Louisa went to work. Bran exhorted them to be careful, because he was really worried about them.

For a six-year-old child, they could leave him at home alone, which made Susie and Louisa feel relieved. Since Bran knew things, he had not made them worry about him, but often worried about them.

"If you run away from me as you did yesterday, I will break off all ties with you."

Before entering the room, Susie warned Louisa. yesterday was already a huge humiliation for me. If I had it again today, ·Mu's wouldn't want them.

"I won't." Thinking of what Louisa had done yesterday, she promised with a guilty conscience.

But after she heard Louisa's promise, Susie sneered disdainfully.

If Louisa could believe, the old sow would be climbing up the tree. But it was not the right time to say that. The most important thing right now was to show Louisa in the company.

Looking at Susie reaction, Louisa smiled embarrassedly at her driver. Then she followed Susie out of the car. How could Susie refuse her kindness? This woman went too far.

"Hello, I have an appointment with your CEO." Susie said to the receptionist as soon as she came in. She was very interested in Mu's group now.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Susie. Our CEO is waiting for you in the office. You can take the elevator to the CEO's office now. "

The news that their company cooperated with Susie had been widely spread since she came here yesterday. As a result, Susie didn't need to inform others.

"Why are you still standing there? Hurry up and go. "

Susie didn't find that Louisa was following her after she took a few steps. When she turned back, she found that Louisa was looking around like a thief. Looking at Louisa's face, she felt awkward.

"Okay, I see. I'll be there soon." Louisa was startled by the sudden voice of Susie, but still didn't give up and followed her steps.

Louisa had been worried that she would run into that man again, so she looked around for him.

If she really met that man again, she could have slipped away in advance. But now, the elevator's door had opened and she broke into it.

Looking at the moment the door of the elevator closed, Louisa finally breathed a sigh of relief. But she was not completely relieved, because she knew that she was not safe now.

She had met the man when the elevator opened the last time. So she was still very nervous.

"You seem very nervous?" Susie looked at her in confusion. It was strange.

Susie looked very nervous. She had only seen such a look of Louisa six years ago.

One time they met a man on the plane, that was a dirty man. Now, looking at the man's face, Susie really doubted if that man was Bran's father.

"This is your first time here? You might feel nervous. " After hearing what Susie said, Louisa's heartbeat stopped, but soon she found an excuse for herself.

It was not that Louisa didn't believe Susie would be reluctant to tell her about what happened in the past, but that she really didn't want what happened in the past to affect her own life.

"Really?" With a suspicious look on Susie's face, Susie looked at Louisa. She felt that Louisa had been very strange since she came here.

As Susie wanted to ask more, the elevator had opened.

The rest of her words were held back, and she smiled at the person standing at the door.

"Bobby," Louisa took a look at the outside of the room.

After finding that there was no one at all, Louisa finally breathed a sigh of relief. If Susie didn't stop asking, she would tell her everything.

"Miss Susie, this should be Miss Yancy. President is waiting for you inside. You can go straight in and find him. "

Bobby looked at the two people who appeared here. He had already seen Susie. This was the first time that he had seen the famous designer of the world - ·Yancy. He didn't expect her to be so young.

He wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes. Although Bobby was surprised, his good professional cultivation made him stop being curious and make a gesture to let them in.

"Thank you." After saying thanks to Bobby, Susie turned around and headed towards Bruce's office.

Louisa didn't see the man that she met last time. So she thought he was not an employee here and came here for business. Thinking of this, Louisa was finally relieved. She talked to Susie in a much relaxed tone.

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