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   Chapter 17 You Have A Double Face

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But Susie didn't give Louisa any chance to back out. She had already dialed Rod's number. When the call was connected, Susie put the phone in the ear of Louisa.

The phone was connected very soon. After hearing the sound of Rod, Louisa's heart stopped beating. She was so nervous that she kept silent for a long time.

"Mr. Rod, I'm Yancy. Did I bother you when I called you? "

"What's the matter?". But Louisa still blushed. After all, she had broken her words.

"Not at all. But I'm curious why Miss Yancy called me?" In fact, it was a great surprise for Rod to receive Louisa's call at this time.

He couldn't figure out why she called him in the evening. After all, they weren't close to each other.

"Mr. Rod, I have to apologize to you. I'm really sorry. I didn't know my friend had helped me sign another contract. So I signed the contract without asking her. Now I want to say... "

She stopped before finishing her words, because she really couldn't speak it out. They stopped at the gate because she didn't know what to say.

"I see. Now that Miss Yancy has a better place to go. If I force you to stay here, it would be a bit unreasonable. Miss Yancy, you don't have to feel embarrassed. I understand. "

If Rod didn't know the meaning of that, he would not be successful step by step. Although it seemed like what Rod said was like this, his face had already turned pale.

"Thank you for your understanding, Mr. Rod. As for the liquidated damages, I will transfer them to your company's account immediately."

He didn't expect that it would end so easily. She didn't know that it was very understanding of Rod. They had really signed the contract. If Rod wanted to look into it, she would be in real trouble.

She felt more embarrassed than being questioned by the police because she thought it was not right for ·Rod.

"Don't worry about it, Miss Yancy. I want to cooperate with you because I admire you. Now since we don't have that chance, just take it as we haven't signed the contract. "

Rod said to the phone in a considerate manner. People who didn't know the situation would think that he really appreciated Louisa. In fact, Rod· was appreciated Louisa. However, he had other plans.

"Thank you for your understanding, Mr. Rod. As for the liquidated damages, I will send to the company's account. Don't stand on ceremony with me. It's my pleasure. "

After she listened to the words from Rod, · now that she had broken her promise to Rod, she felt really sorry for him. She thought that she should pay the liquidated damages.

However, after hearing what Louisa had said, Rod's face darkened. He didn't expect that Yancy would regret in the end. It seemed that it was not as simple as it appeared.

"May I know whether I can take the liberty to ask you, Miss Yancy, which company are you going to work for?"

That didn't bring great honor to Rod. He wondered which company offered such good treatment to her.

"Mr. Rod must have heard of Mu's group before. The company my friend is going to cooperate with is also signed by her. "

Louisa didn't know why Rod care where she would go. ·However she told him the truth. 、 However, when hearing the name of Mu's group, Rod's face was already distorted.

And why did Mu's group always ruin his plans. At the thought of this, he clenched his phone. If he hadn't made every effort, the phone would have been thrown out by him.

"It turns out to be Mu's group. I have heard of them before." When Rod uttered these words, he was gnashing his teeth. Of course he knew about Mu's group.

He hated both Mu's group and Bruce.

"I'm so sorry again, Mr. Rod. I'm really sorry," On the other hand, Louisa didn't get the rage from Rod's voice. She thought that he knew the company. The smile on her face widened.

"Miss Yancy, please don't worry. I hope your work could be done as soon as possible." Before Louisa could finish her words, Rod hung up the phone. He feared that if he continued to say, he would expose his true emotions.

Damn it! Why did Mu's group always go against him. He had just signed a contract with Yancy in the afternoon, and they ask Yancy to destroyed the contract in the evening. What was their purpose.

"Rod, What's wrong with you? Why do you look terrible?" Just then, the door of the room was pushed open. It was Alina who came in. She asked nervously as she saw Rod standing there with a pale face.

Seeing her come in, though it was

not a pleasure. Now that Alina had paid for it herself, why not use her.

"Why are you here?" Rod asked Alina gently.

He was completely different from the person who had just been angry and put on a dark face.

"Don't you want me to come here?" When she heard the word from Rod, she pretended to be angry with him and asked in return. In fact, she wasn't really angry with him. She had been fond of Rod ever since she was a child. Now that she was his fiancee, of course she was extremely happy.

"I didn't mean that. I just felt a little unhappy about what happened in the company. So don't be mad at me, okay? "

With a fawning look, Rod even put his arm around her. His words made Alina blush. They had been engaged for a long time.

But he had never been so intimate with her. Now he suddenly spoke to her, which made her feel shocked.

She turned around and looked at Rod in disbelief. However, Rod kissed her lips. The kiss was so sweet that she couldn't think. The only thing she could do was being led by Rod.

"What happened in your company? I can't believe that it made you so upset. You should have a good rest after going home and don't think about anything in the company. "

Curling up in Rod's arms, Alina couldn't see the look on his face. But now the situation was awkward for her. So she wanted to say something to comfort him.

"I don't want to talk to them either. A moment ago, someone in my company called me and said something had happened in the company. It's impossible that I'm not worried about it."

After hearing what Alina said, Rod pretended to be angry and explained. She didn't want to see them like that, especially when she saw them on Rod.

"Something went wrong in the company. Is it serious? I'll call my brother to see if he can help. "

She didn't care what happened. Alina asked. She believed there was nothing his brother couldn't solve.

But she didn't see that there was a terrible look on Rod's face. Although he was trying hard not to erupt, he just let go of his hands which were holding Alina.

All her attention was on the business of the company now and she didn't notice there was something wrong with Rod.

"Don't bother. It's only that a designer our company hired was taken away by Mu's group. Forget it. It's no need to tell you about my work. She is just a designer. It doesn't matter. "

After saying that, he turned to look at Alina with a disgruntled look, as if he didn't do it deliberately.

But he didn't lie to her. She was furious as soon as she thought of what her second brother had done to ·Rod.

"I'm going back to ask my brother what's going on? I'm sure that Bruce didn't know about it. How could such a shameless designer work for Mu's group? "

After saying that, she turned around, intending to leave. However, she was stopped by Rod. Although he hoped that she would go against his brothers and stand on his side. But he didn't want her to ruin his plan. At the thought of this, he put on a smug smile.

"Why are you so excited? It doesn't matter. The designer was innocent. It was just a blunder. Although the matter is a little tricky now, I can handle it. Don't you believe me? "

Rod said with great sincerity. His eyes were so affectionate that Alina was almost enthralled by them. She didn't know what to think but just nodded in agreement.

When he saw her nod her head, he smiled with satisfaction.

Louisa hung up the phone nervously and wiped the cold sweat on her forehead.

"How is it going? What do you think? " Susie asked nervously. Now she wanted to know the result. After all, the look on Louisa's face was not good.

"He agreed. He even said that he didn't want penalty. But I think that I should give them penalty. "

Then, Louisa told Susie what happened on the phone and also gave Susie her thought.

Hearing that, Bran looked at Louisa in relief. She was finally smart. In that case, he would not have to worry about his mother all day long, at least she knew how to protect herself.

"Why? ·" With a confused look on Susie face, Susie asked. It was not like that. Why did she insist. Is there something wrong with Louisa's brain.

"I feel so sorry for Rod. How can't I give him the liquidated damages?"

She said, looking at Susie sympathetically. But Bran was frustrated by her answer. He knew that he shouldn't have too much hope for Louisa, because the more expectation he had, the more disappointment he would get.

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