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   Chapter 16 Tear Up The Contract

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"Bran, I have a great good news to tell you today."

After hearing what Bran said, Louisa, who had sworn not to talk with Bran anymore, followed Bran closely. She looked at Bran mysteriously while walking into the house.

Looking at Louisa, Bran could not help feeling speechless. In any case, as long as she said that every time, there must be nothing good.

"Aren't you curious about the big news?" Looking at the expression on Bran's face, Louisa could not help but feel frustrated. Was her words not that attractive to Bran?

"Can I say no?" Bran didn't want to hear some explosive news from Louisa. Judging from her look, he knew it would not be something good.

"No, you can't. I have found a job today." She seemed to be saying that you should praise me as soon as possible.

Looking at the complacent look on Louisa's face, Brian suddenly had a bad feeling.

"You found a job? Where do you work? What does the company do? What's your position? How much is your salary for a month? "

Bran asked after taking a glance at her. Although these were the most basic questions, not hearing a single question from Bran, Louisa's face darkened.

At last, Louisa's face completely darkened, because she couldn't answer any of these questions. Because she was so excited at that time that she didn't ask these questions.

"Where is the contract?" Bran sighed helplessly. He no longer held any hope for Louisa.

But even if he didn't know these contracts, he needed to know how much that Louisa had sold. Bran reached out his hand to her.

Seeing that, Louisa obediently put the contract in Bran's hand.

"It's not bad. At least the price is worthy of your international status."

After a while, Bran put the contract on the table and looked up at Louisa.

"You're right. I would never do such a stupid thing as selling myself." After hearing what Bran said, Louisa heaved a sigh of relief and felt a bit complacent.

Louisa sat on the sofa and looked at Bran proudly.

However, a few seconds later, Susie shouted angrily.

"You bastard! Come out!" Just then, the door was pushed open. It was from outside. Hearing the voice of Susie, Louisa shrugged her neck with a guilty conscience.

It seemed that something was wrong with her today. How could she leave Susie there alone.

Now that Susie came back to confront her, Louisa suddenly had a feeling that the good days would come to an end.

"Bran, when Aunt Susie finds me, you just tell her that I haven't come back. And I don't eat dinner tonight. You don't need to ask me to have dinner. "

As soon as she finished her words, she stood up and ran upstairs. However, as she was about to step upstairs, Susie was already in the porch.

"Louisa, · where· do you want· to go?" Louisa knew that her plan had failed.

With a flattering smile on Louisa's face, harrow turned around and walked up to Susie. 'What a cool and handsome man I was! What a fool my mother was.' Bran thought. ·

"Susie, you are back. Bran knows you are back. How could he still ask me to go upstairs and bring something to him? "

With a flattering look on her face, Louisa dragged Bran to her seat rudely. Anyway, she couldn't suffer all by herself. If Susie went crazy, no one could control it.

Hearing that, Bran, who was sitting on the sofa and waiting to watch the bustle, could not help but pull a long face. Louisa was so shameless that she even sold out his son.

"Really?" With a suspicious look at her, Susie didn't buy her story.

Don't think that she don't know what sorrow is planning, but she will not let Louisa get what Louisa wants.

"Of course it's true. Don't you know what kind of person I am? Why would I lie to you? " Louisa looked at Susie with a disgusting smile on her face.

Looking at Louisa up and down in disdain, Bran really doubted what she would do if she had a tail on her back.

"I can't believe you just because I know what kind of person you are." It was absolutely no way to deceive Susie into believing Louisa's story.

Louisa's smile froze on her face. But at the thought that she was wrong first, she still tried to make herself look sincere and admit her fault.

"Tell me, where did you go? Why did you run away? " Speaking of this, Susie was very angry. They had agreement· before, but unexpectedly Louisa escaped.

Fortunately, she was clever enough to protect herself from this matter. She successfully got the contract. She even helped Louisa get the contract under the condition that Louisa was not here.

"I was looking for a job. And I have

a good news for you. I found a job."

It was Louisa's secret that she had met that man. She had never told anyone about him in so many years, not to mention that Bran was still here.

So she just changed the topic and spoke out that she had found a job. However, after hearing that, Susie was not happy but even angrier.

"What's wrong with you? Don't you feel happy for me that I have found a job now? Or are you jealous that I have found a job and now you are in a bad mood? "

Looking at the sullen look on Susie's face, Louisa didn't realize the reason why she was angry and continued to make fun of her.

Hearing that Louisa made sarcastic remarks, Susie became angrier. Damn it! Louisa not only escaped from here, but also betrayed her and went out to get a job back.

"I feel happy for you, really very happy. You have two jobs to do and you need to pay a huge amount of liquidated damages. I am really happy for you. "

Maybe it was because Susie was too angry that her words were with a bit of irony. If it was in the past, Susie would have yelled at Louisa, but not this time, which made Louisa worried.

"What did you say?" Although she had thought that Susie would be angry with her, she had never thought that it would end like this.

"Here's the contract I signed for you. You've been admitted to Mu's group. I signed this contract for you, so you can't go to the company you sign it now. "

It was not like a negotiation but a definite tone. Susie would never allow Louisa to go to another company alone. Susie was an innocent girl who needed to be taken care of.

That was the main reason why Susie insisted on sending Louisa to Mu's group with her. If Louisa was bullied, at least she would be on her side.

"Yes, I've already read your contract. We can cancel the contract. If it's not enough, we need to pay a price. "

Brian agreed with Susie as he knew what she was thinking. Although sometimes Susie could be really troublesome, at least she was a little short tempered.

In addition, she was ·Susie. No one dared to bully Susie. That was also the reason why Brian would support Miranda, but not to mention the decision made by the three of them. It seemed that none of them supported her.

Louisa couldn't help feeling a little sad when she remembered that for the first time she managed to hold a grudge.

"If you don't agree, I will consider breaking the contract with Mu's group. As a result, we not only have to pay a huge amount of liquidated damages, but also our cooperation with Mu's group will be affected. Louisa, You have to think it clearly. "

Speaking of this, the look on Susie's face had changed from being aggressive to being pitiful. She knew very well that Louisa was a soft hearted girl who would definitely come to a compromise if she pretended to be pitiful.

Indeed, Louisa wanted to insist, but when she saw the pitiful look on Susie's face, she couldn't help but change her mind. She knew that Susie valued the cooperation very much, otherwise Susie wouldn't fly back from America on purpose.

If Susie's cooperation with Mu's group was affected because of her, she would definitely be very disappointed. Thinking of this, Louisa took a look at Susie with a little uncertainty. Of course, Susie knew what was in Louisa's mind.

So when she met the gaze from Louisa, she pulled a long face. Though Louisa was reluctant to lose her first job, she looked at Susie and nodded to her.

"Yeah! You are the best!" Seeing that Louisa finally nodded her head, Susie hugged and even kissed her excitedly.

Bran looked at the two women in front of him with disgust on his face. What crazy women they were. If he was not the son of Louisa, he would suspect that there was an affair between them.

"Never mind. I know you did this for my own good. I'm sorry, but I'll tell this Mr. Rod. "

Though Louisa was sorry for Rod. But they never parted, so now they worked in the same company and she was very happy about it.

"Then you'd better talk to Mr. Rod now, in case anything unexpected happens."

As a matter of fact, Susie was worried that Louisa might go back on her word, so she wanted to take this opportunity to make it clear to Rod before Louisa could make a response. In this way, it would be impossible even if Louisa wanted to go back on her word later.

"Now?" Louisa was a little reluctant to call Rod right now. She had admitted that she was a turtle. She was trying to prolong her life.

Rod thought highly of her and even helped her out. It was not good for her to go back on her word.

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