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   Chapter 15 A Wishful Thinking

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"Although Miss Yancy only stayed in this school for two years, technically speaking, you were not a student who graduated from this school. But now I can tell you, I have seen all the information about you in this ·school? "

Hearing what Louisa had said, Rod smiled. In fact, he also inadvertently knew about it back then. But he couldn't say that in front of Louisa.

Rod try to make himself as sincere as possible. In this way, there would be more chance for Louisa to cooperate with him.

After hearing Rod's words, Louisa had never thought of all kinds of things she had done in this school. Except for the last thing she had to do, this school gave her a good impression.

Even the teachers here took good care of her. It reminded her of how disappointed her teacher looked at her last. She couldn't help but burst into tears, looking at Rod beside her helplessly.

"Miss Yancy, are you okay?" 'Didn't he say anything?.

Why did she cry? Did the school leave her some bad memories.'

Thinking of this, Rod wasn't sure. He only knew that Louisa graduated from this school. He had no idea that the things that had happened before she had gone to the University were beyond he imagination.

"Sorry, I was being rude just now. Thinking of my mentor, I feel very sorry for them. " Though it was the first time that she had seen Rod, she spoke her mind out.

Bran was very worried every time Louisa went out because she never thought of that before.

He was worried that Louisa might be sold or sold out.

"Oh, I see. Miss Yancy, you are quite conservative." Hearing that, Rod breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that he was eager to win.

"Well, not really. I just thought of some past events and made some sentimental thoughts." After hearing Rod's words, Louisa looked very embarrassed and thought, 'did I forget my manner just now?'.

It seemed inappropriate to cry in front of the man whom she met for the first time.

But when she remembered what had happened at that time, her heart still ached. She didn't know how she had gone through all these, maybe because she had been pregnant with Bran then.

A happy smile appeared on the corners of Louisa's mouth, which indicated that she was the happiest girl in the world to have such a clever son like Bran, no matter how much she had suffered.

Looking at Louisa who was crying for a while and smiling for a while, Rod also laughed. He found that it was the first time for him to see such a funny woman. No matter what kind of expression on her face, sometimes she cried or laughed.

She didn't even try to hide her feelings. Was there really such a simple person in the world? He had never met this woman before, so he was curious about her.

"I plan to redecorate the school. I wonder if you are interested in it." After a moment of silence, Rod suddenly turned around and looked at Louisa. Now he really wanted to work with her as she was a very famous international star.

If Yancy joined in the competition with Mu's Group, he would have an advantage. Once he thought of the terrible look on Bruce's face, he was in a good mood.

"Do you want me to design it?" Louisa asked incredibly. The excitement on her face didn't wait for her answer, but the latter could tell her answer.

"Of course." To her surprise, he nodded.

Now he really felt at ease. He didn't have to intentionally guess what she was thinking when he was with her.

For so many years, he had never had such a feeling. It was the first time that Rod wore a sincere smile. He wasn't wearing a fake smile, which surprised both his assistant and driver.

Even though they were curious about it, they didn't show it on their face. They knew it well.

"That's great! Do you really want me to design it?" After getting the affirmative answer from the "yes", Louisa still couldn't believe it.

She had never thought that she would be able to design a work for her alma mater.

"Yes. I wonder if Miss Yancy would like to be with me. " In fact, it was only a crap for Rod to ask this question. Unknowingly, after he had known that Rod and Louisa had been together, Rod had thought that he was a bit childish.

"Of course. It's my honor." How could she be unwilling? It was job hunting.

Being able to do something for her alma mater was already a marvelous thing, not to mention that she really needed a job now.

Although Nora's words were not pleasant to hear, they were true. Now, she was not alone and needed to make money to raise her son. They couldn't just let Susie help them.

"Can we sign the contract now?" After hearing what Louisa said, Rod took out a contract from somewhere. He put it in front of Louisa and asked her.

"It's so amazing. You even brought a contract with you?" He just took out the contract from his pocket magically.

"It must be fate. I have come to discuss the contract with the principal. I didn't expect to meet Miss Yancy. Is it fate? "

"Of course it's

your turn.". But it was necessary to explain everything to avoid unnecessary trouble.

"Oh, it's true. Then it must be fate that brings us together. Now all I need to do is sign my name under the contract, right? "

After hearing the explanation, Louisa didn't doubt it. Pointing at the signature area on the screen, she asked.

"I didn't expect you to be such a generous woman. Now that you have signed the contract, you can come to my company anytime."

While saying that, he handed a business card to Louisa Then he saw Louisa· happily signed her name on the contract.

Without even taking a look at the contract, there was a smile on the corner of Rod's mouth. It seemed that the rumors on the world were true. Yancy was really a naive girl.

She trusted him so much, wasn't she afraid that he would do something to hurt her?

"Okay." While Rod was lost in his thought, Louisa had signed her name on the invitation.

She returned the contract to his hand and looked at him happily.

Now she was no longer a jobless vagabond. She would see how Bran and Susie would continue to make fun of her. Thinking of her performance after Bran and Susie knew that she found a job, she could not help but raise the corners of her mouth.

"Wish us a pleasant cooperation!" Looking at the contract in his hand with satisfaction, Rod stretched out his hand to Louisa.

Now the cooperation between them was officially confirmed. Looking at the contract in the hand, Rod proudly raised a evil and attractive smile.

"Wish us a pleasant cooperation!" Hearing Rod's words echoed with a smile on Louisa's face. It was a blessing in the neck for her to find a job just by walking around.

She didn't think herself a lucky person.

"I don't know where Miss Yancy lives now. Let me drive you back." Rod took a look at his wristwatch. He still had a meeting to attend later. But he still politely asked Louisa. After all, Louisa was his trump card now.

"No, thanks. I just came back and I want to take a walk. I don't want to bother you. I can go back myself. "

Hearing the words of Rod, Louisa smiled and refused. In fact, this was just her excuse. She said so because of the special identity of Susie.

In order not to be misunderstood by those reporters, Louisa decisively refused the offer of driving her back.

"Well, if you insist. If you insist, then I'll leave you be. "

In fact, if Rod insisted on sending her back, it would be a difficult one. If he had sent her back, it would have been too late. But considering that Louisa's identity was special, he said so.

"Thank you very much today." Before Louisa got off the car, she said thanks to Rod. After all, he gave her a job and granted her a wish. She should be grateful to him.

"Thank you so much, Miss Yancy. It's my honor to work with you." Hearing what she said, Rod responded with a smile. Meanwhile, Louisa smiled sheepishly.

Then she got out of the car and watched the car drive away. After that, she turned several circles. She was so excited that she wanted to tell Bran and Susie the news as soon as possible.

However, to her dismay, she found her purse still in Susie's car. Louisa felt like weeping but had no tears. If she had known it earlier, she would have asked Rod to send her back.

Now she not only didn't take her cell phone, but also didn't know how Bran would criticize her after she went back without any money.

After all, it was not the first time that she had been in a car like this. After the first time she was scolded by Bran, now she encountered such a thing again, she had known how to deal with it.

After a while, she finally moved to the villa that they lived at. Under the driver's suspicions, Louisa borrowed a phone from the driver, blushing, and then called Bran. She asked him to bring the money downstairs to save her. After a while, Bran walked out of the room with a long face.

"Sorry to bother you, uncle." Bran handed the money to the driver politely and said apologetically.

And made the displeased driver wrinkled on the driver's face.

Since she got off the car, she had been looking at Bran pitifully, but was ignored by Bran all the time. The only thing she could do was to stand still with a gloomy face while seeing Bran acting like a adorable child to the driver. Seeing that, she could not help but feel jealous.

Why could a driver be treated better than a mother? She was such a loser. She thought to herself, 'I really don't like Bran. He is such an unfilial son that he should have broken his mother's heart.'.

"Why are you still standing there? Aren't you going inside today? " After paying the bill, Bran saw the driver leaving and then turned to walk towards the villa.

But after a few steps, he found that Louisa was still standing there.

So he shouted at Louisa very displeased. He didn't even have any hope to her now. He would feel a little unaccustomed if he had not been troubled by Louisa.

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