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   Chapter 14 Rescue

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"You are..." Confused, Louisa turned around to look at the person behind her. Few people knew her name here now.

That person called out her international name so quickly. But when she saw that person, Louisa did not know him. That was why she felt confused.

"Yancy, it's really nice to meet you. I thought I mistook you for someone else. I saw your design exhibition. "

The man excitedly walked over and reached out his hand to Louisa. Louisa was puzzled by this. This treat always be Susie's before. Since when did she have fans? It wasn't the time to think about this right now.

"I'm sorry, sir. Have we met before?" No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't remember anything. So she just asked straightforwardly.

Although it was a little impolite, she could not think of a better idea.

"Oh, I see. I'm sorry. My name is Rod Ou. I once saw your design in the United States. Miss Yancy did a very good job. you even received the unanimously recognition of the world famous designers, so it's my honor to meet Miss Yancy here. I was not myself just now. Please don't care. "

After hearing what Louisa had said, Rod realized that he had really made a scene. But when he saw the familiar figure, he took a chance and didn't expect that she was indeed Yancy.

"I see. Mr. Rod, you are flattering me. I am just a small designer. How can I compare with those masters? "

After hearing the words of Rod, Louisa knew what was going on. Everyone would be happy to be recognized by others. So she was in a very good mood.

However, after hearing the words of Rod, Louisa still felt a little embarrassed. After all, she didn't think her design was as good as Rod said, so she was a little embarrassed and smiled to him.

"Miss Yancy, you are being modest. I wonder if I'm bothering you now. I'm really glad to hear that. Can I talk to you about our cooperation now? "

To Rod, it was also a great pleasure to meet the international super star miss Yancy here. If he could cooperate with her. Did that mean they were more likely to win the competition with Mu's Group? Thinking of this, the smile on Rod's faces grew bigger.

"That's enough, Louisa. Even if you really don't have a job, you don't need to find any man to act here casually. Are you qualified to be the world famous designer? "

After pondering over it for a while, Nora finally understood Rod's meaning, but she still didn't believe what Rod said. She knew what kind of person Louisa was?

How could Yancy possibly be the world famous designer? So she thought that Yancy was deliberately finding someone to act in front of her.

"Believe it or not, I'm really busy right now. I don't have time to talk to you anymore. Please leave me alone. "

Louisa's face darkened when she heard that what Nora had say to her. Did Nora really think that she was still the same person as before who dared to humiliate her casually?

"Are you angry because I expose your lie? How much did you get this man? He doesn't look like a high-class man at all. I've never seen him before. Even if you want to fool me, you need to find a decent man. "

While saying that, Nora took a disdainful look at Rod. In her eyes, she was from a high society. But what she didn't know was that for a high-class person like Rod, she was just a distant commoner.

So it was understandable that she didn't see Rod before. Moreover, Rod didn't like to be interviewed, so Nora didn't know Rod at all.

"This is between us. Don't get others involved. This gentleman just came to inform me. Don't you think it's too much to say that? "

He could stand Nora's mockery, but she didn't want to get others involved. Moreover, Louisa doesn't know Rod. She might just come here to greet the guests.

So when she heard the mocking words from Nora, her face darkened.

"How can you defend this gigolo? You haven't changed at all. You always hook up with men. I don't know what have our Xia Family have done to you that you are such a shameless daughter. "

After hearing that, Nora looked at Louisa with dis

gust and was very dissatisfied with her. In the past, even though Louisa was not happy, she did not dare to contradict Nora.

Now Louisa dared to talk to her like that. And finding the random guy just wanted to deceive her to return to the Xia family?

"Is there anything that this lady is not satisfied with me? I've never seen this lady before. I guess she is not from the upper class, right? "

Rod would be nobody if he still kept silent after being belittled. It was obvious that Rod was not that man. So after listening to Nora's words, he asked Nora unpleasantly.

"Who do you think you are? Do you know the upper class? " Someone had cut Nora to the quick. Over the years, she had been trying to blend in.

But Xia family was not good enough for that. She could only admire those rich ladies.

But now, when she heard the words Rod had sad, it seemed that Nora who had been in a bad position for so many years. How could she not be angry.

"President." At this moment, the assistant of Rod came over and stood beside him respectfully, waiting for his instructions.

"Miss Yancy, can we have a talk?" Rod decided not to talk to Nora.He looked at Nora's face that show Rod was right.

Rod didn't want to waste his time here. It was not honorable to be here.

"Okay." As for harrow, Rod didn't say anything about his identity. He just said his name.

Louisa looked at the lengthened Lincoln behind Rod's assistant and the driver in the car. What a luxurious life.

Seeing this hero's equipped that only appeared in the novel, Louisa really wanted to scream. But considering that Nora was still here, she gave up the idea.

"Please, Miss Yancy." Then he stood up and made a gesture to let Louisa to go.

Louisa just wanted to leave here as soon as possible and didn't want to see Nora anymore. So she got on the car in front of Nora.

"No way!" Nora watched the car drive away. She couldn't believe her eyes.

She couldn't believe that Louisa was the world famous designer. She believed that Louisa should live a wretched life now instead of living a luxurious life in front of them.

After sitting in the car, Louisa began to regret her choice. She didn't know this man before. It was really awkward now.

"I'm so sorry for what happened just now. I hope you don't mind." Louisa thought it necessary to make the matter clear to Rod. He was dragged in this mess.

"Don't worry. It's nothing. But I want to know if Miss Yancy is back to China to look around, or are you going to stay here for a long time? "

After hearing what Louisa said, he raised the corner of his lips and showed that he wouldn't mind it. In fact, he did care about it. He just thought that when Nora saw them get on the car, he couldn't help smiling happily.

"I'm planning to settle down here in the future. After all, it's my hometown." After listening what Rod said, Louisa sighed helplessly, with a bitter smile at the corners of her mouth. Originally, she had planned to do that.

But since she came back, all the people she met were not as simple as she had imagined, and she just remembered those bad things. Now, Louisa was a little uncertain about whether she was doing the right thing or not.

"That's great. It may be a little bold for me to say that. I know this is Miss Yancy's alma mater, and I have a small request. Miss Yancy, please grant my request. This is a small reward for your alma mater. "

Rod looked at Louisa excitedly.He even knew she was graduated from this school. But what pleased him the most was that he met Louisa here, because he was worrying about no one to design for him.

Didn't Mu's Group invite Susie to endorse for them? Then he would ask Susie's' best friend yeYancy to design for them. It was a competition between competence and the vase.

"How do you know that I am a student of this school?"

Asked Louisa in surprise. It was not a glorious thing to have a student like her in the school. In that case, she was really curious about Rod. How did he know that she was a student of this school.

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